Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (near total) Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night (11/19/21) 3:58 AM EST

And guess what? The eclipse itself is to be the longest in six centuries, lasting 189 minutes, slightly over three hours. Plenty of time to rouse oneself from slumber, meditate on illuminating what’s STUCK and needs release: within the body (muscular knots, solar plexus, sexual, and gut issues, emotional habits, attitudes), stuckness within relationships (toxic patterns of all kinds: control trips, distrust (whether justified or not), bitterness, passive/aggression, and so on), stuck stuff in your material domain (objects, money, property that needs to move on) — stuckness at whatever level both illumined, and hopefully, primed for dramatic release. In short, whatever or whoever you have been both totally attached to and yet desirous, at some level, for drastic change — this is the perfect moment to finally let go.

That’s for individuals. Same goes for groups, systems, businesses, governments, politics, and so on. What’s still stuck? What’s really, horribly stuck? LET. IT. GO.

That this is the longest lunar eclipse in six centuries intensifies the capacity to release all that has been lurking beneath the surface, especially given that it occurs in Taurus/Scorpio, one of the two most powerful full moons of each year (the other is the Scorpio/Taurus full moon in May). Precisely because both are fixed signs, and because Scorpio is the most intense water sign, they signifying the emotionality (the “lunacy”) of any full moon ramped to extremes, pumping into full aliveness the rot that has been congealed, (for six centuries?) in the Taurus body — of self, of society, of earth herself.

Note that the Full Moon at 27°14 Taurus/Scorpio is only three degrees from squaring expansive Jupiter at 24°00 Aquarius, thus intensifying the capacity for sudden change, especially in that Mars, at 13°23 Scorpio, is just past exact square to Uranus at 12°11, the planet which governs experimental Aquarius!

That Mars/Uranus opposition in Scorpio/Taurus is also only 5° from being squared by Saturn, also in Aquarius.

So two T-crosses, with a total of six planets, linking Taurus/Scorpio to Aquarius. Huge energy, bottled up, to be released. Where? Into Leo, the sign opposing Aquarius. Think of the T-Cross as an archer’s bow, with arrows aimed from both Saturn and Jupiter in group-oriented Aquarius into the opposite sign, Leo. King of the Heavens. Might it be that individual heroes will be illuminated during and following this unusually powerful and decisive full Moon? I think here of Kyle Rittenhouse, and James O’Keefe especially. Ron de Santis. Donald Trump? We’ll see.

BTW: a friend sent me a link to a very interesting interpretation of the Kenosha event that is now testing, to the max, the second amendment to the Constitution of the U.S.  Did the deep state try — and fail— to take out Kyle Rittenhouse?

Was Kenosha A Failed Hit?

If the jury does render a verdict in Kyle’s favor, then they too, can be seen as Leonine heroes, given that they have already been threatened by the crazy forces marshalling division and chaos wherever possible.

Laura Bruno offers her perspective on this important Full Moon which includes a review of the Sabian symbols. Plus, she points out that this full moon/eclipse, which trines Pluto (so acts to channel the energies of transformation, death/rebirth, in a constructive manner), also exactly trines the coming exact return point of Pluto to it’s original natal position in the U.S. chart.

Meanwhile, as set for Washington, D.C. (see chart above), notice that Pluto is only 3° from exactly conjunct the IC, the root point of this chart. Thus, when set for the power center of the enormous ongoing tug-of-war in the geopolitical realm, THE VERY ROOT OF THIS FULL MOON IS PLUTONIAN TRANSFORMATION.

And notice: the Sabian symbol for this root point, 25° Capricorn: An Oriental Rug Dealer. A rug is something which one stands upon, reverberating with the theme of the Leonine hero who, standing as a singular individual, dares to release his arrow, aiming the tumultuous, transformational power of the six-planet-T-crosses bow of Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius for its Leo target.

Here’s one interpretation of that point.






2 thoughts on “Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (near total) Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night (11/19/21) 3:58 AM EST

  1. All I know is this full moon is beyond intense! I’ve been feeling its power for release and change all week. Super emotionally charged is an understatement, lol! I truly believe it is going to give us a major push in the right direction. Bring it!!
    Hope all is well with you and yours, Ann. Thanks again for all of your wonderful blogs. May Love guide you in every way as we collectively continue to rid ourselves of the darkness and find our way into the Light. ❤️‍🔥

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