SPEAK TRUTH NOW: for example, this Letter to the Archbishop of Seattle

My brother-in-law John Cowan (husband for 40 years of my now deceased sister Mary) and I have both spent hundreds of hours researching multiple aspects of the Covid Con. A few days ago, we decided to write a letter to my vaccinated siblings, and beg them NOT to take the booster, which will have from 3 to 8x more mRNA than the original shot(s).

During that same phone call (he lives near Seattle, I’m in Indiana), we both vowed: I am not willing to go to my grave without speaking up to close family members about what I now understand about this pandemic and so-called “vaccines.”

John composed the letter, with my assistance. He then sent it out yesterday. Meanwhile, he had also been composing another letter, this one to the Archdiocese of Seattle. It is an unusually powerful document: precise, well-researched, documented, and burning with outrage — he has given me permission to post it here. At my request, he agreed to introduce his letter, in order to let the reader know just why he decided to write it.

John Cowan

For some time, I have been bothered by the Catholic church’s response to this pandemic but was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt; that is, until these so-called vaccines were released.  I watched as the church made decisions about schools and church services that in my opinion were not based on biological science but rather on political science.  The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the decision by the Archbishop of Seattle to do the following: a) require all staff and volunteers that have any contact with children to be vaccinated or terminated, b) to explicitly disallow religious exemptions, c) to not raise any questions regarding the illegality of the governor’s or the president’s efforts to force vaccination on people across this country (especially when the evidence was mounting that this vaccine was causing more harm than it was creating benefit); lastly d) to parrot the Pope’s description of the vaccine as an “act of love,” which was something I found repulsive and seemed to be pulled from the church”s pedophilia vocabulary. 

For me these four points were the last straw; so I went about putting together a letter to the Archbishop and his staff across Western Washington to call on them to explain their violation of Christian ethics, the Constitution of the United States, Health and Human Services regulations (45 CFR 46), and the Nuremburg Code (1947) which governs medical experimentation. 

Given that it was my outrage that had finally prompted me to write the letter, the hardest thing for me was to come from a loving place. I hope I have succeeded.

Letter to Archbishop of Seattle

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