YOUNG ATHLETES: “Sudden bouts of extreme activity part of the vaccine death syndrome”?

Note especially, the comments below this zero hedge post, which include several extensive lists of young athletes who have recently died, including high schoolers. One wonders, is this the kind of story that will suddenly wake up still sleeping normies?

German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number of Soccer Players who Have Collapsed

Also, the sudden death of young athletes tracks with the eight sudden deaths that occurred during the recent Astro-World concert (where vaccination was required for admittance). And one of the comments under the above article gives the likely reason for both:

Speaking of that “concert,” check out this interview with General Flynn that went viral today on Telegram. He speaks openly about his agreement that what unfolded there was SATANIC, DEMONIC.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former V-P of Pfizer, is also calling attention to sudden collapse and death of young athletes. His telegram channel:

Again, I ask: will this news about sports figures be the shock that wakes the remaining normies up to the now accelerting globalist depopulation agenda?

Why do I ask that? Because I assume that those who allow continuous indoctrination by televised mainstream news are also the ones who love to watch televised sports.



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