From Kyle’s trial to Ghislaine’s . . . Is the whole world about to be red-pilled?

“Scary,” yes, and sacred: all of the “seemingly disconnected issues” are being sucked into the cauldron of the collective unconscious of humanity, with the soul purpose of alchemizing F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) into LOVE.

During this Sunday morning’s 8 AM LAF meditation, Janet in South America and I in North America both found ourselves sensing the increasing divide that splits human beings into two camps, one dark, one light. The big difference between our meditations was our experience this week leading up to them. She had been in a rural area this week, without internet, and I had followed the Rittenhouse trial to its glorious outcome. So it might come as no surprise, that whereas she felt not just humanity, but earth herself splitting into two, with ascension for one earth and descent for the other, I was still so full of gratitude for the jury’s bravery Friday at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, that I found myself surrendered to gratitude during my meditation. Like Janet, I noticed two very strong currents within the psychic oceanic field in which this planet is immersed. And, yet, I recognized intuitively, with the outcome of the trial, that the LOVE current is now much the stronger, thanks to the American and world’s public witnessing young, brave, innocent, attempting-to-be- stoic Kyle breaking down in wonderment and tears as one by one, he was acquitted of all five charges against him.

BACKSTORY: Remember how the news media hammered FEAR with its depiction of Kennedy’s head being blown off in 1963, and two planes supposedly ramming into Twin Towers in 2001? Over and over again, these horrendous scenes were deliberately nailed into our shocked psyches, resulting in cultural PTSD.

Notice, the same thing happened here, but with opposite effect for a certain large percentage of viewers. Even the mainstream news media — which had vilified Kyle from day one — was forced to play the video of Kyle breaking down as he listens to his acquittal, over and over again, for all to witness. And you know damn well, that at least 50%, and probably much higher, of the people who watched this video, were like me, teary-eyed and utterly overwhelmed with surprise and gratitude. Truly, it felt like a miracle, especially since the jury had taken over three days to arrive at its verdict.

Question: Will the Ghislaine trial, which begins with opening statements on November 29, also be open to the press?

If not, we will know that, despite the judge’s astute recognition of the prosecutor’s misleading language and withholding of evidence in the Rittenhouse trial, and especially, despite the jury’s heroism under pressure, the viability of the American justice system itself remains very much on trial.

On the other hand . . .

If so, then here’s another chance for the disgraced MSM to turn and face the light, as the deep darkness — of the massive, interwoven global network that utilizes child trafficking, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, murder, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, and cannibalism as extremely lucrative currency to both bribe and blackmail politicians, entertainers, religious, business and professional people — both celebrities and at every level of society — is exposed for all to see.

Unlike the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, endlessly promoted to further divide we the people, into those for and against the second amendment (diluted by made up racist, white supremacist, terrorist, vigilante, etc. adjectives used to describe this young man), it appears that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, since it concerns the children, all of our children, and how such a large percentage of them have been disappearing into an enormous, sucking black hole of rape, slavery, brutality and death, has the capacity to unify our great nation, and thus the entire world. Finally.

Which is, of course, why it is extremely unlikely that whoever are the powers that be will agree to televise this trial.

Meanwhile, Kyle will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson tomorrow evening, 8 p.m., November 22, on the 58th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.


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