Halloween’s Multi-Layered Promise Kept

Note: See four of the last five posts I’ve put up since 10/28/21.  Today’s final offering comes in the form of a “Trick or Treater”: great costume, though it must have taken a lot out of this kid to lug that thing around. Oh, wait . . . here’s a treat . . . WhatContinue reading “Halloween’s Multi-Layered Promise Kept”

Do I detect enormous rage surfacing?

Or is it just me, so furious, by this time, that I want to scream. But what good would that do? How’s this, for an image. Supposedly one of those empty Chinese cities . . . Matches my mood. Whistleblower nurses, thanks to Max Igan, occupy the first seven minutes of his new video. Nurse:Continue reading “Do I detect enormous rage surfacing?”

AM I JUST A CYNIC? Re: Man of God Declaration

Let me remind the reader: a “cynic” is actually a disappointed idealist. Which means that the original issue is idealism, a philosophy that views the contents of the mind as more real than the material realm. Idealists, like I was most of my life, figure that if only we do so and so, in accordanceContinue reading “AM I JUST A CYNIC? Re: Man of God Declaration”

Musing on how “scared” is an anagram of “sacred” . . .

Re: Our Sunday Meditations. I was musing on how “scared” is an anagram of “sacred,”  (which are, in turn, cognates for Fear and Love), when I came across this: Notice that the word “alchemize” is used. From there I segued to a website, http://www.scaredandsacred.com, run by Michelle Hubbard, a “transformation specialist.” I especially appreciate herContinue reading “Musing on how “scared” is an anagram of “sacred” . . .”

The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER

Please PAY ATTENTION. BTW: My way of working with others, my familiars — family, podmates and friends of Green Acres Permaculture Village, other friends and associates — with many of whom I would otherwise argue over ideology: “Let’s just focus on what we have in common.” It works. Beautifully. We are all relieved not toContinue reading “The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER”

Julian Rose: An Example of Synchronicity

See an earlier post today for a discussion of synchronicities and how they help us discern the direction of our authentic path. Yesterday, when I sent out the first post announcing what we are doing re: clearing the anti-parasitic component of the virus that has suckered so many into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), IContinue reading “Julian Rose: An Example of Synchronicity”

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