LAF Meditation for November 7, 2021: Does the frequency of LOVE operate “above it all”?

Janet, in South America, and myself, in North America, got together again this morning for our regular Sunday 8 AM LAF meditation.

Earlier, while walking with puppy Shadow at dawn, I had noticed myself pondering a recent Candace Owen tweet:

This tweet struck me at the time as totally true. Exactly what I have experienced as well. The remark, “I choose to operate at a frequency above fear” especially grabbed me. YES.

But on this morning’s walk I dug further into my own response to her. Hmmm . . . Does this mean I choose to operate “above it all”? And if so, does this make me feel superior to those Others, poor dears, who just can’t seem to rise above like I can?

Well, yes. I spent decades of my life with just this attitude, having undergone a lengthy transformation during which I intentionally processed the fear-based programming into which I had been indoctrinated since birth.

I admit, I felt proud of myself for doing so; I deprogrammed myself intentionally, and I did it on my own. So yes, I did feel “above it all.”

And, I still need to pull myself down from that high perch once in a while.  Especially, since I am determined not just to avoid, but to alchemize F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). I aim to channel the ever present, endless Love that both fills and fuels the universe to penetrate deep into the sloggy, soggy, poisonous, swampy gunk that Fear-porn media propaganda swishes endlessly around the entire world, with the infectious aim of freaking us humans out to the point where our minds are cemented in, paralyzed, stuck; merely reactive, rather than creatively responsive. Why? For the purpose of total control. After all, there’s only about 500 of them, and there are 8.5 million of us! They are determined! Their long-made plans for domination and depopulation must work, or they are done for! And they know it.

Janet, on her part, brought the sloggy gunk itself to our meditation. For the past six days she has been infected with a terrible mucousy head cold, and she knows it is nowhere near done. Furthermore, she knows damn well that she needs to avoid pneumonia, and subsequent death-camp hospitalization.

She’s taking good care of herself. She knows she’s in some kind of a Plutonian death/rebirth process. She assumes she will emerge from it fully alive.

Okay. So to this morning’s meditation.

Our experiences were, as you can imagine, utterly divergent. And yet they also complemented.

Janet found herself imagining a Hispanic woman with her husband and child, crossing the southern border of the U.S., full of hope for a better life — and being bussed to tunnels underground. She saw herself as this woman, watching her husband being eaten alive by some sort of creature, and she knew she was next. In fact, she knew she was already in the active process of dying, and in mourning, both for the loss of her husband, and especially, for the loss of her own innocent child.

I found myself working vertically, from infinite cosmos high above to Earth’s core down below, channeling powerful LOVE energy down from Above and up from Below simultaneously into my open heart, circulating it round and round, building energy to then radiate centrifugally, bathing and nourishing the surround.

I was viewing the entire vertical plane as a series of discrete layers, with Love both high Above and deep Below, and Fear coagulated close to the surface of the earth: below (in tunnels and DUMBS), on the ground, and in the oxygenated atmosphere above.  This close-at-hand, human-made and inhabited layer is where FEAR has taken hold, over centuries, perhaps even millennia, and has been deliberately ramped up now to the point where its formerly covert, hidden nature has become extremely visible to anyone with eyes to see.  Thus The Great Awakening.

What I found myself focusing on in meditation this morning was the upper edge of that human-residing layer, where it meets the sky above. The very Edge, which has precipitated into visible material institutional structures and invisible mental dogmatic structures.

In permaculture, if you recall, “The edge is where the action is.” Notice, for example, the edge of a field where it meets a forest. A rich, entangled assortment of species — plant, animal, insect— thrive there which don’t inhabit either forest or field beyond. So, if you want more action, then create more edge! For example, if you want to carve out a pond, then do it with wavy horizontal edges, and several vertical layers. The more differentiated the edge, the greater the resilience.

So, I found myself concentrating on this Edge, between the human and the above-human world. Where, if I choose to “operate at a frequency above fear” I would remain. But my purpose in the LAF meditation is to alchemize fear, and for this I need to fearlessly face, embrace, and erase fear wherever it resides — as, for example down under that edge. But: that cultural edge, I discovered this morning, feels like hardpan, impenetrable, impermeable. So, in my meditation today, I found myself working as a permaculturist with that cultural edge — punching holes to allow in air and water, layering it with both green and brown matter to compost in place, creating more edge to render the edge permeable enough to serve as rich soil for new growth in the spring. Yes, the Sun of Truth, as it gradually and, past Winter Solstice, will more and more penetrate the lasagna-layered edge, to not just encourage, but to guarantee new growth to surge up from below.

I may have been influenced in this meditation, by a new Clif High video, in which he notes that the paradigm of the normies is beginning to crumble. i.e., the edge between the normies (who hold onto their old paradigm for dear life, lest they die!) and reality is beginning to fail, to crumble.

So, in sum, Janet and I worked in very different ways during this morning’s meditation. Janet’s work was very personal; certainly not “above it all;”  she was highly aware that the dying Hispanic woman was also herself, mourning her own loss of innocence, as Janet’s own body undergoes the mucousy metamorphosis of formerly buried fear that will guarantee resurrection into new aliveness.

I worked in an impersonal way, though not, as before in my life, “above it all” (i.e., superior), but in the trenches, sweating it out, working that extremely resistant cultural edge which calcified into hard pan a long time ago, and yet, can be composted, transformed into fertile soil for new growth.

For both of us, as for the entire world’s people’s, the hard times are now. During this coming dark winter we must dig deep within ourselves to compost the calcified fear that has kept most of the human race from full aliveness.



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