Truly Terrifying (in your face) Halloween Decoration

I have yet to “take a test.” I wonder what’s on the swabs. I wonder why they think they need to puncture through to the brain. I wonder why most people still don’t realize that so much depends on amplification number. That anything above 28 will yield many “false positives, “and most tests are amplified from 35 to 45. That the PCR test will go bye-by at the end of December, due to the fact that the CDC now admits that it doesn’t distinguish between Covid and the flu. That flu cases dropped to near zero in 2020, obviously due to rebranding. That the inventor of the PCR test said it was never to be used for diagnosis. And that, finally, the PCR test is where the scam began. Were it not for drummed up “case numbers” i.e., “positive” tests, even if asymptomatic, this MK-Ultra psy-op would never have gotten off the ground.

Meanwhile, for those participating, a reminder: LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR meditation, tomorrow morning, Sunday, 8 A.M. your time.

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