WOKE to AWAKE! Or: Are You STILL Being Played?

And to think that, for awhile there, I was under the illusion that those who would kill us are fiendishly original. Yuck. (See cartoon below.)

I wonder, had our “education” (from pre-school through graduate school) system not been gradually, insidiously transmogrified into indoctrination, would the pandemic + vaccine ruse have worked? And so seamlessly, with so little fuss?

UNTIL NOW, IN LATE 2021 WHEN THE SLEEPING MASSES ARE AWAKENING FROM THEIR POLITICALLY CORRECT WOKE STATUS . . . punching through the thick swirling currents of Big Bank/Big Media/Big Gov/Big Pharma/Big Med/Big Tech F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) still enveloping the globe; in shock, yes, but still alive. Like Lazarus, like Christ, coming back to life after way more than three days in the cave. In fact, daily, hourly, minute by minute, the masked and vaxxed ones are being shocked into FULL ALIVENESS. And Just in time to prevent the ending to this cartoon, from the 1930s! Thanks, Gillian!

What we need to study in schools, or better yet, what kids need to learn, however they want to go about learning:

Add to this list: whatever turns the kid on! Working with the hands? Working with the body? Working with the mind? All three together? Animal husbandry, woodworking, speculating, inventing, repairing, crafting, creating art, food, community,  philosophy, writing, music, WHATEVER turns them on, let their “work” be their play; their way to fill the hunger, the yawning hole in their being, their POTENTIAL — so that, given time, opportunity, and learning from “mistakes,” they may become WHOLE.

As Dane Rudyhar said, and I paraphrase: If you don’t express your full original, unique self into the world, then there is a hole in the universe where you were meant to be.

Or Jung (paraphrased): whatever you bring forth into the world will save you; whatever you do not bring forth into the world will kill you.

In other words, FOLLOW YOUR NATURE — or else! As I have always told my astrology clients, and as I say to young people in my crone years every single day: Follow your Nature, and Nature will take care of you. In fact, she will magically bend in the direction of your strong, pure, clear intent. Or, another way of putting it: follow the path of synchronicities. Even when we think we are lost, that we don’t know what in hell we are doing, synchronicities point way. 

How do I know? I’ve lived nearly 79 years, and magical nature has proved my ally ever since I was 26 years old and snapped awake in the middle of a supposedly terminal illness to a booming male voice, filling the hospital room, coming from seeming nowhere: LIVE OR DIE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

And remember, during these turbulent times when muted politeness gives way to passionate truthtelling:



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