Halloween’s Multi-Layered Promise Kept

Note: See four of the last five posts I’ve put up since 10/28/21. 

Today’s final offering comes in the form of a “Trick or Treater”: great costume, though it must have taken a lot out of this kid to lug that thing around.

Oh, wait . . . here’s a treat . . .

What strikes me more than anything else about Halloween 2021, is how the line between fake and real, fiction and fact, between this world and the otherworlds, between who we pretend to be and who we really are — all our human constructs that aim to dominate and control mysterious nature, beginning with the spell that is language —

— have, more than ever before, smeared together, fused and fallen away.

What is left when the masks are off?

What remains when the culture distintegrates?

(See Pluto posts, here and in exopermaculture).

What remains: the mysterious center of the self, which radiates out in every direction, endlessly weaving spells of meaning — whether for good or ill. There is no getting around it: each of us creates the reality we see and interact with. And most of this creation comes from the depths within, of which we are largely unaware! The conscious mind is the tip of an iceberg, which reaches into the unconscious depths of the oceanic fluids which nourish and surround us all.


Ever since I awakened at 26 years old, I have considered it my responsibility to investigate the depths within myself, to recognize how I, without consciously realizing it, have constructed my reality. Which entails: whenever I notice myself projecting onto others what is going on within myself, in order to avoid conflict, I must take back those projections. I must let go of the ways that I camouflage and mask what is really going on, internally. In other words, the main responsibility of my life is to know myself, and to do this I must heal myself. The process is ongoing.

I came across an interesting meme on healing recently.


For me the sections of this pie are not at all equal: “Unpacking Trauma” is by far the largest. Unpacking, and furthermore, processing trauma. The trauma of having been born into this life-denying, body/mind split, warmongering, greedy, materialistic society that seeks to dominate rather than cooperate; this stark sociopathic reality especially concentrated and symbolized on Halloween; this one short, intense period of each year when the unseen monsters are let out to roam, not just as a joke, but in reality — and in so doing, allow us to glimpse “pretend” truth” of, for example, fake news, above. This costume, and others, especially the usual scary ones, remind us that Halloween is the time when the monstrous adrenochrome fueled satanic cabal holds its most “sacred” sacrificial ceremonies.

“Scared, “an anagram of sacred. 

Thank whatever god(s) you worship, that it’s now over.

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