HELP! I am falling down the rabbit hole: KENOSHA WAUKESHA WOO

Note: The word “woo” has been popularized by Clif High to signify the vast unknown that lies within or behind what we think we know. To include woo in one’s assessment of “what is going on,” is to automatically slip into what I call alt-epistemology. 

And the deeper I plunge down this particular rabbit hole, the stranger it gets . . . For example:


EXCLUSIVE: Darrell Brooks Belongs to Black Supremacist Sect of Islam Called ‘The Five Percent Nation’, He Committed Vehicular Jihad

I also saw on Gateway Pundit that the most recent crime of which Darrell Brooks was accused (and let out on $1000 bail) was running over a woman with that same red SUV — a woman who just happened to be the mother of his child.


So, given the extreme leftist bias against the utterly critical (if we want to NOT turn into Australia) second amendment’s right to bear arms, is the extremist left going to try to ban vehicles now, given that they can be used as weapons? 


I watched a bit of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Kyle Rittenhouse last night, and the way the words rolled off Kyle’s tongue, frankly, it felt rehearsed, especially the phrase “prosecutorial misconduct.” How many people of any age can naturally mouth those words without tripping on them?

He supports the BLM movement? Does he not understand that it is not only not a movement that supports black people, but that it began as a funding arm for the Democratic party, and indeed goes way beyond “peaceful protest” in its alignment with violent antifa and, in fact, riots alongside them? These folks are the ground troops of the New World Order. I guess Kyle hasn’t done his homework. But then,  again, how to explain his sophisticated and indeed astute remark about “prosecutorial misconduct”?

Moreover, another clip from that same interview has Kyle accusing his former attorney Lin Wood:

Question: is Tucker going to call in Lin Wood for his response to Kyle’s accusation? I certainly hope so.

Here’s Lin Wood’s response, up on Telegram. Sorry, you’ll have to get on Telegram to watch it. Well worth listening to the very end; Lin surmises that both Kyle and his mother are being manipulated by others to say things that aren’t true.

Which brings me to something I haven’t brought up before: Kyle Rittenhouse was born the very same day and year as Greta Thunberg.

So, my question: like Greta, is Kyle also some kind of puppet, with a handler — for the opposite point of view? We don’t know either of their birthtimes, but without birthtimes, using 0° Aries on Ascendant, their charts are, of course, identical.

“These guys are pretty radical in what they do.” That’s a mild understatement! Mars/Venus in Scorpio square Uranus in Aquarius — and also square Jupiter in Leo! Yes, both are drawn towards (Venus) and tend to act within (Mars) situations that involve sudden, extreme shifts in the Scorpionic underworld of the collective unconscious that seizes the contagion that can ensnare (Aquarian) groups inside of which they can arise as (Leo) heroes. On a soul level both Kyle and Greta have chosen to serve — whether or not they know it, and they probably don’t, are being coached, for the most part — as iconic scapegoats/heroes for opposing forces that are way beyond their comprehension.

Again, re: Kyle Rittenhouse. I’ve seen some scuttlebutt that he is actually a crisis actor, and was present at Sandy Hook as “little Noah.”

True? Linda Parrish on McAllister TV thinks so, and also claims that he is actually a she . . .  And who knows? In this politically correct woke culture, blending gender is an inherent aspect of the confusion engendered to foment chaos to the point where the globalists can just march in, take over, and we, the people, will bow down in servile gratitude for being saved . . .


Meanwhile, seguing back from Kenosha to Waukesha — and I do still think the two distractions are connected, and not just because the second was revenge for the first. Brian Cates comes closer.

But yet, this Brooks character is so horrific, he reminds me of the three thugs with criminal records who violently attacked Kyle Rittenhouse.

Question: are any of these four thugs really human, with either empathy or an intact conscience?

How about the flash mob robber gangs currently loosed into the Bay Area? Three different incidents in one week.

Gang of Thieves Target Bay Area Mall; Sam’s Jewelers and Lululemon Store Robbed (VIDEO)

Is what we are witnessing now in America a repeat of the riot-filled summer of 2020, only with a new twist? Is this extreme acting out of underlying social unrest been designed, encouraged, fostered by those who would destroy this nation?

Separate question — or is it? Has the violent, dog eat dog video game mentality infected some of the youth of this culture to the point where demonic energy has been loosed and our entire society is doomed to unravel and be swallowed into the one world totalitarian state?

I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. Listen to Archbishop’s latest speech, calling for unification and forward motion.

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to Free Humanity from the Totalitarian Regime (VIDEO)




2 thoughts on “HELP! I am falling down the rabbit hole: KENOSHA WAUKESHA WOO

  1. One other note: having gone through a drawn out Workers Comp lawsuit in conjunction with a personal injury lawsuit, I will say that when you’re involved in one of these kinds of legal things, you are living and breathing the lingo. I had a TBI, and even I sounded like a lawyer by the end of the ordeal.

    How much more so would Kyle pick up the lingo when he’s been surrounded by legal drama for over a year, in a very formative, learning time in his life? I’m not saying he wasn’t coached for the interview; of course he was.

    Saying he supports BLM could also be a way of saying, “hey don’t riot over me. I’m not a racist.” I highly doubt he’s had time to research the ins and outs of various factions. The entire rest of his life has been on the line for over a year. The young man would have been coached and coached for taking the stand. He would have been involved in legal decisions and would be getting updates each day from his attorneys on how they thought the trial was going.

    “Prosecutorial misconduct” was obvious and much discussed. His attorney even filed complaints about it.

    Very interesting twists and turns with Lin Wood, though.

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