What will be, no, SHOULD BE the corruption that catalyzes the detonation of the deep state?

I keep wondering what will be the issue that catalyzes the detonation of the deep state. Sometimes I think it will be the current seeming-crumbling of the Covid Con narrative; other times I think it might be the 2020 election fiasco; but though both of these layers of cultural corruption involve the entire earth in their interwoven complexity, nothing, but nothing can compare to the even deeper, more hidden, and even more evil global currency, bribe, and blackmail operation known as child trafficking — including pedophilia, adrenochrome, satanic ritual abuse, MK Ultra programming, and so on. Like the first two, this corruption infects the entire globe, but at a more profound level, stretching way back to the worship of Moloch; and, because it is so horrific, is still extremely repugnant to those who still refuse to believe it could be true.

Despite the John of God revelations.

Despite the NXIVM sex trafficking ring.

Despite the documentary about Boys Town.

Despite the Epstein revelations. Despite extraordinary investigative work by people like Liz Crokin. On and on.

While we await Epstein’s partner’s trial, due to begin on November 29 (Gislaine Maxwell has again been denied bail), we see that the recently deposed Barclays CEO Jes Staley exchanged 1200 emails with Jeffrey Epstein that included phrases such as “snow white” . . .

But what is guaranteed to rock most people’s boat, is this interview by Stew Peters of a young woman who details her horrific experiences and claims that everybody is complicit. If you have not yet managed to absorb any of this kind of material, I can understand. Pete Santilli spent the better part of 30 minutes lauding Stew Peters for managing to keep his composure during the interview, and then ran the interview, word for word, again.

“Biden and Obama Raped Me”: Powerful Elites, Celebs, Demonic Sex Abuse Ring

I strongly urge you to steel yourself enough to actually listen to the entire interview above. If you do, you will then begin to nod your head at hearing these other pieces of “news.”

First, here’s MK Ultra survivor sex-slave trafficked to the Clinton White House Cathy O’Brien’s latest blogpost, in which, BTW, she notes that the cabal took over the United States with the Kennedy assassination, and that it was only after this that voting machines — rigged from the beginning — replaced paper ballots, thus guaranteeing the deep state would install the winners in any “election.”

JFK. Did You Know?

Next, I dare you to listen to the discussion between David Wilcock and Mike Adams, who both claim that they were separately informed that what happens to most immigrants when they cross the southern border is they are put on buses, where they are taken through tunnels to DUMBS, where both gray and repitilian aliens eat them. That these off-worlders need human meat for food. That though grays don’t need adrenalized meat, reptilians do: thus torture before death.

THE DISCLOSURE: David Wilcock and Mike Adams

Had I not absorbed the above video, I might have dismissed this next one, where, at about minute 12 of a new monkey werz post, he states that 45,000 immigrant children have gone missing.





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