Are the “vaccines” made with “off-world” technology?

So that humans cannot understand what is going on?

Please bear with me as I take a wandering path in this post. And then, of course, I must say, with Wittgenstein, “it’s hard to go back to the beginning, and not go further back . . .”

Okay. I’ll start with the post I made on the Alec Baldwin psy-op. I knew, viscerally, that it was a psy-op, just by the way it was drummed instantly into prominence, plus the many strange coincidences and lack of sense-making.

But, it turns out, if this next video is correct, then my own little “contribution” is vastly outstripped by, yes, another, larger point of view that renders this scenario a “white hat operation,” Halyna Hutchins not murdered, and its function as some sort of “comm.”

Plus: this same video includes Tarot by Janine’s version of what’s going on with Juan O Savin, who appeared at the recent Patriot Double Down event — or did he? (My instant hit was NO.That was NOT him.) Kerry Cassidy, who seems to have been of two minds about his appearance there, is especially focused on her claim that JOS is JFK Jr in disguise (or in multiple disguises, changing over time; or, there are at least two Juan’s, etc.) So, I ask: is JOS, whose videos I have endlessly watched, as I love the way he tells a story, just another psy-op to keep people like me distracted?

Okay, so here’s the video in question which, frankly, ground my ever questing Sagittarian mind to a screeching halt for a few hours. Even, during that time, made me wonder if I should just close up shop, and disappear into the ethers.

Okay. That’s the beginning of this saga. Then came the crescendo. A friend of mine with whom I share much sent me a a new video by Kimberly Gaugen that I did not want to watch, since, on a visceral level, I and many many others, do not trust her. Nor does Tarot by Janine (a woman I DO tend to trust). See this.

According to my friend, Gaugen presents an entirely other perspective on DJT, one which I don’t want to hold, despite my constant reservations about, especially, his seeming endorsement of the “vaccines.” According to Gaugen, Trump is (or has become? my question) a total megalomaniac (my word), announcing to military brass that he’s the only one that can “save” the world, but that it’s not yet time: Biden’s got to show even more incompetence/dementia, inflation has to continue to rise, the borders have to be overrun even more, etc. etc. These military brass (which ones? I want to know; there are apparently at least two factions), Gaugen claims, decided to monitor all Trump’s communications (of course, that’s possible with anyone; hard to believe they hadn’t been doing that all along), and discovered that, along with his son-in-law Jared Kushner (a person in Trump’s camp that, despite the win/win bi-lateral peace deals Trump says he engineered in the Mideast during his presidential tenure, I still tend not to trust, again on a visceral level), making all sorts of unhinged (my word) calls, wreaking all sorts of mayhem in the Mideast, trying to get nations to hate one another enough to go to war. Okay, so that’s it in a nutshell. And my friend mentioned these bits to me.

I told her that I don’t trust Kim, and so please just let me know what you find out, instead of me taking the time to listen to the video.

Then I started to eat my lunch. And, about half way through my soup (which I had imbibed without incident the evening before), I was overcome by a sudden, utterly overwhelming nausea. So much so that I nearly threw up. Had to walk around, trying to get my bearings, as the nausea threatened to reverse my digestive process. Luckily, it subsided after about ten minutes. Briefly, I wondered: what happened? Geez, was I having a heart attack? I decided to lie down, and try to nap. But, wouldn’t you know, couldn’t resist playing the Kim Gaugen video, wherein she claimed that the military brass told Trump that if he didn’t cease and desist (thinking himself the savior of the world, and making all those warmongering phone calls) that they would arrest him and have him tried for treason . . .

It was only after I had finished the video that I realized: my body, during lunch, had been responding to the news that DJT might not be who he claims to be; that indeed he might actually be a traitor!

And that my nausea might actually have been caused by a heart attack — a broken heart!

Which, in turn, made me realize that I, for one, have been putting Trump on a pedestal that no one, absolutely no one should be on. That all of us are responsible for what happens next.

I didn’t think that I had elevated him that far; but perhaps I had, since now the tables had turned, and I was devastated. Or had they? I didn’t know. All I knew was that, for ten minutes, I had undergone an extremely personal bodily melt-down, akin, I can only imagine, to what those who have hated Trump all along will (would) feel once he “comes back into power,” if indeed he does. That I was experiencing, as a sort of strong and overwhelming preview, what they might have to go through — for months?

And thus that, for me, and for everyone, it is extremely important to hold the mind and heart open to any eventuality, without needing to identify with any of them. That what counts most of all is to set one’s own strong intent, for the best possible outcome, in motion, while remaining centered, alive, grounded into the earth plane and open to intuitive, cosmic, divine forces. Furthermore, that it is absolutely crucial, from here on in, to not identify with ANY of our “expectations,” lest we be pummeled into dust by disappointment.

At some point in this journey the same friend who had guided me to that Kim video told me about her dreams. In them, Trump being a traitor — or at least someone not able to live up to expectations, or having let his ego swell to the point where he had lost touch with reality — was one interpretation of one of the dreams. But then, this morning, she sent me last night’s dream, the meaning of which, to her, was that perhaps Trump was playing the military brass, knowing full well that they were monitoring his seemingly crazy phone calls, a 5D maneuver in the Art of War that he seems to know so much more about than anyone else.

Of course I was relieved. Though I had already moved beyond the Trump is Traitor idea.

In return, I sent her a Telegram post that made sense to me. She agreed, it makes sense to her as well.

Okay. So now to the title of this post. Perhaps after this ricocheting ride through the clashing, devastating currents of my questing Sagittarian mind you might be prepared, as I was prepared, for this possibility. I was led to it by Kerry Cassidy, who said it conformed with all her intel on the subject of vaccines.

First, a little cartoon. Pay attention to the claw-like nature of the hands that are handling the two children’s expectations.

Then, see if you can wrap your mind around this, just as a possibility, eh?


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