Has the Covid Incantation Invaded both Permaculture and Transition Town movements?

It’s weird. I’ve long noticed that I simply can’t predict who is going to fall for the massive, malevolent, brilliantly produced and directed Covid Con. Spellbound people “show their true colors” — or rather, reveal the mental mask that has been surreptitiously placed on them — just about anywhere. You can imagine my shock when my original herbalist teacher told me that she got vaxxed . . .

Whether or not someone’s going to fall for the con seems random. But is it? I’ve noticed that, with exceptions (like myself),  the higher the level of education, the more likely will the person fall for the con. For example, Bloomington Indiana, where I live, is a highly vaxxed and masked town set within a rural environs where hardly anyone wears a mask much less gets vaxxed.

BTW: the higher one’s level of education, the more thoroughly the mind has split from the body, and the less grounded, safe, secure, one feels upon this good earth. This is relevant, because:

It may be that one way to recognize those likely susceptible to Covid indoctrination is to somehow assess their level of underlying free-floating anxiety. At least that’s what Mattias Desmet thinks; and after nearly two years of putting up with this massive, multi-layered, Big Media Big Med Big Tech Big Gov driven absurdity, I’m ready to agree with him. The drat Covid Spell can show up where I least expect it. Not just in many of my friends and relatives, but for example, in both the Permaculture and Transition Town movements!

I remember, about six months ago, receiving an email from one of the foremost permaculture teachers in the U.S., in which he began, seemingly breezily, by saying that now that both he and his partner are vaxxed — geez! Was he saying that with the usual excited undertone of “finally we were able to protect ourselves,” or in the more practical tone of “good; we got that out of the way, now we can go on”?

Whatever the tone implied by the words, immediately, upon reading this remark I was internally shaking my head in utter disbelief.

WHAT? YOU ARE? AND YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA? I wanted to either cry or scream. But . . . But . . . But . . . That’s like spraying Monsanto on plants, to kill bugs. Don’t you realize that? Don’t you see your own body/mind/spirit as  its own brilliant, integrated permaculture biome? HUH? I just don’t get it.

I don’t get it, when the two of you are the ones who originally taught me that in order to keep plants healthy, rather than kill the offending intruder, simply nourish the plant with more of what it needs. That bad bugs prey on weak plants.

I want to shake my permaculture mentors out of of the thick cement helmets they have apparently rammed onto their overstuffed heads —  with only one (mainstream media) channel in, resulting in not just fear of a so-called bad bug, but likely worse, if Desmet is correct, and their underlying anxiety has resulted from an apparently scared world-view of impoverished scarcity. Come on, man! What happened to permaculture’s sacred world-view of unceasing abundance? Huh? Huh?

I thought you were the ones who would show us the way out of the wreckage our decaying our military/industrial culture has insidiously wreaked upon both humans and the earth beneath our feet. You showed me the way, with permaculture! I remember, the first words out of your mouths, in that Permaculture Design Course I took, back in 2005. I was hooked! This is the way! We can transform the whole world! Yes! We can do this!

Likewise the equally righteous and visionary Transition Town Movement, which one can also view as yet another permaculture dimension — of social and urban design. Here’s a post about what’s happened to Totnes, which, if I recall correctly, is the original Transition Town, model for all the others across this globe.

Project Fear and the invasion of Narnia

4 thoughts on “Has the Covid Incantation Invaded both Permaculture and Transition Town movements?

  1. ‘Conundrum’ does not even begin to aptly describe the scenarios you share and I am getting the exact feed-back from family and dear friends.

    In former times many of same were quick on the draw in firing-off rhetoric on all things related to personal sovereignty and the necessity for thorough research on issues of importance.

    Thankfully, to date at least, no lines have been drawn in the sand, mainly because there is now little exchange of much that is actually meaningful.

    We may never know exactly how this turn-around occurred and in such warp-speed that I now wonder if closeted-conformers have been among us for some time and in numbers larger than imagined.

    The silver-linings for me have been sites like yours and the resultant ‘net-friendships’ that have been the source of much information and phenomenally sustaining energy as we mortals navigate this incredible journey.

  2. “Bad bugs prey on weak plants.” I think that says it all doesn’t it? Maybe pursuing only intellectual/mental avenues in life at the expense of other equally important parts of your being ends up disconnecting you from your body, emotions and Spirit and weakens you as a critically thinking human. Maybe the pursuit of knowledge at the expense of everything else disconnects you from your soul. It certainly seems like that is the case as we look at the destruction of this covid con. It is the smartest among us and the dumbest among us whom have fallen for this virus narrative these two years…those in-between seem immune to it. Those in-between seem to be able to use critical thinking skills and discernment far better than the super intellectuals and the stupid ones. I wonder if we would find that those in-between have a spiritual life and a deliberate connection to something greater than themselves, while the super intellectuals and stupid ones do not ever pursue such things? It would make total sense to me that Spirituality is the key to this whole damn thing humanity is going through. God or Satan. It may be just that simple. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    One thing is for certain…as time marches on we are going to find out for sure either way.

  3. I do not get it either. I am utterly baffled by the people taking these experimental toxic shots. It makes NO sense to me what so ever. I have been aware of vaccine damage for years. I never vaccinated Grant, my son. But….he then got the shots and warned me to do so too. I was sickened by this. …and, of course, he is in fear for me. What a mess.

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