NEXT STEP: We RECOGNIZE That We Are Building A Parallel Economy and Culture

Five Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside the System

Reminder oh you other outsiders, LAF meditation tomorrow morning 8 am, your time — wherever you may be, there we are.  


Yesterday, a young male stranger from Louisville called me. He had seen Green Acres Permaculture Village listed on the (Intentional Communities) website. We got to talking; I invited him to join our LAF meditations. He launched into a very strong statement:  “I TREASURE FEAR. BECAUSE FEAR SHOWS THAT AT LEAST THE PERSON FEELS SOMETHING. AND, ” HE ADDED, “IT’S A VERY SHORT STEP FROM FEAR TO LOVE.”

YES. Magnificent. Thank you Evan! Get Ready. Get Set. Let’s GO. Tomorrow morning, Sunday, 8 A.M.




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