Rittenhouse Aquittal: Perspectives and Implications

It turns out that yes, the jury itself turned into a heroic group on the very day of this eclipsed Full Moon that called for heroes to rise up.  Thank you, thank you.

If you recall, there’s a question whether the entire Kyle Rittenhouse drama was a set-up by the black hats.


Thanks to the heroic jury, the set-up obviously not only failed, but seduced the MSM into demonstrating its extreme bias to the max. Drew Holder, on twitter, took the trouble of listing the sheer magnitude of MSM sources who continuously blared out divisive leftist propaganda, calling Kyle a murderer, racist, vigilante, and so on.


It starts:

Are we surprised that piles of bricks suddenly appeared on city streets, in expectation of riots? The deep state has only one playbook, which keeps repeating, over and over again. Divide and attempt to Conquer.


Portland, predictably, not just protested, but it officially turned into a riot. Egged on by the barely veiled language in the Statement by President Biden below? Notice, other protests elsewhere.

I wonder, how many of the cities where protests took place had bricks waiting. And/or, in how many of these cities might have bricks been put there and then removed before they could be thrown, as advised by Clif High?

Meanwhile, let the memes begin!

Yes, agreed. “Turn the circus off, or at least know you’re watching one.”

Following yesterday’s powerful Full Moon Eclipse that lasted for three hours, the longest in six centuries, UNITED America wins! Apparently, the boy on the right, below, was found not guilty at almost the exact moment as was Kyle Rittenhouse. Divine timing? Hmmm . . . why so much press for the one and none for the other? Weren’t they both charged with the same divisive potential? If not, why not. (I think we know.)

And for those still mesmerized by MSM propaganda, pay attention to the summary below. Some of these facts I did not know either.

Oops, it may be too late for shared custody, thanks to the MSM falling into the Kyle Rittenhouse trap. In which case, Sandman can certainly advise Rittenhouse on how to go about filing, and winning, gigantic libel suits against the MSM.

Finally,  for one much enlarged perspective, see this.

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