Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!

Have you noticed? Someone starts something, and it’s picked up by others, first on social media, and then in reality.

Example: Whistleblowers. They are coming forth so fast and furious now, there’s no way to keep up. Check their very active news site:

Example: The Maricopa Arizona forensic audit: as of now, four more states are doing forensic audits, and five are attempting to get them going.

Example: Parents speaking in front of school boards, so numerous now, that it’s becoming ubiquitous. Next step, parents are now themselves running for their own school boards.

Example: first, Southwest, then others — American, United, Delta dealing with irate employees re: vax. Now Southwest appears to have partially eased demands —

— and Delta, as of five days ago, “ditched” the vaccine mandate.

Collective pressure works. And the more pressure, the better. Now, finally, Americans are waking up to what Europeans have been doing for months. Marching in the streets. UNIFIED. In NYC, it started with hundreds, and is now up to thousands, all marching together, no matter whether left or right. This is not a Democrat/Republican issue, this is a We the People vs. Deep State issue. And We, the People, will win. Why? BECAUSE WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED.

The Sleeping Giant Awakens! New Yorkers Speak Out Against Draconian Vaccine Mandates at Massive Rally! VIDEO featuring RFK Jr. & New Yorkers Tell It Like It Is!

Example: firefighters and police in Seattle have unified to the point where they marched up the steps to return their official boots after being fired for refusing the vax. This picture brought tears to my eyes.

Then, they turned around and started serving food to the homeless.

Here’s a wonderful story, one that is duplicated, in some form or other, around me on a daily basis. In fact, about all I notice these days, while out walking with puppy Shadow, is how people are beginning to go out of their way for one another. And all with a smile and a big hello! Furthermore, I’ve now added Kroger to the list of stores I go into maskless. While I only saw one other person in there today without a mask, everybody else was exceedingly friendly. Glad I was showing the way?

That old “normal” may be lost, but, as a result, boomerang! Rather than locking us into docile submission, we are springing back, re-membering just how much we love and depend upon one another, and using the Deep State vaccine Great Reset agenda as the foil for our Great Awakening.

Then there’s humor, which not only eases the way forward, but energizes us even more. Oh I know, this piece makes fun of leftists, and we’re unifying now. But I just couldn’t resist. Especially the look on his face as he talks.

As usual, totally love JP’s news “outfit” . . .

Finally, there’s The Babylon Bee, which bills itself “The Fake News You Can Trust.”

Our humor . . . Have you noticed how extraordinarily creative we freedom-loving, cooperating, humorous humans are? Just imagine the brilliance with which, as we continue to unify and energize, we begin to work together for not only short-term goals, but for the long haul, for the future of our children’s childrenbusy as beavers in our networked, decentralized localities, each bringing our own individual passions and skill sets to bear upon this fantastic transformation of our common home into paradise: HEAVEN, ON EARTH.

2 thoughts on “Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!

  1. You brought me to tears today, Ann. Oh how I love how you wrote and what you share to go with it. You’re amazing and I love you.
    “We, the people, will win. Why? BECAUSE WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED!”
    Truth that doesn’t get any better than that! We’ve got this! The world we’re headed for is going to blow us away with its peace, beauty, joy and LOVE!! Hopefully I’ll get to meet you, Ann, and give you that hug I very much want to give. ❤️‍🔥♥️❤️‍🔥

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