New Moon in Scorpio November 4: Aspects of Interpretation and Prediction; Laura Bruno and Me

First, see Laura Bruno’s incisive, deeply felt report on this Scorpio New Moon. I always especially appreciate her focus on the tiny asteroids and other not often utilized significators that help illustrate and specify what is going on. Plus, she utilizes the Sabian Symbols for the Sun/Moon and Uranus, all of which, in this case, seem both unusually prescient and even divinely inspired.

Next, look at the chart itself (erected for Washington, D.C.) which makes it abundantly clear, just how extraordinary it is to have the powerful Sun/Moon conjuncton (New Moon) at 14°40 of death/rebirth Scorpio EXACTLY opposed to unpredictable, eruptive, volatile Uranus at 14°47 of the most steady, fixed, earth sign Taurus. Notice also, the difficult, tug-of-war T-cross these planets form with karmic, attempting-to-remain-stuck Saturn.

For what Uranus in Taurus itself signifies, pay attention, for example, to the La Palma volcanic eruption and earthquake activity underneath (which may or may not be engineered; frankly, at this point, I think it is) as paradigmatic. And remember: long-cycled outer planets function more as colorations in the collective unconscious then they do individually (exceptions: those with long-cycled planets configured closely to especially personal planets and/or the angles of the birthchart who, at certain points within their lives, will have opportunities (through crises) to MAKE CONSCIOUS what for their peers remains operative at an unconscious level). These outer planets (Uranus (84 year cycle), Neptune (165 year cycle), Pluto, (248 year cycle) and beyond) thus describe both collective cultural trends as well as generational qualities.

Which means: those born between March 2019 and April 2026 have the Uranus in Taurus generational signature in their birthcharts, and the Uranian individuals within this generation, those who have individuated, i.e., made this powerful unconscious influence within them conscious,  are destined to function as generational leaders and/or possibly, if not conscious enough — generational scapegoats.

Meanwhile, we need to expect the ground from under us to be continuously erupting throughout these entire seven years. Which means, in turn, we must learn how to surf, how to remain centered within the turbulence. There is simply no sense in longing for a “return to normal.” Life will be exciting, even inspiring; life will also remain deeply uncertain. The more we can learn to live without attachment to personal expectations (for the future), the more we can live without personal regret (for the past), i.e., the more we can remain continuously present, right here, right NOW, as our embodied lives on the earth plane undergo continuous flux, the less will we attach to either outcomes or justice, and the less will we suffer.  

Okay, now look at the locations of both Mercury and Mars in this New Moon chart, for it may be that the timing of the most memorable dramatic eruptive changes this month will be tied to their successive conjunctions with the sensitized New Moon point of 12°40 Scorpio. Both are in direct motion, moving towards the New Moon point.

Mercury,  still in Libra at 28°19, will enter Scorpio on November 7, and hit the New Moon point on the 13th-14th.

Then Mars, now at 3° Scorpio hits that sensitized New Moon point on the 18th. However, Mars tends to act ahead of time.

Therefore: I’d say that the most sensitized eruptive period within this coming month, just looking at this New Moon chart, will be the period between November 13th and 18th.

BTW: Saturn, now at 7°23 Aquarius, traveled through this same degree area April through July, 2021, when experiments in horizontal, decentralized cooperation and networking ignited in the collective. Saturn will travel back over this same degree one final time in January 2022. Perhaps furthering some of these experiments?

Meanwhile, since I set up the chart for Washington, D.C., notice that the Ascendant is 26° Aries, a Mars-dominated sign, and, in this case, only two degrees from being exactly square the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn placement (now t 24°31) which, since 2008 through the end of 2024, is busy making extremely obvious the hidden corruption that has infected all human-made institutional structures, both visible and invisible, including media, education, medicine/big pharma, economics, business, government, politics, religion — and proceeding to deconstruct and/or reconfigure them! One might say that we think it’s “COVID” (not so much the disease as the continuing blow-back from fear-based propaganda) that is currently responsible; but in actually, from a cosmic perspective, it’s Pluto, utilizing COVID for its own purposes . . .

Notice the position of both Mercury and Mars in this New Moon chart for D.C., straddling the Descendant, i.e., conjunct the most personalized axis of the chart. Let’s just assume that both our minds (Mercury) and our will to act, our fury (Mars) will be totally engaged. But, since it’s the Descendant, we will tend to see the Other, project these qualities onto the Other — so that, if we wish to avoid conflict, then we must work to take back the projection, recognize and integrate these same qualities within ourselves.

Okay, let us contemplate two more Sabian symbols, one for the Ascendant, and the other for the Descendant. I will put them up here, without comment. Rather, I ask that their presence both speak volumes (Mercury), and temper our action (Mars) through detached awareness.


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  1. Thank you for the link. Also, note: the ASC for DC is the same as the recent Aries Full Moon point, putting the Full Moon axis right on this ASC/DC axis for Washington, DC. What happened on October 20 that may come home to roost on November 4?

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