Is it true that the immune system is ruined by the jabs?

One medical doctor did the unthinkable. He actually ran tests on one person to discover if and how the immune system would change after the first and second jabs. The person he chose for this experiment was one who had completely transformed his body, lifestyle and nutrition, to the point where he no longer had diabetes.

But post jabs, this man, Dr. Nathan Thompson discovered, could now be diagnosed as having auto-immune disease.

Is there any hope for the millions of people who have succumbed to the jabs, and whose immune systems are now hopelessly compromised? “I don’t know,” he states. Because, given the lack of long-term trials, we don’t know how long the jabs will keep on affecting the body.

At the end, he states that no other doctor will run this test. None of them. Why? “Because there are no drugs to treat for it.

I.e., Big Med is in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Dr. Nathan Thompson shows the damage on the immune system after the 2nd jab

Actually, he’s wrong. Twitter feed from today shows a doctor in Idaho that has also been looking at the same tests to recognize how the jabs ruin the immune system.

The more aware among us recognize this utterly unprecedented global covid con as what it appears to be, an actual depopulation agenda. See the many graphs below:

Excess Deaths Point to a Depopulation Agenda




2 thoughts on “Is it true that the immune system is ruined by the jabs?

  1. please include a link to that 2nd video – all that’s posted is a static screenshot.

    would really like to send both of these to an extended family member who I’m trying to convince not to kill my little cousins by making them take the jab. proof of duplicated evidence of actual testing results might be the only chance I have…

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