A Brief Note about Halloween

We are going to piggy back our Halloween Party on to our Thursday evening Green Acres Village Community Dinner. That’s tonight. A few words about this Halloween season, and about my personal experiences with costumes.

I am finding it impossible to separate the eerie, ghastly, ghostly, demonic forces pretending to be conjured up during this season from actual eerie, ghastly, ghostly, demonic forces which, more and more, thanks to both global exposure of pedophilia, SRA, underground tunnels and Dumbs, adrenochrome, etc. and the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) drummed up globally by the few at the top (but where is the top? Is it off-world?) who have either actually created a bioweapon or have pretended to, but in any case, it’s an exceedingly powerful collective psy-op, otherwise known as Covid, still flooding the poisoned global atmosphere, and thanks to the so-called “vax,” threatening to kill off the entire human population.

It used to be that we utilized this Halloween season as the way to get what we, on a collective level, subconsciously knew as demonic forces, but didn’t appear on the surface, “out of our system.” A once-per-year clearing/cleansing of the cultural decks, “letting off steam” of evil’s pressure cooker underneath so it wouldn’t erupt and go out of control.

But during these years with Pluto in Capricorn relentlessly purging and deconstructing both visible and invisible civilizational structures that had (somewhat) captured and (somewhat) contained the formerly buried and otherwise hidden demonic forces, all bets are off.  As the demonic forces that have been running the civilized world underneath for thousands of years get loosed, and they feed off, yes, human fear —it’s called loosh —

— the barrier between Halloween and the rest of the year has dissolved.

Which, for me, makes it imperative that I not dress up this year as something scary. And actually, I learned not to do this two years ago, when I went to our party as a “Satanic Monk” — which simply meant that I dressed in a brown robe with horns. Of course, it was both meant to be humorous and yet make a point re: what we’d been learning for several decades about supposedly pious Catholic priests.

Throughout that evening, I was stunned to realize that my costume was no joke; that some kind of a demon was attempting to invade me. This discovery freaked me out. Was simply wearing a costume that conjured up the appearance of a satanic monk as a joke an actual invitation for a demon to assume I would accept it in? Or that my unsuspecting dress-up would weaken me to the point where I would allow it to invade me?

These were new thoughts. I had never thought them before.

About halfway through the party I tore the damn horns off my head. And got rid of them entirely the next day, both shocked and chagrined.

For tonight’s party I’m going to go as “Star Woman,” dress in mostly white ceremonial clothes, with a painted star on my head. Will say I’m “Star Woman” who, the rest of the year, masks as a woman who goes by “Ann Kreilkamp.”

4 thoughts on “A Brief Note about Halloween

  1. Thanks once again for adding an SF excerpt to your post. In these times I do believe our most innocent choices are being used by dark side forces to harness loosh if the choice connotes negativity in any of its matrix forms. Taking off the devil horns and replacing them with Star Woman is definitely the way to go 🙂

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