Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation 2021

Hmm . . . what will be off-limits? Covid, for sure, unless everyone present is either vaxed or unvaxed.

If there’s a mixture of vaxxed and unvaxxed, then it’s because the vaxxed are either unusually welcoming — and so not so fearful,  perhaps even about to open to new perspectives! — and/or everybody’s agreed (either openly or surreptitiously) that they will stick to topics that everybody can agree on. Like here in Green Acres Village, where we live together peacefully, both vaxxed and unvaxxed, and do so by simply sticking to what we all have in common — permaculture, social events, community dinners, etc.

If everyone present is unvaxxed, then the conversation will likely be lively, wild and free, with those present automatically seeking each other’s views on the latest info and data gathered from myriads of alternative sources, whether that data be medical, statistical, political, cultural, psychological, etc. There’s simply no end to how this Covid Con has decimated any semblance of normality and simultaneously opened up endless areas for exploration. For that, I’d say, we can be grateful. It’s one of the strange silver linings. Another is the fact that we are all constantly searching now, doing our homework, digging down and rising up — and in the process learning just how multifaceted the corruption is, how deeply it’s embedded, and how far back.

On the other hand, if everybody’s vaxxed, then don’t worry, everybody’s on the same page, and can bask in a shared camaraderie. Though more polite and reserved, even role-bound, usually, than the unvaxxed, and likely their conversations aren’t nearly as interesting, given that they all get their info from the same main stream media outlets, and so spout the same shibboleths. And yet, I wonder . . . I wonder how many of the single- or double-jabbed have decided to skip the booster, and just not tell anyone, lest they risk their marriages, friendships, jobs, pensions, etc. And regarding those who are actually involved — or I should say, implicated — in some way, in some authoritative position, whether it be as school administrator, teacher, nurse, doctor, media, etc., and pretend to themselves that they’re just going along with the program because they don’t want to cause any trouble, well, remember the Nuremberg trials. “Just obeying orders” is not a valid excuse. Dr. Vernon Coleman spells it out clearly:

“We finally have medical evidence that administering a Covid vaccine is murder.” 

But would such an article as the above even be read by the vaxxed? Especially, by the vaxxed who would or should personally squirm if they read it? Probably not. It’s just too hard to think, really think. There’s too much at stake — jobs, values, family, wealth, life itself . . .

That’s right! The unvaxxed will counter. We’re talking about life and death here. To put it in stark terms . . .

Yes, the vaxxed all tend to occupy the same quotidian mainstream media-dominated world, with their minds cemented into too small fixed ideological helmets. The unvaxxed, on the other hand, tend to be flexible and open-minded. They are the ones who dare to think “out of the box,” who dare to draw provisional conclusions, who are willing to change their minds when necessary, and especially: to not let ego get in the way. Remember, these contrarians are decidedly unvaxxed, and tend to use their brains to critically think about what they are being fed by any and all “authorities.” They have used their intuition and learned from personal experience to develop a nose for lies, and they know how to zoom in and out, going back and forth between data and interpretation, searching for patterns. Thus, they are vilified as “conspiracy theorists.” Yep.

Mike Adams refers to us as “pure bloods,” which makes a point, but to me feels uncomfortably close to Nazi propaganda against the Jews. On the other hand, I like it, because it reverses the stigma that the globalists have been trying to attach to the unvaxxed!

In any case,  anybody want an earful? I dare you. Follow along with me, down any number of rabbit holes.

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