Reflections on Impermanence: “But did you die?”

On our way home from our morning walk, this time on the wooded hilly trails at nearby Griffy Lake (I have to keep a colorful vest on puppy Shadow, otherwise, I won’t see him: his fur the color of tree bark) —

— I came across a bumpersticker,  tasteful and simple, white lettering on black background


But Did You Die?


Loved it. Decided to get one for my car. Went online . . . geez! Where have I been? And, I ask, what demographic is buying and plastering this message on their cars? And why is this the very first time I’ve seen one? (And why don’t I see one online as simple and tasteful as the one I saw on a car bumper in the neighborhood?)

10 Best But Did You Die Bumper Sticker In 2021 – Recommended

This bumpersticker struck me powerfully, especially given what I had decided to do for today’s post, something on the phenomenon of impermanence . . . .

Why? Because, this morning, within one minute of sitting down to my usual carefully prepared breakfast, including my chai tea elixir with both collagen and reishi powders added to the first portion in my special mug which I have treasured for years, and from which I gratefully drink three or four full elixir mugs every single day . . . yep . . . my very special and very full, loaded-with-nutrients mug fell off the side table, and broke, precious elixir flowing and splattering everywhere underneath table, chair and lamp post.

While my just-toasted gluten-free glutino muffin loaded with ghee, homemade pesto and avocado with sides of blueberries, cut up apple and brazil nuts waited forlornly, I spent the  next ten minutes cleaning up the mess. Gross.

Then, I left everything in the already dirty kitchen sink —

— while we went for our walk, and came home to But Did You Die?

Obviously not. And actually, while mopping the floor I was already internally laughing at my own territoriality, my sentimental attachment to a few treasured objects, my habit-bound persona that values daily routines so much that I thoroughly resented both losing the mug, the chai elixir inside it, and my regular early morning breakfast time in my special chair sitting silently with local newspaper plus I-pad before anything else happens.

All these qualities in me I ascribe to my Taurus Moon, mirrored by puppy Shadow, also with same territorial attachments — to his bones, bed, routines, and he was born a Taurus!

This entire scenario is all so very alien to my questing Sagittarian Sun/Ascendant Mars that it’s like a joke. Just as life itself can turn into a hilarious joke, at any moment, for this other, larger, more powerful aspect of my embodied being.

Meanwhile, we souls, who are embodied on this 3D earth, are all, until we consciously notice ourselves, time after time, SUFFERING.  Remember the Buddha’s first two “noble truths:”

  1. Life is suffering.
  2. All suffering springs from attachment.

As the foul plandemic grinds on and on, having startled some awake, and cudgeled others into deeper sleep by the inconvenient — and for travelers, small businesses, small children, anyone forced to wear a face diaper, and now the poisoned “vaccines”! — life-denying interruption of old routines, habits, attachments to the point where we could not help but discard many of them in favor of new ones, new routines which themselves are liable to get interrupted at any moment, and we know this now: “they” are going to try to keep this global MK Ultra psy-op that has captured all but those who think for themselves in a seemingly eternal F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)-based nightmare as long as possible; indeed, long enough for them to bring in their long planned Great Reset and New World Order which will, by then and by design, have “culled” most of us from the human population through death by vax or other means, and made slaves of the rest.

But: It’s not happening, folks. They aren’t going to make it. Their timing has been set back too often now.

Re: timing. Please see this current clif high Chrono Woo video.

Too many of the vaxxed are waking up to how they’ve been scammed, and some are beginning to take measures to offset what’s already been done to them, and are certainly NOT going to submit to any boosters.

Oh, but why not? You can mix and match them now! You don’t even have to take the same booster as your original one or two shots! Isn’t that cool?

Can you believe the audacity, to think that even the formerly asleep among us would appreciate being “allowed” to mix and match?

Wow, does that mean that they’re all the same, actually? Or maybe just equally poisonous, and “pick your poison”? And/or might it mean that they’re all on each others’ boards, in each others’ stock portfolios, controlled by the same deep state apparatus that sprang them on us in the first place?

“Oh who cares? Leave off your questioning. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Just keep taking boosters, every six months” — until dead.

That bumper sticker really rings out, doesn’t it?

But did you die?

Or maybe: But did you die YET?

You might, unless you begin mitigation measures, including, for me, Vitamins C, D3, zinc, and chaga mushroom. Add in some C-60 and NAC. Get some Ivermectin if you can find it for humans. Otherwise, keep the vet type in the fridge, just in case you get sick from anything which we used to call the flu, or a cold, but now is always known as (now some variant of) the big bad COVID.

And for Pete’s sake, please get plenty of sleep, physical exercise, and nutritious food!

BTW: I just made a liquid that will substitute for HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), and am recommending it for the other two households here. Easy to make, one tablespoon prophylactically per day. Ramp it up if you get sick. Recipe: three organic lemons and three organic grapefruits. (Or any two types of citrus). Peel, and put only the peelings in a crock pot with about a quart of water. Cover. Slow cook on “fast” for four hours. Let cool completely before removing the cover —because when hot, the quinine escapes the liquid. Keep the quart jar with the liquid in the fridge.

All these mitigation measures also help dispel any (immune system compromising) stress caused by FEAR you might encounter within yourself, the result of being already vaxxed, or, like me, surrounded by vaxxed folks who shed spike proteins — all of us still immersed in thick, roiling MSM’s fear-driven currents that are still trying desperately to rule the airwaves. Besides, if you do get sick, you certainly don’t want to go to the hospital, where the CDC has given instructions to treat patients with Remdesivir, which ruins the kidneys, and then hook them up to a respirator. This protocol kills 85% of the people who endure it.

So yes, they did die.

And about once a week I see, in the local paper, an obit for the “sudden unexpected death” of a young person. For example, today, a 47-year old man. My question always: was this person vaxxed? 

Death IS in the air. And it will increase during the coming Dark Winter. But none of us has to go that route. The only thing necessary, whether vaxxed or not, is to truly take charge of our own health. Each of us. You’ll be amazed at how this single empowerment spurs others — both within our own ensouled self, and as a shining example in this quickly awakening world.



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