(Let us love) Dr. Fauci: “A slippery continuously calibrating eel of a man”

That quote has a nice ring to it, eh? From @docMJP on twitter.

I focus on Fauci as today’s local paper reports: Indiana “expects to receive more than 200,000 pediatric doses of the Pfizer-BionTech COVID-19 next Monday and Tuesday, said Indiana chief medical officer Dr. Lindsay.”


Is it any wonder that open, spirited rebellion against the so-called “vaccines” began with parents speaking up to local school boards all across this nation?

Here’s one mother who changed her decision to vaccinate her kids, and why, and how her story is being buried.

Exclusive: Why A Mother Changed Her Decision to Vaccinate Her Kids Against COVID-19

Another local story today talked about the new, extended county mask mandate,  “set to expire right before midnight on the Wednesday that Monroe County’s COVID-19 positive case rate drops to less than 50 cases per 100,000 residents. Right now, the county has 92 cases per 100,000 . . .”

Never, not once, ever, does any such report refer to the amplification number for the PCR tests which, when “positive,” are considered “cases” — even if a person is and remains symptomatic. Anyone who is following the PCR scam (at the very root of the plandemic scam) now knows that anything above 35 cycles will likely show a high percentage of “false positives,” due to the fact that only below 28 cycles, will actual live viruses show up.  So, when they want to ramp up “cases,” they just ramp up the number of cycles. Here’s compelling testimony from a pulmonary nurse who finally quit, unable to continue once he realized he was “murdering” patients.

I repeat: are the number of cycles ever noted, or discussed whenever there’s talk of “positive case” rates? NO.

But what really got to me today, was this:

Somehow, the “authoritative” tone of the Editor’s “correction” really got to me. Is this because my own Moon at 23° Taurus sits exactly where Tony Fauci’s Uranus is, and opposes exactly, his Scorpio Mars??? Grrr . . . Makes me want to scream. (I looked at his chart here.)

With all this in mind, I invite you to read the following extraordinary article, all the way through. It held me spellbound. The author documents, through personal experience, what happens when we give over the authority of our own sovereign soul to others, the ones they call “experts.” Which means in turn: that we must either uncover (for the first time) or return to the authoritative center of the self, each of us, if we are to see our way through this unprecedented collective global psy-op that has befuddled so much of humanity.

How many of us need to firmly recognize ourselves as truly sovereign souls in order to anchor the total transformation needed? I don’t know. It may be only 5%! In any case, let us center ourselves, root ourselves into this Good Earth below while receiving abundant blessings from the Heavens above, as we open our Hearts to all humans, LOVE them unconditionally, even the Tony Fauci’s of the world whose egos’ craven need for greed and control render them puppets of possibly even off-world forces.

I Have Been Through This Before




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