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Dear Reader,

On August 20, just prior to the 29° Leo Full Moon on the 22nd, which happened to conjunct North Node and Chiron in my natal astrological chart, I decided to migrate to this new site, still barebones. Exopermaculture itself will remain as an Archive. 

Today is August 25. As I continue to fiddle with the language used on new site, I am preoccupied with a new action being undertaken by a spontaneously forming Aquarian group. Our purpose is to gather in meditation, once a week on Sunday, at 8 AM (your time zone),  either as individuals or in groups, both vaxxed and unvaxed, and energetically clear this planet and all creatures upon, within and above her, of the nasty, sucking parasitic influence attached to Covid that has seemingly locked half of the world’s peoples into abject F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

The opposite of Fear is Love. Love alchemizes Fear. We are clearing Air, Earth, and Water, via the Fire of our own courageously opened hearts, while holding in our hands an appropriate anti-parasitic, such as Ivermectin.  Please join us!


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  1. Hi,
    Can I contact Tim Gielen through you? I want to translate his video into Finnish and need the transcript to do this. Are you able to help?

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