BLS Report: 4.3 million quit their jobs in August . . .??!!??

BLS Report – 4.3 Million US Workers Voluntarily Quit Their Jobs in August



And were some of those who “quit” actually fired? Remember: companies don’t have to pay unemployment if the worker quit. To count a fired worker as “quit” makes monetary sense in this ethically degraded environment.

I also ask WHY? since Biden’s free money to the unemployed expired on Labor Day, September 1. Why would somebody quit a job when, once the free money stopped, they knew others would seek their job? Well, it turns out that the helped wanted signs not only continued, but increased, many times with hourly wages, unheard of until now, attached: at least $15, and often higher. So their jobs weren’t in jeopardy after all? Huh? Weird.

It’s as if, all of a sudden, a large portion of our population suddenly disappeared from sight.

I decided I would spent a good amount of time reading through all the comments to the above piece, and they are instructive, offering many possible reasons why there are still so many open positions, in fact, possibly more.

Among them: 1) especially former service workers have switched to working for themselves, especially in tech industry, designing websites, etc. and 2) the long covid con caused many people to reorder their priorities, with many  deciding to downsize, get to the point where they lead a much simpler life, with less need for money.

Here’s another assessment, which also refers to the Southwest Airlines situation as a possible inflection point.

Hmmm . . . it appears that American Airlines workers are now following the lead of Southwest. YES!

And a judge has just temporarily blocked the United Airlines mandate.

Notice, BTW: Boeing has announced that it is requiring its 125,000 U.S. workers to get the vax by December 8.

But, one does wonder. Is AOC getting her way with the Green New Deal, to stop all reliance on fossil fuels, including commercial air traffic?

Meanwhile, back to the original question. Why did so many quit in August? And why are there so many help wanted signs?

I’m not alone in wondering if many more people are dying (of the vax) than we are informed, which might account in part for the help wanted signs.

Then, there’s the connection to inflation.

In the end, we may want to point to the turmoil in the job market as one powerful indication that the predatory capitalist wage-slave economic model is dead or dying. Along with other indicators, it’s high time we the people begin to build our own parallel economy.

Furthermore, we might as well!

Oh, and some, on islands near Seattle, are trapped even further!




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