Alec Baldwin “accidental” shooting: Distraction, psy-op, what else? “Doesn’t add up,” as usual.

The strange “prop gun” accidental? and fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and, behind her, with the same bullet, seriously wounding the director of the film“Rust,” has earmarks of a false lag that functions on many levels, both literal and symbolic. Why? Because there are so many many odd details, and hardly any of them add up. Plus, weird synchronicities and parallels, some of which I mention below. Plus: notice that this shooting went viral instantly, lighting up the internet with conjectures as to what must have happened — accident or intentional? prop gun or real gun? etc. — rendering this event a classic distraction.

Immediately, I started to look into Halyna Hutchins, and that’s where the weird synchronicities started to pop up.

Hutchins, 42, was raised on remote Soviet submarine base near the Arctic Circle.

Alec Baldwin, who stars and co-produces “Ruin,” also starred in “Hunt for Red October, “a submarine thriller which involved the same Soviet base.

This is Red October.

This event occurred just one day past Hunter’s Full Moon, when the Moon in Aries opposed the Sun in Libra.

Looking up Alec Baldwin’s birthdate, I see that he was born on a day when the Moon in Libra opposed the Sun in Aries!

Furthermore, his chart (no birthtime; I used noon) shows Mars in Aquarius opposed to Uranus in Leo, a fitting aspect for someone known for his volatile, irascible nature. And, during this time period, transit Uranus squares Baldwin’s natal Mars/Uranus opposition, with the current square to his natal Mars exact!

Looking at the chart for the moment of the killing, 1:50 pm, Thursday, October 21, near Santa Fe, we discover that Pluto sits exactly on the ascendant. If there is any planet that signifies death, plots, the underworld, etc. it’s Pluto! (The timing is uncanny, given that the Ascendant moves about one degree every four minutes!) Plus, on that fateful day Mars and Sun were in a tense square to Pluto/Ascendant, and the quickly moving Moon was in a near exact conjunction with Uranus, which, remember created a tense T-cross in Baldwin’s natal chart!

So was it an accidental killing or was it intentional? (And, I’m tempted to add, given the precision, was the killing astrologically timed?) This is, of course, the question on everybody’s mind. I’d say from just the astrology of the situation, it certainly could have been accidental, given the sudden eruptive quality of current transits and his own eruptive astrological design, the eruptive synergy between them.  But wait . . .

More weirdnesses creep in. For example:

The plot of “Rust” contains a storyline about the accidental killing of a local rancher.

This killing reminds us of another “accidental”? shooting on a movie set, Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, back in 1993. (Odd: the word “Brandon” coming to the fore, given “Let’s go Brandon” slang for Fuck Joe Biden).

The assistant director seems to have become the fall guy, since he was the “armorer” for Baldwin when he handed him the wrong? gun. This man, Dave Halls, worked on the sequel to the movie in which Brandon Lee was killed

Halls also worked on the recent movie Darlin’ in which Halyna was also involved.

Oh wait a minute. The “armorer” was a young woman?

You might want to chew on this:

Especially this:

Looking further into Halyna, she worked as an investigatiive journalist on British documentaries in Europe before coming to Hollywood. Question: What documentaries?

Question: Is Alec Baldwin in Epstein’s little black book? Well, they were good friends, apparently, and this may help explain why Baldwin was so adamantly against Trump, playing a grotesque parody of Trump on SNL, for years. Remember: Trump was (is?) determined to drain the swamp; and this includes the global pedophile/SRA/human trafficking/adrenochrome horrors.

Oh, and BTW, I just saw that the set of “Ruin” is within 15 miles of Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

Also, this:

But: this firm is the second largest in the world, with 2800 attorneys, and her husband has only worked there for one year. So I don’t think this is much of a clue.

For context, realizing that whatever we think is going on, we’re probably being led to think that, see this, on how societal mind control works, by Jon Rappoport.

Okay, is this next the BINGO, the, so to speak, “smoking gun”? True? If so, Baldwin had the means, and . . . he had the motive.

 Halya’s next project was to be a documentary on Hollywood pedophile rings.

Oh, and you might want to check this out, minute 17:

And, assuming the killing was NOT accidental, we might ask:

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