Does the End of October Mark the Beginning of the End of our Collective Nightmare?

According to Juan O Savin, Trump will return at the end of this month, Red October, first, as Commander-In-Chief. He claims that the U.S. population is now approaching the 80%-plus figure needed for the military to be activated without danger of civil war.

Juan has made promises before. I remember especially his April Fool’s Day prediction, which he then seemed to weasel out of when nothing obvious took place. Back during those first five months or so after Biden was installed on January 20 after an obviously fraudulent election, I was not alone in desperately wondering when our “savior” Trump would ride to the rescue. Then, as the months wore on, and the global situation, especially in the United States, kept deteriorating, given that untold thousands upon thousands of refugees, unvetted, were pouring in over our southern border, including, according to Trump, even occupants of prisons emptied by other countries! —,and including, according to many sources, traffickers of drugs and children — a sense of hopelessness and despair began to settle in. Inflation didn’t help. Nor did the debacle in Afghanistan.

And yet, underneath the despair I could feel a mysterious rising energy in myself, continuous with that same rising energy in the collective; by now this rising energy is so palpable that I imagine all but the most rabid Marxist democrats must admit it into awareness.  At first America’s energetic rebirth funneled through deeply concerned parents, who spoke directly and with great emphasis to their local school boards, about both CRT and masks — so powerfully that Biden’s Attorney General Merrrick Garland labeled them “domestic terrorists.” Of course, digital soldiers then got to work, and discovered that his daughter is married to a man who owns a book company that publishes CRT materials to kids!  And then, when Biden declared the vaccine “mandate” — not really, or at least, not yet — the collective uproar increased a thousand-fold, as more and more employees chose to quit (or be fired from) their jobs rather than take the vax.

Each example spawns others. We grow braver with each brave act by either individual or a group. Furthermore, I can sense a growing unification of effort, as those who wish they had not gotten the vax join with those who did not get it.

It’s Red October, and we still have two weeks to go. Who knows what new revelations will burst forth during the remainder of this month? Durham? McAfee? Ghislaine? Black Swan events? War with China? China war with Taiwan? Total supply chain breakdown? Stock market crash? Total economic crash?

Remember, we are now deep inside the first ever Pluto Return for this young nation. The long cycle of death/rebirth Pluto (248 years) guarantees that whatever ways we misused Plutonian power during its first entire cycle, will come crashing down, resulting in either rebirth to a wiser use of Plutonian power, or a complete letting go of the first national experiment that holds God-given individual liberty to be the foundation stone of a nation state.

In any case, whether or not Juan O Savin is correct, it sure does seem that we are at, as we say now, an “inflection point;” that from now on nothing will ever be the same again.

I listened to a very interesting Michael Jaco interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup during my 2 AM insomniac hours last night. However, her remark that one/third of the people in Maine work in some way with the health care system, stunned me. HUH? Why? And then, I ask, is this vast preponderance true for the entire United States?


Health Care Still the Largest United States Employer

And, health care is projected to grow 14% in the coming years, as the population continues to age. Hmm . . . wonder what the vax will do to fertility rates?

Okay, remember that the profit-oriented medical system — which does not seek healing, just drugs to keep symptoms at bay — is coming down, just are all our corrupted institutions — academia, banking, politics, entertainment, etc. Hopefully, in health care, we will reincorporate an understanding and reversal of the Rockefeller inspired Flexner Report, when it banished all alternative healers and turned them into “quacks,” in favor of so-called science-based allopathic medicine. Christian Northrup’s interview goes into detail about that.

BTW: I checked the astrology for the end of October, and what struck me was that these days coincide exactly with the Saturn square to Uranus in the helio realm, that is, from the Sun’s point of view, which includes the entire earth, not just the U.S.

Unpredictable Uranus will rupture traditional Saturnine forms. 

What’s next?

In large part, what’s next will depend on how many of us join together to vision, and intend, a transformed world in which ensouled humans reconnect with both each other and the soul of the living earth to encourage and share in her generous abundance.

3 thoughts on “Does the End of October Mark the Beginning of the End of our Collective Nightmare?

  1. I wish you would do a little research before shooting your mouth off. Maine provided the best care to those who cannot afford insurance or card; it is a very poor state. I have a lot of family there; some of them still do not have indoor plumbing. Frankly, outside the urban and resort areas you could be living in the 1800s. Many still make their living from subsistence farming. Virtually the only jobs outside of farming are minimum-wage franchises. Fast food is the main diet of many, and despite efforts by “individuals”’whom you seem to value so bigjlly, without a collective state responsibility—and this includes Republicans, by the way, who hold equal or greater state power than Democrats, many people would starve or perish from very greets or health conditions. A number of my family owe their lives to acute and emergency care at. O cost no questions asked no shaming no righteousness.

    1. Glad to be told the context you give to my remark. I wasn’t denigrating Maine folks BTW. Was just shocked at how many people in the state are employed in some facet of health care. Then, when I looked further, found that it’s pretty much the same way all over the country. Maine does not stand out that way. As for the poverty of its citizens, I wonder if perhaps they actually hold the keys to the kingdom, having learned how to live below money as far as possible. To me, these are the mentors we need during this time when those who depend upon outside sources for everything are going to have a rude awakening.

    2. I think you read a different article from the rest of us. Nowhere did I read Ms. Krielkamp disparage Maine. She merely astounded at how high a percentage the health care industry contributes to the overall workforce of the great state of Maine, and how that seems to be the norm across the country. 🙂

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