EDUCATION DEVOLUTION? Or (Just?) Decentralization

The word “devolution” came into prominence sometime last summer with the work of a young midwestern “digger,” Patel Patriot, who drew his own conclusions based on research into and documentation of what has really been happening ever since Biden  was “inaugurated” on January 20.

Devolution in general seems to refer to the dismantling of existing power structures.

If so, I’d say that what we’re witnessing is not just decentralization, but actual devolution, regarding our both our children’s mental education as well as their emotional and spiritual welfare, thanks to school board meetings across this country that are galvanizing parents to protect their own children from the ravages of the bloated bureaucratic federal government that attempts to take power over all aspects of human life and, in this case, use local school boards to mandate indoctrination of children into CRT (SEL), force them to wear masks, and, if the Biden puppet gets his way, will soon require dangerous Covid “vaccinations” for children as young as 5 years old.

Glad to see that Indiana is among the states listed above.  See the following for more on the local scene in Bloomington Indiana, and on what led up to the decision by state boards to disassociate from the national school board association.

Hmmm . . .  I wonder . . . What will be the bleedover into “higher” education, with so many young people now realizing that they can self-educate (internet, trade schools, apprecenticeships) to pursue their own real interests rather than go to college, pay through the nose forever, and listen to entitled professors kowtow to leftist/socialist/communist demands.



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