Howl-o-ween LAF Meditation: WITH CAT!

Old friend Janet and I have been holding our Sunday morning meditations together, joining South America (where she now lives) with me in North America. Last Sunday, she didn’t answer her phone at 8 AM, which surprised me, so I carried on alone. Turned out she couldn’t find her phone . . .

Okay, today’s joint meditation was a humdinger. We’ve noticed that our meditations seem to dovetail, in that the same quality of energy is contacted. Today we both experienced CHAOS, pure and simple, which I described as boiling energy surging from below infused with cascading energy from above, as if a torrential waterfall . . . Imagine what that must feel like, to be caught in the roiling fiery energy from below (think La Palma) intermingling with cascading watery energy from above, the hissing sound overwhelming.

We began by me saying I wondered if we still needed to do our howling first. Is this still necessary?

“Oh come on, Ann, it’s Halloween!”

“Oh! Yeah! Howl-o-ween!” I laughed.

Janet, in this year’s costume . . .


So I rang the bell, we lit our candles, saged ourselves, howled wildly for a few minutes, and then settled down into sitting meditation. Immediately, I noticed myself enveloped in the surging, boiling, broiling, erupting, swirling energy described above. And, it never changed. Over the 20 minutes of meditation, I had to firmly ground my seat into Earth below, deliberately open head to Cosmos above, invite energies from both directions to circulate in my open Heart, and radiate, radiate, radiate LOVE into the surging, boiling, confusing, chaotic energy in which I, and everyone else on this planet, is currently immersed.

No longer is F.E.A.R. experienced as stilled, contracted stuckness. No. the energy of aliveness is igniting, and it’s so powerful, so pronounced, that I found myself psychically begging our near feral cat Tiger (who only comes home once in a while now, eating mainly what he kills), who happened to be sitting across the room, to come sit in my lap. He has never done this on request. Indeed, he rarely does it at all. But today, after about ten minutes of me sitting striving to hold my center in the maelstrom, and clearly needing help, he jumped up and sat in my lap for the remainder of the session, not curling into a ball as he usually does, but with his head up and eyes closed, turned towards me the entire time.

I was right. His presence helped. I see him, and any wild creature in the prime of life, as totally at one both within his own being and in his environment, all systems regulated and working harmoniously. His aliveness, both strong and integrated, is what I needed to increasingly radiate without endangering my own sanity.  Truly, a miracle. Thank you, Tiger!

And, I found out from Colin later, who had meditated outside, that he too was sitting with a cat (the one which, unfortunately, Andreas had to leave behind when he moved to Ireland) on his lap, Schulte’s head towards Colin’s, with eyes closed.

A Cat on each of our laps, for Halloween!

Colin’s meditation: he was told, in no uncertain terms, that he no longer had to place himself in space radiating massive shooting beams of love energy towards this planet. That the ETs are now present in force. That they’re now intervening. That they’ve got this.

Janet found herself working underground, with the innocent ones there, being trafficked and used by the forces of evil. (We had been talking beforehand about refugees, especially children, crossing into this country from Mexico, many thousands being picked up and bussed to underground DUMBS and tunnels.) She too, noticed the extremely chaotic energy, and spoke of “rods of God” being used to clear the tunnels, with courageous soldiers facing down the evil to rescue the huddled trafficked innocent ones inside.

The energy on this planet may be chaotic now, and certainly not surprising, especially on this most satanic weekend of the year. But: that also means that the world is waking up, no longer numbed to sleep. The old millennia-old slavery system is OVER. Now begins the mop-up operation. Which will take years. And require enormous courageous  dedication from those who remain, even as they mourn friends and family who will die from having taken the murderous vax.

Meanwhile, you might want to read this next piece, about the switch from All Soul’s Day to All Saint’s Day, tomorrow. Warning: “saints” are not who you think they are . . .

The One Thing Halloween Is Good For 

One thought on “Howl-o-ween LAF Meditation: WITH CAT!

  1. Well done, Ann. It seems like when these things are written, they take on a different clarity. So interesting the cat energy. The Lions. That is us. The Lions. Scripture says,”…when the Lion will lay down with the lamb,” This could mean when we unite with the sheeple and have peace together. Very cool that Colin connected with the ET’s who are working on the malevolent off planet monsters. They are removing them. Yipeeee. We have the malevolent human monsters to capture and deal with. Gitmo, Gitmo, Gitmo, go, go, go………. May they light on fire…or face the Tribunals…then light on fire or be hung.

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