On this 58th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, Karmic Saturn sets the Stage FOR REVELATION

John F. Kennedy Sr. was assassinated on November 22, 1963, 58 years ago today. As an astrologer, this particular anniversary caught my eye. The cycle of Saturn is 29-30 years long. Which means that the second Saturn Return of the Kennedy assassination is either here, or lies just ahead.

From the ephemeris:

November 22, 1963: Saturn at 17°16 Aquarius.

November 22, 2021: Saturn at 8°21 Aquarius.

Saturn Returns to 17°16 Aquarius for the second time since the assassination, mid-February 2022. What will this time period signify?

Next question: what happened at the first Saturn Return, during part of 1992 through early 1993?

Answer: Bill Clinton was inaugurated on January 20, 1993.

Given rumors in the wind now, circulating inside this deeply Saturnine context, what are the odds that, somehow, whether it be via the slowly unveiling Durham investigation or the upcoming, long awaited Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the Clintons, with their deeply corrupt Clinton Foundation, pedophile Hillary’s utterly corrupt term as Secretary of State, and the ever-lengthening list of conveniently-timed dead bodies in their wake, finally have their come to Jesus moment?

(BTW: I learned from the X-22 Report that federal trials do not allow press into the courtroom. However, there will be phone lines, where the press can listen in. So we will be able to follow the Ghislaine trial too, blow by blow. It is expected to last at least six weeks. In which case, I’d say yes, the entire world is about to be red-pilled and unified.)

Remember: the meaning of a planet IS its cycle. We learn what each planet signifies, by living through one entire cycle. Each cycle becomes the foundation for the one to come, or it can, if we process it consciously.  Given the fractal nature of the 3D world, and recognizing that the simple circular form of a cycle of any length is identical, then this Saturnine meaning applies, not just to persons, but to society in general.

Remember: this set of Saturn cycles was ignited when Kennedy was assassinated, and the cabal took over the U.S. government.

As we near the second return of Saturn in this cabal-ruled era, this ghastly “swamp” that President Trump is still determined to drain . . .

. . . appears that the cabal has just used one of its limited playbook “false flag” events, the one under the category of “random vehicle suddenly plows into unsuspecting crowd.” This particular event was exquisitely timed, to “rain on a parade,” to mass murder innocent people marching in a Sunday Christmas parade. 


It looks to me like the increasingly frustrated and desperate cabal, furious at the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, pointedly staged its next distraction event (from what, the Ghislaine trial?) within 48 hours, and staged it only one hour north of Kenosha. Looks to me like another MK Ultra mind-controlled manchurian candidate — this one “black”? — if so, how divisively convenient — was triggered/sacrificed to do the ploughing, and thus the usual terrorizing.

On the other hand, it may be that this man, Darrell Brooks, was fleeing the scene from some other crime when he ploughed into the crowd. If so, not MK Ultra? In any case, I now read that he is a black man with a long criminal record who was let out of jail under a cash bond only a few days ago, by one of the many Soros-inserted DAs who do his bidding to destroy the U.S.

(In which case, I want to ask, just who is mind-controlled?).

More on the Saturn connection:

Expansive, generous, lucky Jupiter has been dancing with contractive, stingy, karmic Saturn since December 21, 2020, when the two strode holding hands, into 0° Aquarius on the holiest day of the year, Winter Solstice. Divine timing?

Jupiter, with a 12 year cycle, stays only one year per sign, and will leave Aquarius for Pisces at the end of next month, December 28, 2021.

Today, on the 58th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, Jupiter sits at 24°21 Aquarius. Today’s midpoint between Jupiter and Saturn (at 8°21 Aquarius, remember) is therefore 16°21 Aquarius, exactly conjunct (less than 60 minutes of one degree) the upcoming mid-February 2022 Saturn Return point at 17°16!

Sabian symbol for 17° Aquarius: A MAN UNMASKED.

Are we about to suffer the apocalypse on this 58th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, as Saturn begins to lean into its Return for the second time since that horrifying day when the cabal took over and threw the entire world into PTSD?

The meaning of the word “apocalypse”: REVELATION.

YES. Just who is behind the mask?

Which reminds me, take the masks off, folks. Breathe free. Give clear voice to your full expression. Gather together. Join the millions upon millions who have had enough with the boring cabals’s diabolical plan for The Great Reset which has finally, in 2021, boomeranged into OUR GREAT AWAKENING.

Vienna, over the weekend.








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  1. Also, just after mid-February, on February 20, 2022, Pluto makes its first exact conjunction to the US natal Pluto. We’ve been feeling Pluto’s approach for years, but this is the first day of exact conjunction at 27 degrees 32 minutes Capricorn. This latest Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th exactly trined that point. LOTS of astro hits pointing towards a big reveal and rebirth.

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