MEMES Continue to Tell OUR (more than paranoid) Story . . .

Listened to another Clif High Woo report yesterday. I must say, ever since this “admitted paranoid” got cancer, and against all odds, erased it, he’s been on fire. I didn’t used to watch him very often, but now I always do. His highly original way of thinking and speaking gathers all sorts of themes intoContinue reading “MEMES Continue to Tell OUR (more than paranoid) Story . . .”

COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?

It’s interesting to me that, except for the homeless — — a majority of people went along with the first set of “instructions” as to how to avoid the Covid (lockdowns, distancing, masks). And it was amazing to me that so many people were actually, weirdly, excited to get their jabs, once the “vaccines” wereContinue reading “COVID CON: Are the Tables Turning?”

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