Reminder: Both Mercury and Jupiter turn to go forward Monday, October 18, two days prior to Aries Full Moon

You might want to review the sections on Mercury and Jupiter from this post:

OCTOBER ASTROLOGY: Four Rx Planets Turn to go Direct . . . Ready, Set, GO!

One of the things I mention in there, is that with Mercury turning to go direct, we might see some airlines switching course. And that’s already happening:

Looking more closely at Mercury’s turning, remember that Mercury won’t be out of its retrograde shadow until it reaches the same degree it occupied when it turned to go retrograde at 25°28 Libra on September 27th, where it was only one degree from exactly squaring Pluto at 24° Capricorn, and remained in tight proximity to this square as it turned the corner into red October.  When Mercury turns to go direct tomorrow, it will have backed up to 10°09 Libra, and will then retrace its steps until November 2-3, when it will finally reach that original turning point. Meaning: though Mercury is now starting to break open whatever has been worked through turning the Rx period, the results will gradually reveal themselves over the next two weeks.

Laura Bruno has just posted on the coming Full Moon, at 27°26 Aries, its arrival on Wednesday, October 20. That’s only two days after the direct turnings of Mercury and Jupiter. Sun/Moon at 27° Libra/Aries not only square Pluto (24° Cap), but Pluto’s square with Mars at 21° Libra in a forming conjunction with the Sun and opposes the Moon, with Mars proceeding one degree every two days to exact conjunction with Sun and exact square with Pluto over this coming week. So, in sum: a powerful T-cross approaching tomorrow and lasting through the entire week, pitting various powers (Pluto) against (Mars) one another (Libra), which will likely include infighting, and all fueling the ongoing furious (Mars, Moon in Aries) Plutonian turbulence felt by just about everybody on the planet, making all of us want to do something about whatever we feel is wrong about what’s going on.

And following the Mercury/Jupiter turning to go direct, I sense we’re about to hear from many new whistleblowers (Mercury) in all sorts of areas, opening vast perspectives (Jupiter) that blow our minds wide open.

Pay particular attention to Laura’s elucidation of the more personal meaning of the Mars/Pluto combo coupled with the Full Moon. Also, note the Sabian symbols she points to, as they resonate uncannily with some of the Q material.

Full Moon in Aries — October 20, 2021

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