“At home” in Indiana (or, as I prefer, InDiana): Local Fractal of Global Unrest

This happened last July 26th. Brace yourself. Surprised it’s still on youtube.

Carmel/Clay is not alone. Of Course! Parents across Indiana are, with firm determination that can, on occasion, turn raucous, pushing back.

Tense School Board Meetings Becoming More Common in Indiana Districts

Infowars picked up on this meeting, where a school board member attempted to physically assault a parent who called him an idiot . . .

What is that old saying? “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” Well, that’s done and gone.

And yet, according to a letter from the National School Boards Association to the fed gov, parents at school board meetings should be labeled “domestic terrorists” and dealt with accordingly. Oh my! The Indiana School Boards Association, said it would take a “wait and see” approach to this letter, which, frankly, surprised them. 


The latest on this development: AG Merrick (who has clear conflict of interest, in that his son-in-law co-founded a company that provides CRT curriculum material to schools) admitted that it was the letter from the NSBA that put him onto the idea the parents can be considered “domestic terrorists,” and yet — true? — he’s still going to sic the FBI on parents who “intimidate”?

Meanwhile, the NSBA has apologized, sort of.

I doubt the parents would have gotten wind of the divisive, racist CRT curriculum (oops, watch out for its rebrand, SEL, or Social Emotional Learning), had it not been for the fact that the kids were “learning” remotely much of last year, and when they returned to school, had to be masked. In other words, the usual reason (and sometimes, the usual slang excuse) these days: “Because Covid.”

Here’s a post that connects a parent protecting her kid, from a doc in Ft. Wayne who refused a prescription (for a non-Covid diagnosed condition) unless her son had a COVID test. The parent refused. The doctor walked out on her. And, it turns out, the doctor’s kid goes to the same school as the parent’s kid, and is one of the people who harass this parent and others at school board meetings!

Retribution? Doctor Refuses To Treat Teenager Without COVID Test

Then there’s the continuing confusion about just how many people are “sick” with Covid, or its supposed variants, or are instead just “cases” (due to being identified as Covid “positive” on CPR tests which, remember, can be amplified up to show “bad” microscopic stuff within anybody), whether “symptomatic” or not (and, remember, this is the first virus in history which can be transmitted by somebody asymptomatic who shows up as positive), and whether or not deaths are “with covid” or “from covid,” etc. On and on. What is real?

Today’s local Herald-Times (I get the print edition with online access) had six major Covid-related stories. These took up what, 80% of all news coverage? Besides the continuing horror of “Kids vaccine coming soon,” here’s another story that caught my eye. The headline, at the top of page 4, reads: “Vaccines in demand in county, but mostly for COVID boosters.” There were parts of this piece that I wanted to feature here, and figured I’d find it online. But no. Not there! Weird.

So I’m going to type in one continuous excerpt, verbatim, with certain parts in bold:

“Speaking for the IU health system, spokeswoman Shawna Girgis reported hospitalizations are starting to fall more quickly at its area hospitals following the late summer spike, with a total of 28 COVID patients being treated in the Bloomington, Bedford or Paoli hospitals on Friday. Among those, 21 were unvaccinated and seven had received their initial vaccinations. The two people on ventilators were both unvaccinated.

“Girgis noted that most vaccinated people who are hospitalized with breakthrough cases are older than 65 and have other health problems.

What would you conclude from this excerpt, but GET VACCINATED, IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO. And BTW, at least 40% of locals have not. Not sure how they factor in IU, which supposedly now has a 93% vax rate. If IU population is counted (how many students, faculty, staff? over 50,000, in a total population for this town of what? 90,000?), then the unvaccinated rate for non-IU folks is WAY bigger than 40%.  

Okay, now let’s put the above excerpt in context of CDC guidelines for hospitals. Please read the entire piece to see the other ways we are being fooled, thanks to the CDC and hospitals which go along with the program.

TOTAL FRAUD: CDC allows hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as “unvaccinated deaths.”

Yep, Indiana (InDiana) is a fractal. Wherever you live, here or elsewhere, you are dealing with the same raw, tumultuous energetic currents. Stay centered. Stay strong. Don’t let anybody fool you in thinking that you are not the one in charge of your own body. Notice how MK Ultra mind control works. (See above). Step aside from the indoctrination. The indoctornation. The sheer crap that still thinks we’re all sheep to be corralled and fed to the New World Order wolves.










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