Meme Mementos, early November 2021

As we all know, it is impossible to “keep up with” THE NEWS, in this age of continuous acceleration and diversification of “sources” of all kinds. Of course, it’s actually always been impossible to keep up with “the news, “since every single person on earth experiences the world from his or her own point of view. I.e., the point, from which he or she views all that is apparently occurring around (and inside) him or her.

But that factoid wasn’t as obvious way back when, i.e., prior to the internet. Now it is. Whatever a person chooses to “focus on” offers a mirror into what that person thinks important. In my case, I’m fairly wide-ranging in my interests; plus, I tend to just sit down at the computer each morning, after insomniac hours in the middle of the night either glancing at or actually absorbing all sorts of stuff, some of it “worthwhile,” some not. The “not worthwhile” stuff puts me to sleep again, for which I am grateful!

So back to the previous thought. Okay, so I tend to sit down and just let whatever is “in here” spill out onto the page, with various attempts to “make it make sense.”

Some days, I tend to get stymied; nothing jumps out at me. Or: there’s so damn much that I’m basically so full of “info” (or disinfo, misinfo) that I can’t even imagine where to begin. And every day, I tend to take screenshots of interesting memes and put them on the desktop for possible use later.

This is one of those days when I decide to clear off some of the memes. So here goes. Notice, I attempt to get a “narrative thread” going as well, knitting them all together, whether or not they really cohere. After all, who decides? My aim is to provoke, to awaken, to alert — both me and the reader to at least some of what puzzles me, perplexes me, provokes me, etc., assuming that at least one other person may resonate in some way or other. (As Gertrude Stein once said: “I write for myself and one other stranger.” By which she meant, that way, I know I’m not crazy.)

Besides, doing “one blogpost per day” makes me feel useful; whether or not I really am useful is not for me to say. But one thing’s for sure: 2021 has been the most interesting year yet, in all my nearly 79 years!

Let’s start here:

And of course, we ALL know what that snide comment refers to. Here’s another reference to Biden’s time in Rome with the poop. Oops! I mean the pope.

Have you noticed? More and more, it’s being called “the Brandon administration”? And we all know what that means, too. It’s as if there’s a code being telegraphically transmitted instantly everywhere, and we all “get it,” laughing into our sleeve on the one hand while utterly horrified at the complete destruction of what used to be called the United States of America has been launched in only ten months.

I, for one, used to think George Carlin way too cynical. No more.

But then, what he said used to be true. Notice: it is no longer true! Ever since Trump began to rudely call out the “Fake News,” we the people have been gradually waking up. And now, he’s poised to take the reins of the public bullhorn, which will, if all goes as predicted, completely destroy the increasingly crazed leftist propaganda media.

Brian Cates:

Then there’s the obvious hypocrisy of the current COP convention —

— where, as someone said, “slave leaders” are meeting to decide, once again, how to prevent “climate change.” Yeah. Right.

Okay, here we go. Back to COVID, the only subject worth mentioning, and wow, it took me until this long to get there!

Candace Owens, with her usual fast, smart mouth, says this. YES!

“I choose to operate at a frequency above fear.” There’s no better way of putting it than that.

This way, you completely bypass the way the latest transmogrification of the big bugaboo “war” now being conducted by the usual 500 players against the entire human race.

Remember: this entire COVID scenario is based on lies, and deceit.

So now what? Humor. That’s what. Laugh your ass off.

Might as well. Nothing makes sense anymore, and one might argue that it never did. Everything that’s happening is a human invention. Astonishing, isn’t it, just how far “culture” has moved away from Nature?

On the left: what we seem to be heading towards.
On the right: what’s still right, in tiny, unnoticed corners, all over the world.

Finally. One more. Ponder this.

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