Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!

Have you noticed? Someone starts something, and it’s picked up by others, first on social media, and then in reality. Example: Whistleblowers. They are coming forth so fast and furious now, there’s no way to keep up. Check their very active news site: Example: The Maricopa Arizona forensic audit: as of now, four more statesContinue reading “Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!”

COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?

It’s interesting to me that, except for the homeless — — a majority of people went along with the first set of “instructions” as to how to avoid the Covid (lockdowns, distancing, masks). And it was amazing to me that so many people were actually, weirdly, excited to get their jabs, once the “vaccines” wereContinue reading “COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?”

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