LET’S GET REAL: And, in fact, we are . . .

And the bad guys know it . . .

As Q put it,  several times: “these people will not be able to walk down the street.”

Global Elite Fear Rebellion Brewing, says CEO Large Doomsday Bunker Builder


Maria Bartinomo joins those who recognize what is happening, though she conflates the extreme leftist word “woke” with “awakened,” which is, I feel unfortunate. (I wear a JB Sears t-shirt that says: “Awake but not Woke“.) Her latest interview of John Ratcliffe on Russiagate lies and liars should certainly open sleepy eyes. 

Brian Cates succinct assessment re the COVID con: “The backlash is going to be epic.”

For normies who are not yet awakened, or who are just beginning to wake up to the nearly incomprensible and utterly sinister agenda behind the vax, and who seek to grok the situation quickly and thoroughly, I cannot recommend Paul Craig Roberts more highly: comprehensive, precise, and to the point.

Excess Deaths from the “Vaccine” Point to a Depopulation Agenda

For those who seek a more extended analysis, especially as to how the chaotic environment of deregulation continues to shatter any former semblance of order, ethics, oversight, agreements, and so on, thus encouraging lies, contradiction, confusion, and a defeated “I don’t understand; I give up; just tell me what to do” attitude, you might check this out.

“Herd Stupidity,” The Manufactured Covid Crisis . . .


So, where are normies now? I’d say somewhere between stage 2 and 3.

And where are we humans altogether in the march to the cliff of genocide? I’d say we’re halfway there, at step 5. Why? A “national police force” to ensure compliance. See below.

However, since the usually ineffective, corrupt justice system has postponed the Brandon administration’s mandate for now, we have more time to wake up!

And, as Clif High puts it in his latest amazing “Dear Humans” video, much will depend on just how many normies DO (abruptly) wake up during this month of November.

If you recall, I said that the significance of the New Moon in Scorpio will likely intensify starting when Mercury moves into Scorpio on November 7, and then especially between November 13th and 18th, when first Mercury, then Mars will pass over that sensitized New Moon degree.  

I, for one, have no doubt whatsoever that our now accelerated Great Awakening will defeat these now terrified psychopaths who stupidly think of themselves as masters of the universe.

Remember, there are only about 500 of them, and nearly 8 million — oops! 8 BILLION — of us.



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