Sydney Powell: “We are not being boiled. We are boiling over.” EVIDENCE.

We are not being boiled. We are boiling over!

Sydney offers in the above post some of the same that I’ve collected, showing the swelling tide of resistance rising to tsunami force, where it will, we know it now in our gut, crash over the Biden beach and wipe out the Globalist/NWO/CCP/Deep State agenda to dismantle the United States and leave it open to takeover.

NO. Not on our watch. We are aware now. And alert. And active.

Here are a few indications from my collection:

First, there’s Southwest Airlines Pilots, who some feel, created THE most important inflection point in the resurgence of energy within this nation.

Remember: the situation of the pilots is critical. One vaxxed pilot has already died while in flight.

Or: was the inflection point the work of Grace Smith a 16-year old girl, in a Laramie, Wyoming high school, who refused to wear a mask, and was suspended. Then, when she tried to get back in her school unmasked, was arrested for trespassing. As many commentators noted: she has more guts than most adults. (BTW: Laramie, being a university town, is likely leftist in orientation.)

Or: might the inflection point be traced soon to the startling breaking news by Jeffrey Prather, of an extremely thorough, and seemingly unassailable legal challenge to the jab by company heads of both trains and trucks that take the goods that come in from all those stalled, on both coasts, container ships, and move them around the country.

And remember: had Donald Trump not been fraudently blocked by the Deep State from continuing his Make America Great Again policy to bring back off-shored manufacturing, the current and growing supply chain blockage would not exist.

Here’s one large corporation that’s refusing to take the fake Biden vax “mandate” (which is not, or not yet, real) seriously:

Then there’s Northrop Grumman, a military/industrial GIANT with near 100,000 employees, some of whom are leading a charge to protest the vax.

Remember, Congress is not required to take the vax! Furthermore, plenty of them take Ivermectin, despite it being officially “banned” in the U.S.

Plus, check out their attitude towards Pfizer.

Meanwhile, in Australia, this rousing call to action during an unprecedented time, ending in “Be Calm. Be United. Be Brave. And Be Good.”

Yes, be calm. Despite recognizing that the energy within ourselves is rising enormously. Stay calm. Center ourselves. Prepare for action, non-violent action, each in our own way, in response to local conditions.

And remember, if we turn violent, “they” will win. So don’t.

Even so, the mood, during the accelerating roar of “Fuck Joe Biden” chants, disguised, ironically and often, as “Let’s go, Brandon”:

Sydney is correct. We, the awakening people of this planet, are, indeed, beginning to BOIL OVER.


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