Is the Biden/Harris “regime” about to get blasted to smithereens?

I am amazed and pleased to report that the woman across the street from me has finally taken down the Biden sign that has graced/spoiled her front lawn for over a year. But, the question, is, did she take it down because she is finally red-pilled enough to realize that Buy-den is not only an utter embarrassment, but indeed, a total disaster, even for the Democratic party?

Or does she now think that she doesn’t need to leave it up because to her it’s now obvious that he’s in office for the long run?”Those nasty Republicans are not going to be able to take him down.”

Hmmm . . . I’d ask her, but . . . she has been a lifelong Democratic supporter, just like most folks in this academic town. So if it’s the latter, then I’d say she’s not watching all the indications that this regime is just about finished. What will replace it? Who knows. We are in uncharted territory, since we’re told there are no constitutional protocols to deal with such a flagrantly stolen election.

If it’s the former, I’d like to say welcome! But then, I have a sense that her wounded ego would forbid her joining with me, at least for now.

I told this story of my watching, over the past few months, to see when she would take down the sign, to a new friend, whom I contacted via fb after I discovered, from the local newspaper, that she was the one who stood up to the school board here re: masks, refusing to wear a mask herself at the meeting —and then was ushered out . . . And, she lives in Green Acres! My neighborhood! only a few blocks away! She finally found the time to call me two nights ago, and we talked for an hour before I remembered I had to hang up, due to my sleep needs. But, wow, red-pilled allies are starting to pop up, even here!

So, to Biden, or is it Buy-den, or, how about BAD-en? Here are two Fox news clips yesterday,  a network which I used to abhor and am now amazed to find myself watching once in a while — these two people, anyhow, first Jeannine, and then Tucker’s response.

I have to ask: how do they get away with what they say? Are they “controlled opposition”? If so, what layers do they represent? It’s all so very confusing! AS DESIGNED. Yep, we’re supposed to get so whacked out by all the weirdness, all the contradictions, that we just throw up our hands and give up. “Yes, come, take me. I’ll be your willing slave,” might beg the ones called “serfs” in Clif High’s new video giving the linguistic history of “auslanders,” i.e., “outlanders,” “barbarians,” in short, “the others” — or, in current lingo, the unvaxxed.

(I sure wish I could speak to my deceased doctor Dad, who was of course, a major Republican, and increasingly hard of hearing, with Fox news blaring constantly during his final years. Did this fact drive Mom, who was apolitical, into dementia, as an escape? And I wonder, would he now, side with us auslanders? I have a distinct feeling he would, given that, way back in I think it was 1970, he was so incensed that the Sun Valley Clinic, where he was on staff, had decided to perform abortions, that, late in his career, (he must have been near 60) he quit and started a brand new clinic down the road. My dear old Dad: a man who followed his principles, no matter what. Rare, with doctors, these days.)


Interesting that whereas Jeanne thinks “Obama” pulls Biden’s strings, Tucker generalizes to “oligarchs.” I’d bet on the latter. If Obama, then he’s just a bit higher on the puppet ladder.


For anyone who pays attention to the ongoing farce, this is a more and more common question.

Actor caught wearing a mask:

Two obvious markers:

Ears, detached or not?
Eyes, blue or brown?

But there are many others, including the fact that some of the Biden actors? doubles? clones?— all instructed to show “dementia,” which may or may not be real — clearly have even less authentic energy than others.

For example, who’s this recent energized —double? clone? — trying to kid?

Comments to the above are fun, too. For “fewer democracies” substitute “fuhrer” . . .

Anybody want to take a bet that Biden (and Harris?) are about to be relieved from their roles — along with Congress and the Supreme Court? How about the heads of the alphabet agencies, and indeed the entire federal bureaucracy? I know, I know: sheer hopium — in this final act of humanity’s first ever global movie, Part I,  now that Mercury and Jupiter have just turned to go direct? Wanna take a bet that some kind of overwhelmingly horrific disclosure will enter the public sphere that will not only remove remaining Biden lawn signs, but indeed simply rock this fake administration, and perhaps the entire fake federal government, off its rickety stage?

And if we don’t stand together? Did Ayn Rand speak truth?

Here’s another “double,” this time the voice. And a purr-fect ending to this post.


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