Are we about to experience The Event at the end of October?

The fun continues. This morning puppy Shadow and I were walking by a small business that invites customers to stretch and exercise together to music with a leader. Mostly older women, outside on the sidewalk. Shadow and I detoured into the street in front of them as I broke into a big grin. Lots of them grinned back. I spontaneously broke into my freakish “crone break dance” routine, to general laughter and applause. Went on for about half a minute. Everybody not only happy, but enlivened. YES!

Right now, I see my “job” as to ignite sparks of aliveness that, at this point in our astonishing timeline that brings us into unification,  lie only barely buried in even the most fearful of souls.

Meanwhile, John Cowan (who wrote the Letter to the Archbishop of Seattle that went out by snail mail late last week — no word (yet?) back from anyone official) sent me a Clif High video that I hadn’t yet seen. The Fourth War and the Fourth Turning is a doozey.  Clif talks about “4th generation” warfare, which includes his claim that those who had the moral high ground (because everybody beLIEved in the old paradigm they represented) no longer do. That the moral high ground has shifted to the truth tellers, and those in the legacy media know it — which is why they seem so antsy and easily crushed on air, like CNN’s “medical expert” who for some strange reason consented to let Joe Rogan rip him apart online. As Clif said, Joe Rogan, with millions of followers (more in one podcast than CNN in a week!) is a four-star general, he’s the Patton of our side in World War Four that doesn’t involve opposing armies killing each other with nasty weapons, but features “irregular” warfare, an Information War spouting spontaneous, sporadic, messaging on social media, podcasts, videos, etc. by whistleblowers and other truthtellers. The longer the info war goes on, the more the normies wake up, the less the populace is divided, and therefore the less likely the war will turn kinetic. (This is also Juan O Savin’s viewpoint. See any number of his interviews.)

Clif’s video reminded me of truth-teller John Cowan: thanks to his impassioned letter, the moral high ground has now shifted from the Catholic Church hierarchy to a single individual in the Archdiocese of Seattle. Shades of Martin Luther! —

— his single act so momentous that it resulted in a split within the then monolithic Catholic Church. But John’s letter, to me, portends a much deeper split, that between all “church” structures (visible and invisible) which pretend to mediate between the sovereign soul and the divine — and instead, bow down to politics, and, in this case, with murderous consequences.

At this point, we know that we are uniting in our resistance to the old paradigm. And they know it too, which scares the hell out of them.

All man-made church structures,  visible and invisible, whether Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, or whatever, cannot hold a candle to the divine blazing within the sovereign human soul. That’s where authentic power resides, inside the beating heart of each of us, which, when open, accesses and expresses the ever-flowing LOVE that fills and fuels the universe.

At some point, Clif starts talking, on this and other videos, about a single event that will be so momentous that, in one fell swoop, it will erase the past from everybody’s minds. By which he means, especially for those who are still normies, an event so shattering that they will be forced to wake up to the fact that everything they believed in is false. This crash, he says, is likely to either involve or drastically affect the MSM, since it’s been the propaganda arm of the deep state, telling people what and how to think for generations. Likewise, he says, academia, which is also dead, with more and more waking up to the fact that they can educate themselves and don’t have to spend years being indoctrinated in school which puts them into debt without appropriate jobs waiting. Within ten years, he says, we will see a huge number of “auto-didacts” pursuing their passions, and coming up with innumerable creative approaches to the ongoing onrush of new problems that continue to pop up as the structural underpinnings of our civilization crumble to dust. (Think Pluto in Capricorn!)

He says he doesn’t know what the nature of this extraordinary event will be, but that it is “coming within the next two weeks” (that video was done on October 15). So the end of October. Just prior to All Soul’s Day (Halloween) followed by All Saints Day? On October 30, when Sun exactly squares Saturn? (Think karma.) And Mars enters Scorpio? (Think revenge. More on that later.)

But: he says “within the next two weeks.” Which might mean that the event has already happened. Might it be the Joe Rogan interview, he asks? Possibly. How about a perp walk for Michael Obama? — he asks, as another example. Then, there’s Durham. Or, how about Pelosi’s bullshit January 6th investigation? Here’s DJT’s incisive comment on that, today, sent by, I assume, himself as usual in hilarious disguise as il Donaldo Trumpo.

Or, it might it be the fact that DJT is now set to unroll his own internet presence, thus bypassing the MSM completely! But according to X22 Report yesterday, that isn’t due to roll out until March 2022.

For more on the significance of this roll out, here’s Brian Cates. And here’s the Mars in Scorpio revenge . . .

— and that includes, he says, buying up and replacing the hierarchies of all MSM outlets.

Aha! And it looks like Trump has just been reinstated on twitter? Check this out . . . Trump starting to take over the media might very well be the “event.”

Oh, but wait, how about a perp walk for “Saint” Fauci! Now that would be an event that would resound through the ages as millions (billions?) of vaxxed folks are forced to wake up to the fact that Faux-ci wants them dead. Remember, however, that he too is likely a puppet of even higher evil ones . . .


Just as I was about to wind up this post, I got the perfect ending emailed to me, from Reader Rose:

No matter how dire our imaginings, as well as our readings of his-story, remember that we are now in the birth throes of Our Great Awakening, and that nothing, but NOTHING will stop humanity from fulfilling its divine destiny as we shed ourselves of the plots of those who have been trying to do us in for who knows how many thousands of years.

This is the end of the old movie.

This is the beginning of the new movie.

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