COVID CON: Dr. David Martin implicates both Donald Trump and Rand Paul

I have yet to watch this entire video. However, the first few minutes are extremely instructive.

Summary: In 1999, a bioweapon, “engineered to destroy humanity,” was paid for by Fauci. In 2002, it was patented by the University of North Carolina, via Peter Daszak, who received an exemption to a then moratorium on gain of function research.

LET’S REPEAT what’s said in the above, remember, from 2015!


A key driver is the media . . . yep, and that propaganda arm of the deep state is being systematically destroyed, thanks in large part to Donald Trump’s calling its so-called “news” FAKE over and over and over again ad nauseum; and now, in late 2021, ramping up his justified vendetta against both MSM and social media by announcing his own platform soon to be rolled out.

Minute 7:15. Martin claims that on 9/18/19, the WHO, the GATES, Foundation, the NAIAD, and others, in interlocking directorates, got together and said they had to create a global simulation of the release of a respiratory pathogen. Then, on 9/19/19, only one day later, “Trump signed an EO mandating that the toxin be released to the public.”

At this point, Martin paused, and then went on: “Now, listen to me carefully . . . did he [Trump] premeditate? NO.”

But, Martin goes on, everyone needs to be accountable, for whatever they are responsible for. “There is a need for absolute integrity.”

My conclusion: If Martin is correct, then Trump needs to both confess and ask for forgiveness for not being aware enough of the implications to not sign that EO, if he is to demonstrate his own integrity.

I’ve long sensed that while Trump is an astonishing colossus striding across the world stage, like just about everyone, his achilles’ heel is the deeply and unconsciously indoctrinated body/mind split within him. This is not surprising: ever since the 17th century, and Rene Descartes’ declaration, I think, therefore I am,  western culture has been skewed into valuing the (left brain, logical, analytical) mind and either ignoring the body, and/or viewing the body as a mere instrument, a machine — and that includes the body of our dear mother earth. Which means that, like most people who are still indoctrinated in this fundamental sense, Trump can be and has been bamboozled by supposed medical “experts” like Fauci. While he may catch on to the spreading enormity of the plandemic crime eventually, to date he has not disavowed the “vaccines;” and though he always claims they shouldn’t be mandated, that people need to have free choice, he has also said on a number of occasions that vaccines are good thing.

I conclude that, like most people, Trump’s ego has a hard time admitting mistakes. And as we all know, his ego is larger and stronger than most people’s. How could it be otherwise, given the seemingly impossible task he had set for himself, to drain the long-standing global swamp in which his entire administration was immersed? Only a gigantic ego would be capable of deflecting the continuous vitriolic hatred aimed at him ever since he and Melania rode down that elevator in 2015.

I sense that, if his conscience is operating, then, the recognition that he personally was responsible for pushing the development of “vaccines” at “warp speed,” must weigh heavily on his heart. He did say at one point that Pfizer’s booster was only pushed to maximize profit, so it appears to me that something within him is battling with his ego that hates to be wrong, and especially, I imagine, hates to think that maybe he is personally responsible for the vast increase in death, crippling side effects, destruction of small businesses and other human suffering “mandated” by the entire COVID CON.

Minute 11:52 through 12:47:  Martin talks about Rand Paul, accusing him of mere showmanship in his congressional grilling of Fauci. How does he know? —Martin asks. Because, he says, he personally delivered “the knock-out blow” to Rand Paul, giving him notice of Fauci’s numerous treasonous crimes. But instead, Martin claims, Rand Paul has ignored the knock-out blow, and is simply grandstanding as a way to fund his own re-election. In other words, says Martin, Rand Paul is “monetizing an act of terror.”

This is the slide that Martin refers to repeatedly in enumerating Fauci’s and others’ crimes.


3 thoughts on “COVID CON: Dr. David Martin implicates both Donald Trump and Rand Paul

  1. I am reminded of the holistic approach for treating maladies wherein ‘like treats like’. The approach generally features significant healing minus adverse side effects.

    One might agree that governance seems an ever-spreading malady and perhaps certain participants within the ‘Body Politic’ decided that ‘like treats like’ just might work within the political arena.

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