Child Sacrifice to Moloch Ritual to Begin?

Two headlines from the local Herald-Times in Bloomington, Indiana today:

“How much did MCCSC pay out in vaccine stipends?”

Translation: what kind of BRIBES did the local school system offer employees to take the jab? Answer: $1000. And, they said, the [bribes] worked.

“The stipends were paid for with Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund II federal grant dollars, according to the district.”

“Nearly 85% of eligible MCCSC employees submitted proof of COVID-19 vaccination to receive a #$1000 stipend.”

“What parents need to know about COVID vaccine for children”

“State officials said last week that 200,000 doses of vaccine are headed to Indiana early this week . . . More than 1300 sites across the state will offer the vaccine to children.”

This is a long article with many subtitles, and much reassurance that the “vaccines” are safe.  Just “avoid scheduling [your] child’s vaccine the day before a big game or birthday party.”

I can’t bear to quote excerpts from the rest of this propaganda palaver, sent out by the USA TODAY NETWORK.

Somehow I sense that this will be the last straw that breaks the cabal camel’s back. Parents all over this nation who have been demanding their school boards either step down or stop complying with draconian local, state, and federal COVID-related “mandates,” as well as racist CRT indoctrination, are already on alert. And they will simply not allow this sacrifice to take place. Or if it begins, it will be short-lived.

It’s as if the cabal is setting itself up for its own demise, as We, the People, chant, en masse,  all over the world, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Hundreds of millions of us, up against only 500 of them.

And they know it.

And they are terrified.

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