NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND: From incisive mental analysis, to personal shock, to societal mind control, to sheer, unadulterated nausea

Public intellectual and multigenerational farmer Victor Davis Hanson dissects how the very concept of citizenship in the U.S. is eroding due to the onslaught of illegal immigration.  Me: all part of the globalist plan to destroy national identity. No wonder Trump, as President, continuously drummed into our collective psyche the slogan: Make America Great Again. No wonder he insisted that every nation needs to make itself great again. No wonder he made the wall on our southern border a priority.

Hanson has just released a new book:


James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, describing the shocking pre-dawn raid of his apartment by the FBI, tells Sean Hannity: “Now I understand the meaning of ‘the process is the punishment.’” I imagine he now has a new appreciation for the multi-year harrassment of General Flynn.

Meanwhile, a particularly brutal and precise discussion of the Orwellian Covid Con can be found on The Burning Platform. Note especially the way language is abused, twisted, torqued, to serve “our masters'” ends, and how, unless we get and remain fully grounded, centered, and aware, our psyches can be hijacked by the virulent virus of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

They Want Us to Fear Room 101. 

It starts:

Speaking of “hungry sandflies,” I was directed to a twitter account by a woman who has been trafficked, beaten, starved, raped, brutalized ad nauseam from the time she was a little girl, and who says she was born into the cabal’s Death Department (as opposed to, say the Insurance Department (Fraud)) — meaning those whose jobs have to do with getting rid of debris: funeral homes, gravesites, garbage companies, etc. And, she claims that the Death Department also includes Fruit companies, because decomposing fruit masks the smell of decomposing bodies, and black flies are attracted to both.





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