Are the “vaccines” made with “off-world” technology?

So that humans cannot understand what is going on?

Please bear with me as I take a wandering path in this post. And then, of course, I must say, with Wittgenstein, “it’s hard to go back to the beginning, and not go further back . . .”

Okay. I’ll start with the post I made on the Alec Baldwin psy-op. I knew, viscerally, that it was a psy-op, just by the way it was drummed instantly into prominence, plus the many strange coincidences and lack of sense-making.

But, it turns out, if this next video is correct, then my own little “contribution” is vastly outstripped by, yes, another, larger point of view that renders this scenario a “white hat operation,” Halyna Hutchins not murdered, and its function as some sort of “comm.”

Plus: this same video includes Tarot by Janine’s version of what’s going on with Juan O Savin, who appeared at the recent Patriot Double Down event — or did he? (My instant hit was NO.That was NOT him.) Kerry Cassidy, who seems to have been of two minds about his appearance there, is especially focused on her claim that JOS is JFK Jr in disguise (or in multiple disguises, changing over time; or, there are at least two Juan’s, etc.) So, I ask: is JOS, whose videos I have endlessly watched, as I love the way he tells a story, just another psy-op to keep people like me distracted?

Okay, so here’s the video in question which, frankly, ground my ever questing Sagittarian mind to a screeching halt for a few hours. Even, during that time, made me wonder if I should just close up shop, and disappear into the ethers.

Okay. That’s the beginning of this saga. Then came the crescendo. A friend of mine with whom I share much sent me a a new video by Kimberly Gaugen that I did not want to watch, since, on a visceral level, I and many many others, do not trust her. Nor does Tarot by Janine (a woman I DO tend to trust). See this.

According to my friend, Gaugen presents an entirely other perspective on DJT, one which I don’t want to hold, despite my constant reservations about, especially, his seeming endorsement of the “vaccines.” According to Gaugen, Trump is (or has become? my question) a total megalomaniac (my word), announcing to military brass that he’s the only one that can “save” the world, but that it’s not yet time: Biden’s got to show even more incompetence/dementia, inflation has to continue to rise, the borders have to be overrun even more, etc. etc. These military brass (which ones? I want to know; there are apparently at least two factions), Gaugen claims, decided to monitor all Trump’s communications (of course, that’s possible with anyone; hard to believe they hadn’t been doing that all along), and discovered that, along with his son-in-law Jared Kushner (a person in Trump’s camp that, despite the win/win bi-lateral peace deals Trump says he engineered in the Mideast during his presidential tenure, I still tend not to trust, again on a visceral level), making all sorts of unhinged (my word) calls, wreaking all sorts of mayhem in the Mideast, trying to get nations to hate one another enough to go to war. Okay, so that’s it in a nutshell. And my friend mentioned these bits to me.

I told her that I don’t trust Kim, and so please just let me know what you find out, instead of me taking the time to listen to the video.

Then I started to eat my lunch. And, about half way through my soup (which I had imbibed without incident the evening before), I was overcome by a sudden, utterly overwhelming nausea. So much so that I nearly threw up. Had to walk around, trying to get my bearings, as the nausea threatened to reverse my digestive process. Luckily, it subsided after about ten minutes. Briefly, I wondered: what happened? Geez, was I having a heart attack? I decided to lie down, and try to nap. But, wouldn’t you know, couldn’t resist playing the Kim Gaugen video, wherein she claimed that the military brass told Trump that if he didn’t cease and desist (thinking himself the savior of the world, and making all those warmongering phone calls) that they would arrest him and have him tried for treason . . .

It was only after I had finished the video that I realized: my body, during lunch, had been responding to the news that DJT might not be who he claims to be; that indeed he might actually be a traitor!

And that my nausea might actually have been caused by a heart attack — a broken heart!

Which, in turn, made me realize that I, for one, have been putting Trump on a pedestal that no one, absolutely no one should be on. That all of us are responsible for what happens next.

I didn’t think that I had elevated him that far; but perhaps I had, since now the tables had turned, and I was devastated. Or had they? I didn’t know. All I knew was that, for ten minutes, I had undergone an extremely personal bodily melt-down, akin, I can only imagine, to what those who have hated Trump all along will (would) feel once he “comes back into power,” if indeed he does. That I was experiencing, as a sort of strong and overwhelming preview, what they might have to go through — for months?

And thus that, for me, and for everyone, it is extremely important to hold the mind and heart open to any eventuality, without needing to identify with any of them. That what counts most of all is to set one’s own strong intent, for the best possible outcome, in motion, while remaining centered, alive, grounded into the earth plane and open to intuitive, cosmic, divine forces. Furthermore, that it is absolutely crucial, from here on in, to not identify with ANY of our “expectations,” lest we be pummeled into dust by disappointment.

At some point in this journey the same friend who had guided me to that Kim video told me about her dreams. In them, Trump being a traitor — or at least someone not able to live up to expectations, or having let his ego swell to the point where he had lost touch with reality — was one interpretation of one of the dreams. But then, this morning, she sent me last night’s dream, the meaning of which, to her, was that perhaps Trump was playing the military brass, knowing full well that they were monitoring his seemingly crazy phone calls, a 5D maneuver in the Art of War that he seems to know so much more about than anyone else.

Of course I was relieved. Though I had already moved beyond the Trump is Traitor idea.

In return, I sent her a Telegram post that made sense to me. She agreed, it makes sense to her as well.

Okay. So now to the title of this post. Perhaps after this ricocheting ride through the clashing, devastating currents of my questing Sagittarian mind you might be prepared, as I was prepared, for this possibility. I was led to it by Kerry Cassidy, who said it conformed with all her intel on the subject of vaccines.

First, a little cartoon. Pay attention to the claw-like nature of the hands that are handling the two children’s expectations.

Then, see if you can wrap your mind around this, just as a possibility, eh?


EDUCATION DEVOLUTION? Or (Just?) Decentralization

The word “devolution” came into prominence sometime last summer with the work of a young midwestern “digger,” Patel Patriot, who drew his own conclusions based on research into and documentation of what has really been happening ever since Biden  was “inaugurated” on January 20.

Devolution in general seems to refer to the dismantling of existing power structures.

If so, I’d say that what we’re witnessing is not just decentralization, but actual devolution, regarding our both our children’s mental education as well as their emotional and spiritual welfare, thanks to school board meetings across this country that are galvanizing parents to protect their own children from the ravages of the bloated bureaucratic federal government that attempts to take power over all aspects of human life and, in this case, use local school boards to mandate indoctrination of children into CRT (SEL), force them to wear masks, and, if the Biden puppet gets his way, will soon require dangerous Covid “vaccinations” for children as young as 5 years old.

Glad to see that Indiana is among the states listed above.  See the following for more on the local scene in Bloomington Indiana, and on what led up to the decision by state boards to disassociate from the national school board association.

Hmmm . . .  I wonder . . . What will be the bleedover into “higher” education, with so many young people now realizing that they can self-educate (internet, trade schools, apprecenticeships) to pursue their own real interests rather than go to college, pay through the nose forever, and listen to entitled professors kowtow to leftist/socialist/communist demands.



Alec Baldwin “accidental” shooting: Distraction, psy-op, what else? “Doesn’t add up,” as usual.

The strange “prop gun” accidental? and fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and, behind her, with the same bullet, seriously wounding the director of the film“Rust,” has earmarks of a false lag that functions on many levels, both literal and symbolic. Why? Because there are so many many odd details, and hardly any of them add up. Plus, weird synchronicities and parallels, some of which I mention below. Plus: notice that this shooting went viral instantly, lighting up the internet with conjectures as to what must have happened — accident or intentional? prop gun or real gun? etc. — rendering this event a classic distraction.

Immediately, I started to look into Halyna Hutchins, and that’s where the weird synchronicities started to pop up.

Hutchins, 42, was raised on remote Soviet submarine base near the Arctic Circle.

Alec Baldwin, who stars and co-produces “Ruin,” also starred in “Hunt for Red October, “a submarine thriller which involved the same Soviet base.

This is Red October.

This event occurred just one day past Hunter’s Full Moon, when the Moon in Aries opposed the Sun in Libra.

Looking up Alec Baldwin’s birthdate, I see that he was born on a day when the Moon in Libra opposed the Sun in Aries!

Furthermore, his chart (no birthtime; I used noon) shows Mars in Aquarius opposed to Uranus in Leo, a fitting aspect for someone known for his volatile, irascible nature. And, during this time period, transit Uranus squares Baldwin’s natal Mars/Uranus opposition, with the current square to his natal Mars exact!

Looking at the chart for the moment of the killing, 1:50 pm, Thursday, October 21, near Santa Fe, we discover that Pluto sits exactly on the ascendant. If there is any planet that signifies death, plots, the underworld, etc. it’s Pluto! (The timing is uncanny, given that the Ascendant moves about one degree every four minutes!) Plus, on that fateful day Mars and Sun were in a tense square to Pluto/Ascendant, and the quickly moving Moon was in a near exact conjunction with Uranus, which, remember created a tense T-cross in Baldwin’s natal chart!

So was it an accidental killing or was it intentional? (And, I’m tempted to add, given the precision, was the killing astrologically timed?) This is, of course, the question on everybody’s mind. I’d say from just the astrology of the situation, it certainly could have been accidental, given the sudden eruptive quality of current transits and his own eruptive astrological design, the eruptive synergy between them.  But wait . . .

More weirdnesses creep in. For example:

The plot of “Rust” contains a storyline about the accidental killing of a local rancher.

This killing reminds us of another “accidental”? shooting on a movie set, Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, back in 1993. (Odd: the word “Brandon” coming to the fore, given “Let’s go Brandon” slang for Fuck Joe Biden).

The assistant director seems to have become the fall guy, since he was the “armorer” for Baldwin when he handed him the wrong? gun. This man, Dave Halls, worked on the sequel to the movie in which Brandon Lee was killed

Halls also worked on the recent movie Darlin’ in which Halyna was also involved.

Oh wait a minute. The “armorer” was a young woman?

You might want to chew on this:

Especially this:

Looking further into Halyna, she worked as an investigatiive journalist on British documentaries in Europe before coming to Hollywood. Question: What documentaries?

Question: Is Alec Baldwin in Epstein’s little black book? Well, they were good friends, apparently, and this may help explain why Baldwin was so adamantly against Trump, playing a grotesque parody of Trump on SNL, for years. Remember: Trump was (is?) determined to drain the swamp; and this includes the global pedophile/SRA/human trafficking/adrenochrome horrors.

Oh, and BTW, I just saw that the set of “Ruin” is within 15 miles of Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

Also, this:

But: this firm is the second largest in the world, with 2800 attorneys, and her husband has only worked there for one year. So I don’t think this is much of a clue.

For context, realizing that whatever we think is going on, we’re probably being led to think that, see this, on how societal mind control works, by Jon Rappoport.

Okay, is this next the BINGO, the, so to speak, “smoking gun”? True? If so, Baldwin had the means, and . . . he had the motive.

 Halya’s next project was to be a documentary on Hollywood pedophile rings.

Oh, and you might want to check this out, minute 17:

And, assuming the killing was NOT accidental, we might ask:

“At home” in Indiana (or, as I prefer, InDiana): Local Fractal of Global Unrest

This happened last July 26th. Brace yourself. Surprised it’s still on youtube.

Carmel/Clay is not alone. Of Course! Parents across Indiana are, with firm determination that can, on occasion, turn raucous, pushing back.

Tense School Board Meetings Becoming More Common in Indiana Districts

Infowars picked up on this meeting, where a school board member attempted to physically assault a parent who called him an idiot . . .

What is that old saying? “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” Well, that’s done and gone.

And yet, according to a letter from the National School Boards Association to the fed gov, parents at school board meetings should be labeled “domestic terrorists” and dealt with accordingly. Oh my! The Indiana School Boards Association, said it would take a “wait and see” approach to this letter, which, frankly, surprised them. 


The latest on this development: AG Merrick (who has clear conflict of interest, in that his son-in-law co-founded a company that provides CRT curriculum material to schools) admitted that it was the letter from the NSBA that put him onto the idea the parents can be considered “domestic terrorists,” and yet — true? — he’s still going to sic the FBI on parents who “intimidate”?

Meanwhile, the NSBA has apologized, sort of.

I doubt the parents would have gotten wind of the divisive, racist CRT curriculum (oops, watch out for its rebrand, SEL, or Social Emotional Learning), had it not been for the fact that the kids were “learning” remotely much of last year, and when they returned to school, had to be masked. In other words, the usual reason (and sometimes, the usual slang excuse) these days: “Because Covid.”

Here’s a post that connects a parent protecting her kid, from a doc in Ft. Wayne who refused a prescription (for a non-Covid diagnosed condition) unless her son had a COVID test. The parent refused. The doctor walked out on her. And, it turns out, the doctor’s kid goes to the same school as the parent’s kid, and is one of the people who harass this parent and others at school board meetings!

Retribution? Doctor Refuses To Treat Teenager Without COVID Test

Then there’s the continuing confusion about just how many people are “sick” with Covid, or its supposed variants, or are instead just “cases” (due to being identified as Covid “positive” on CPR tests which, remember, can be amplified up to show “bad” microscopic stuff within anybody), whether “symptomatic” or not (and, remember, this is the first virus in history which can be transmitted by somebody asymptomatic who shows up as positive), and whether or not deaths are “with covid” or “from covid,” etc. On and on. What is real?

Today’s local Herald-Times (I get the print edition with online access) had six major Covid-related stories. These took up what, 80% of all news coverage? Besides the continuing horror of “Kids vaccine coming soon,” here’s another story that caught my eye. The headline, at the top of page 4, reads: “Vaccines in demand in county, but mostly for COVID boosters.” There were parts of this piece that I wanted to feature here, and figured I’d find it online. But no. Not there! Weird.

So I’m going to type in one continuous excerpt, verbatim, with certain parts in bold:

“Speaking for the IU health system, spokeswoman Shawna Girgis reported hospitalizations are starting to fall more quickly at its area hospitals following the late summer spike, with a total of 28 COVID patients being treated in the Bloomington, Bedford or Paoli hospitals on Friday. Among those, 21 were unvaccinated and seven had received their initial vaccinations. The two people on ventilators were both unvaccinated.

“Girgis noted that most vaccinated people who are hospitalized with breakthrough cases are older than 65 and have other health problems.

What would you conclude from this excerpt, but GET VACCINATED, IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO. And BTW, at least 40% of locals have not. Not sure how they factor in IU, which supposedly now has a 93% vax rate. If IU population is counted (how many students, faculty, staff? over 50,000, in a total population for this town of what? 90,000?), then the unvaccinated rate for non-IU folks is WAY bigger than 40%.  

Okay, now let’s put the above excerpt in context of CDC guidelines for hospitals. Please read the entire piece to see the other ways we are being fooled, thanks to the CDC and hospitals which go along with the program.

TOTAL FRAUD: CDC allows hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as “unvaccinated deaths.”

Yep, Indiana (InDiana) is a fractal. Wherever you live, here or elsewhere, you are dealing with the same raw, tumultuous energetic currents. Stay centered. Stay strong. Don’t let anybody fool you in thinking that you are not the one in charge of your own body. Notice how MK Ultra mind control works. (See above). Step aside from the indoctrination. The indoctornation. The sheer crap that still thinks we’re all sheep to be corralled and fed to the New World Order wolves.










another one:


Saturday evening quick reminder: LAF meditation 8:00 AM Sunday morning (your time).

If you are joining us, terrific! Janet (in Ecuador) and I will be together via phone. It’s been quite a ride, these two months since the August 22nd Full Moon. Every LAF meditation, at least for me, offering a new or expanded aspect of what it means to say Love Alchemizes Fear. From intimately personal to abstractly cosmic, and every dimension inbetween . . .

WOKE to AWAKE! Or: Are You STILL Being Played?

And to think that, for awhile there, I was under the illusion that those who would kill us are fiendishly original. Yuck. (See cartoon below.)

I wonder, had our “education” (from pre-school through graduate school) system not been gradually, insidiously transmogrified into indoctrination, would the pandemic + vaccine ruse have worked? And so seamlessly, with so little fuss?

UNTIL NOW, IN LATE 2021 WHEN THE SLEEPING MASSES ARE AWAKENING FROM THEIR POLITICALLY CORRECT WOKE STATUS . . . punching through the thick swirling currents of Big Bank/Big Media/Big Gov/Big Pharma/Big Med/Big Tech F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) still enveloping the globe; in shock, yes, but still alive. Like Lazarus, like Christ, coming back to life after way more than three days in the cave. In fact, daily, hourly, minute by minute, the masked and vaxxed ones are being shocked into FULL ALIVENESS. And Just in time to prevent the ending to this cartoon, from the 1930s! Thanks, Gillian!

What we need to study in schools, or better yet, what kids need to learn, however they want to go about learning:

Add to this list: whatever turns the kid on! Working with the hands? Working with the body? Working with the mind? All three together? Animal husbandry, woodworking, speculating, inventing, repairing, crafting, creating art, food, community,  philosophy, writing, music, WHATEVER turns them on, let their “work” be their play; their way to fill the hunger, the yawning hole in their being, their POTENTIAL — so that, given time, opportunity, and learning from “mistakes,” they may become WHOLE.

As Dane Rudyhar said, and I paraphrase: If you don’t express your full original, unique self into the world, then there is a hole in the universe where you were meant to be.

Or Jung (paraphrased): whatever you bring forth into the world will save you; whatever you do not bring forth into the world will kill you.

In other words, FOLLOW YOUR NATURE — or else! As I have always told my astrology clients, and as I say to young people in my crone years every single day: Follow your Nature, and Nature will take care of you. In fact, she will magically bend in the direction of your strong, pure, clear intent. Or, another way of putting it: follow the path of synchronicities. Even when we think we are lost, that we don’t know what in hell we are doing, synchronicities point way. 

How do I know? I’ve lived nearly 79 years, and magical nature has proved my ally ever since I was 26 years old and snapped awake in the middle of a supposedly terminal illness to a booming male voice, filling the hospital room, coming from seeming nowhere: LIVE OR DIE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

And remember, during these turbulent times when muted politeness gives way to passionate truthtelling:



Are we about to experience The Event at the end of October?

The fun continues. This morning puppy Shadow and I were walking by a small business that invites customers to stretch and exercise together to music with a leader. Mostly older women, outside on the sidewalk. Shadow and I detoured into the street in front of them as I broke into a big grin. Lots of them grinned back. I spontaneously broke into my freakish “crone break dance” routine, to general laughter and applause. Went on for about half a minute. Everybody not only happy, but enlivened. YES!

Right now, I see my “job” as to ignite sparks of aliveness that, at this point in our astonishing timeline that brings us into unification,  lie only barely buried in even the most fearful of souls.

Meanwhile, John Cowan (who wrote the Letter to the Archbishop of Seattle that went out by snail mail late last week — no word (yet?) back from anyone official) sent me a Clif High video that I hadn’t yet seen. The Fourth War and the Fourth Turning is a doozey.  Clif talks about “4th generation” warfare, which includes his claim that those who had the moral high ground (because everybody beLIEved in the old paradigm they represented) no longer do. That the moral high ground has shifted to the truth tellers, and those in the legacy media know it — which is why they seem so antsy and easily crushed on air, like CNN’s “medical expert” who for some strange reason consented to let Joe Rogan rip him apart online. As Clif said, Joe Rogan, with millions of followers (more in one podcast than CNN in a week!) is a four-star general, he’s the Patton of our side in World War Four that doesn’t involve opposing armies killing each other with nasty weapons, but features “irregular” warfare, an Information War spouting spontaneous, sporadic, messaging on social media, podcasts, videos, etc. by whistleblowers and other truthtellers. The longer the info war goes on, the more the normies wake up, the less the populace is divided, and therefore the less likely the war will turn kinetic. (This is also Juan O Savin’s viewpoint. See any number of his interviews.)

Clif’s video reminded me of truth-teller John Cowan: thanks to his impassioned letter, the moral high ground has now shifted from the Catholic Church hierarchy to a single individual in the Archdiocese of Seattle. Shades of Martin Luther! —

— his single act so momentous that it resulted in a split within the then monolithic Catholic Church. But John’s letter, to me, portends a much deeper split, that between all “church” structures (visible and invisible) which pretend to mediate between the sovereign soul and the divine — and instead, bow down to politics, and, in this case, with murderous consequences.

At this point, we know that we are uniting in our resistance to the old paradigm. And they know it too, which scares the hell out of them.

All man-made church structures,  visible and invisible, whether Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, or whatever, cannot hold a candle to the divine blazing within the sovereign human soul. That’s where authentic power resides, inside the beating heart of each of us, which, when open, accesses and expresses the ever-flowing LOVE that fills and fuels the universe.

At some point, Clif starts talking, on this and other videos, about a single event that will be so momentous that, in one fell swoop, it will erase the past from everybody’s minds. By which he means, especially for those who are still normies, an event so shattering that they will be forced to wake up to the fact that everything they believed in is false. This crash, he says, is likely to either involve or drastically affect the MSM, since it’s been the propaganda arm of the deep state, telling people what and how to think for generations. Likewise, he says, academia, which is also dead, with more and more waking up to the fact that they can educate themselves and don’t have to spend years being indoctrinated in school which puts them into debt without appropriate jobs waiting. Within ten years, he says, we will see a huge number of “auto-didacts” pursuing their passions, and coming up with innumerable creative approaches to the ongoing onrush of new problems that continue to pop up as the structural underpinnings of our civilization crumble to dust. (Think Pluto in Capricorn!)

He says he doesn’t know what the nature of this extraordinary event will be, but that it is “coming within the next two weeks” (that video was done on October 15). So the end of October. Just prior to All Soul’s Day (Halloween) followed by All Saints Day? On October 30, when Sun exactly squares Saturn? (Think karma.) And Mars enters Scorpio? (Think revenge. More on that later.)

But: he says “within the next two weeks.” Which might mean that the event has already happened. Might it be the Joe Rogan interview, he asks? Possibly. How about a perp walk for Michael Obama? — he asks, as another example. Then, there’s Durham. Or, how about Pelosi’s bullshit January 6th investigation? Here’s DJT’s incisive comment on that, today, sent by, I assume, himself as usual in hilarious disguise as il Donaldo Trumpo.

Or, it might it be the fact that DJT is now set to unroll his own internet presence, thus bypassing the MSM completely! But according to X22 Report yesterday, that isn’t due to roll out until March 2022.

For more on the significance of this roll out, here’s Brian Cates. And here’s the Mars in Scorpio revenge . . .

— and that includes, he says, buying up and replacing the hierarchies of all MSM outlets.

Aha! And it looks like Trump has just been reinstated on twitter? Check this out . . . Trump starting to take over the media might very well be the “event.”

Oh, but wait, how about a perp walk for “Saint” Fauci! Now that would be an event that would resound through the ages as millions (billions?) of vaxxed folks are forced to wake up to the fact that Faux-ci wants them dead. Remember, however, that he too is likely a puppet of even higher evil ones . . .


Just as I was about to wind up this post, I got the perfect ending emailed to me, from Reader Rose:

No matter how dire our imaginings, as well as our readings of his-story, remember that we are now in the birth throes of Our Great Awakening, and that nothing, but NOTHING will stop humanity from fulfilling its divine destiny as we shed ourselves of the plots of those who have been trying to do us in for who knows how many thousands of years.

This is the end of the old movie.

This is the beginning of the new movie.

Reflections on Impermanence: “But did you die?”

On our way home from our morning walk, this time on the wooded hilly trails at nearby Griffy Lake (I have to keep a colorful vest on puppy Shadow, otherwise, I won’t see him: his fur the color of tree bark) —

— I came across a bumpersticker,  tasteful and simple, white lettering on black background


But Did You Die?


Loved it. Decided to get one for my car. Went online . . . geez! Where have I been? And, I ask, what demographic is buying and plastering this message on their cars? And why is this the very first time I’ve seen one? (And why don’t I see one online as simple and tasteful as the one I saw on a car bumper in the neighborhood?)

10 Best But Did You Die Bumper Sticker In 2021 – Recommended

This bumpersticker struck me powerfully, especially given what I had decided to do for today’s post, something on the phenomenon of impermanence . . . .

Why? Because, this morning, within one minute of sitting down to my usual carefully prepared breakfast, including my chai tea elixir with both collagen and reishi powders added to the first portion in my special mug which I have treasured for years, and from which I gratefully drink three or four full elixir mugs every single day . . . yep . . . my very special and very full, loaded-with-nutrients mug fell off the side table, and broke, precious elixir flowing and splattering everywhere underneath table, chair and lamp post.

While my just-toasted gluten-free glutino muffin loaded with ghee, homemade pesto and avocado with sides of blueberries, cut up apple and brazil nuts waited forlornly, I spent the  next ten minutes cleaning up the mess. Gross.

Then, I left everything in the already dirty kitchen sink —

— while we went for our walk, and came home to But Did You Die?

Obviously not. And actually, while mopping the floor I was already internally laughing at my own territoriality, my sentimental attachment to a few treasured objects, my habit-bound persona that values daily routines so much that I thoroughly resented both losing the mug, the chai elixir inside it, and my regular early morning breakfast time in my special chair sitting silently with local newspaper plus I-pad before anything else happens.

All these qualities in me I ascribe to my Taurus Moon, mirrored by puppy Shadow, also with same territorial attachments — to his bones, bed, routines, and he was born a Taurus!

This entire scenario is all so very alien to my questing Sagittarian Sun/Ascendant Mars that it’s like a joke. Just as life itself can turn into a hilarious joke, at any moment, for this other, larger, more powerful aspect of my embodied being.

Meanwhile, we souls, who are embodied on this 3D earth, are all, until we consciously notice ourselves, time after time, SUFFERING.  Remember the Buddha’s first two “noble truths:”

  1. Life is suffering.
  2. All suffering springs from attachment.

As the foul plandemic grinds on and on, having startled some awake, and cudgeled others into deeper sleep by the inconvenient — and for travelers, small businesses, small children, anyone forced to wear a face diaper, and now the poisoned “vaccines”! — life-denying interruption of old routines, habits, attachments to the point where we could not help but discard many of them in favor of new ones, new routines which themselves are liable to get interrupted at any moment, and we know this now: “they” are going to try to keep this global MK Ultra psy-op that has captured all but those who think for themselves in a seemingly eternal F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)-based nightmare as long as possible; indeed, long enough for them to bring in their long planned Great Reset and New World Order which will, by then and by design, have “culled” most of us from the human population through death by vax or other means, and made slaves of the rest.

But: It’s not happening, folks. They aren’t going to make it. Their timing has been set back too often now.

Re: timing. Please see this current clif high Chrono Woo video.

Too many of the vaxxed are waking up to how they’ve been scammed, and some are beginning to take measures to offset what’s already been done to them, and are certainly NOT going to submit to any boosters.

Oh, but why not? You can mix and match them now! You don’t even have to take the same booster as your original one or two shots! Isn’t that cool?

Can you believe the audacity, to think that even the formerly asleep among us would appreciate being “allowed” to mix and match?

Wow, does that mean that they’re all the same, actually? Or maybe just equally poisonous, and “pick your poison”? And/or might it mean that they’re all on each others’ boards, in each others’ stock portfolios, controlled by the same deep state apparatus that sprang them on us in the first place?

“Oh who cares? Leave off your questioning. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Just keep taking boosters, every six months” — until dead.

That bumper sticker really rings out, doesn’t it?

But did you die?

Or maybe: But did you die YET?

You might, unless you begin mitigation measures, including, for me, Vitamins C, D3, zinc, and chaga mushroom. Add in some C-60 and NAC. Get some Ivermectin if you can find it for humans. Otherwise, keep the vet type in the fridge, just in case you get sick from anything which we used to call the flu, or a cold, but now is always known as (now some variant of) the big bad COVID.

And for Pete’s sake, please get plenty of sleep, physical exercise, and nutritious food!

BTW: I just made a liquid that will substitute for HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), and am recommending it for the other two households here. Easy to make, one tablespoon prophylactically per day. Ramp it up if you get sick. Recipe: three organic lemons and three organic grapefruits. (Or any two types of citrus). Peel, and put only the peelings in a crock pot with about a quart of water. Cover. Slow cook on “fast” for four hours. Let cool completely before removing the cover —because when hot, the quinine escapes the liquid. Keep the quart jar with the liquid in the fridge.

All these mitigation measures also help dispel any (immune system compromising) stress caused by FEAR you might encounter within yourself, the result of being already vaxxed, or, like me, surrounded by vaxxed folks who shed spike proteins — all of us still immersed in thick, roiling MSM’s fear-driven currents that are still trying desperately to rule the airwaves. Besides, if you do get sick, you certainly don’t want to go to the hospital, where the CDC has given instructions to treat patients with Remdesivir, which ruins the kidneys, and then hook them up to a respirator. This protocol kills 85% of the people who endure it.

So yes, they did die.

And about once a week I see, in the local paper, an obit for the “sudden unexpected death” of a young person. For example, today, a 47-year old man. My question always: was this person vaxxed? 

Death IS in the air. And it will increase during the coming Dark Winter. But none of us has to go that route. The only thing necessary, whether vaxxed or not, is to truly take charge of our own health. Each of us. You’ll be amazed at how this single empowerment spurs others — both within our own ensouled self, and as a shining example in this quickly awakening world.



Deep State’s Worst Nightmare: UNIFICATION!

Have you noticed? Someone starts something, and it’s picked up by others, first on social media, and then in reality.

Example: Whistleblowers. They are coming forth so fast and furious now, there’s no way to keep up. Check their very active news site:

Example: The Maricopa Arizona forensic audit: as of now, four more states are doing forensic audits, and five are attempting to get them going.

Example: Parents speaking in front of school boards, so numerous now, that it’s becoming ubiquitous. Next step, parents are now themselves running for their own school boards.

Example: first, Southwest, then others — American, United, Delta dealing with irate employees re: vax. Now Southwest appears to have partially eased demands —

— and Delta, as of five days ago, “ditched” the vaccine mandate.

Collective pressure works. And the more pressure, the better. Now, finally, Americans are waking up to what Europeans have been doing for months. Marching in the streets. UNIFIED. In NYC, it started with hundreds, and is now up to thousands, all marching together, no matter whether left or right. This is not a Democrat/Republican issue, this is a We the People vs. Deep State issue. And We, the People, will win. Why? BECAUSE WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED.

The Sleeping Giant Awakens! New Yorkers Speak Out Against Draconian Vaccine Mandates at Massive Rally! VIDEO featuring RFK Jr. & New Yorkers Tell It Like It Is!

Example: firefighters and police in Seattle have unified to the point where they marched up the steps to return their official boots after being fired for refusing the vax. This picture brought tears to my eyes.

Then, they turned around and started serving food to the homeless.

Here’s a wonderful story, one that is duplicated, in some form or other, around me on a daily basis. In fact, about all I notice these days, while out walking with puppy Shadow, is how people are beginning to go out of their way for one another. And all with a smile and a big hello! Furthermore, I’ve now added Kroger to the list of stores I go into maskless. While I only saw one other person in there today without a mask, everybody else was exceedingly friendly. Glad I was showing the way?

That old “normal” may be lost, but, as a result, boomerang! Rather than locking us into docile submission, we are springing back, re-membering just how much we love and depend upon one another, and using the Deep State vaccine Great Reset agenda as the foil for our Great Awakening.

Then there’s humor, which not only eases the way forward, but energizes us even more. Oh I know, this piece makes fun of leftists, and we’re unifying now. But I just couldn’t resist. Especially the look on his face as he talks.

As usual, totally love JP’s news “outfit” . . .

Finally, there’s The Babylon Bee, which bills itself “The Fake News You Can Trust.”

Our humor . . . Have you noticed how extraordinarily creative we freedom-loving, cooperating, humorous humans are? Just imagine the brilliance with which, as we continue to unify and energize, we begin to work together for not only short-term goals, but for the long haul, for the future of our children’s childrenbusy as beavers in our networked, decentralized localities, each bringing our own individual passions and skill sets to bear upon this fantastic transformation of our common home into paradise: HEAVEN, ON EARTH.

RE-MEMBER: “Pluto Returns,” in the U.S. Chart, for the First Time Ever, NOW!

I ask the reader to keep in mind that everything happening now is occurring inside the backdrop of the FIRST EVER PLUTO RETURN to the original U.S. chart, formed on July 4, 1776. Here’s an exopermaculture post from five months ago that you might want to revisit. For it’s true: THIS PROLONGED PAIN IS NECESSARY! As in any birthing process, if we are to succeed, then we will rebirth our divinely inspired Constitutional Republic — stripped of the bureaucratic bloat and corruption that inevitably builds up over time. The birthing process is constant: first comes labor, and then pushing. Labor can be short or long, depending on mysterious factors nature herself determines. All we can do is “go with the flow, — or fearfully stiffen against it, which increases the pain. As with natural childbirth, which I practiced for both of my sons’ births 55 and 57 years ago, what helps the process is fearlessness, knowing that the miracle of birth is both inevitable and regenerative, and even enjoyable, when attended by deep breathing, attuned to the profound wisdom of bodily rhythms. 

Let us center ourselves within our own bodily integrity, itself an outgrowth of and attuned to the living body of Mother Earth, and let us breathe, slowly and deeply, as together we undergo this prolonged, seemingly miraculous process that promises to rebirth both America and the entire human species into a transformed world that joyously celebrates sovereign souls, at one with all.

PATRIOTS! Remember, Re-member: “Pluto Returns,” i.e.,THIS PROLONGED PAIN IS NECESSARY

PATRIOTS! Remember, Re-member: “Pluto Returns,” i.e.,THIS PROLONGED PAIN IS NECESSARY

The planet Pluto. Notice the heart?

We are undergoing the very first Pluto Return to  its natal placement in U.S. history. Now. During these years.

Pluto = Death and Rebirth.

So, will the baby be (re)born alive?

Or will the baby be stillborn.

The choice is ours.

On this day, June 6, 2021, Pluto sits at 26°27 Capricorn, slightly more than one degree from its position at 27°32 Capricorn in the U.S. natal chart. For several years already, and ongoing through the next several years, Pluto is transiting back and forth over its original position, symbolizing the process of dying and rebirth, for the very first time in this nation’s history.

As far back as 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn and the banks failed, we have been undergoing a seemingly inexorable destructive journey, punctuated by the fact that as Pluto undergoes its excruciatingly slow movement through Capricorn, it focused first on opposing the home-and-family loving Cancerian placements of Venus and Jupiter at 3° and 5°, the Sun at 13°, and now Mercury.

(More on Mercury later.)

In seeming contradiction to the restless, innovative, freedom-loving American spirit (Sagittarius Ascendant, opposing Gemini Mars/Uranus midpointing the Descendant) Americans love and protect their homes, their families, their communities. At least they used to. But beginning after World War II, when returning soldiers wrenched their young families from the secure arms of their extended families in order to gain the rewards of the G.I. bill; and then, even stronger, ever since the late 1960s, so much atomizing indoctrination has taken place, that already this short-lived unit of stability, the nuclear family, has been itself blasted apart, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, leaving utter desolation in its wake. Alcohol, plus pharmaceutical and other drugs, often pursued originally to mask the horrific pain of isolation and separation, destroy to the point where, increasingly, those without even physical homes “litter” the streets.

And lately . . . well, everything has gotten way worse! We all know this. We want to blame the plandemic, or the politicians, or whatever! Some single point source, some “cause,” — but the trouble started way before that, or maybe we can even say the trouble was built into the American DNA, a contradiction between Sagittarian “freedom” and Cancerian “security.” Too much freedom, and lawlessness, chaos reigns. Too much security, and we become stagnant, insular. This contradiction, this paradox, this extraordinarily powerful evolutionary dynamic that feeds the soul of the American spirit, needs to be both embraced and integrated, consciously, within the soul of each individual, each family, and each community, who lives here, if this nation is to survive into the future.

Yes. It is well for us to remember, to-remember, during this strange, chaotic, seemingly climactic twilight zone period in U.S. and world history, that the planet Pluto, is now returning to the degree it occupied in the U.S. Declaration of Independence chart for the very first time since this nation was born, after 248 years.


Axiomatic for me: THE MEANING OF A PLANET IS ITS CYCLE. Corollary: the longer the cycle, the larger the meaning. Dwell on that. Imagine cycles in your own life, especially 30-year cycles of any kind, either archetypal Saturn returns (at 30 years, at 60 years), or cycles where we began to imagine a possibility, and then, only 30 years later realized it, made our dream come true. Such is happening now, for example, with my son Colin, inventor of the Garden Tower Project, who is using his very fertile mind and learned expertise to solve design and construction problems as he spends this year “tricking out” a bus to become a tiny home on wheels. This project is something he has dreamed of for 30 years. Colin is 55, so he’s had this dream since he was 25 years old.

Any space/time cycle in our lives is fascinating, precisely for what it teaches us about ourselves. And the longer the cycle, the more fascinating the discovery process. When we experience one whole cycle of any length consciously, spending time to rethink, recapitulate that cycle as a whole, to see what we have learned as we begin again with a new cycle of the same energy, we can then utilize the first cycle as foundation, thus shifting our life into an evolutionary thrust, spiraling through time and space. Life opens. Forever.

Likewise, with the evolutionary history of a nation-state. The longest planetary cycle that astrologers track, the cycle that we as individuals cannot live through completely unless we live to be 248 years old —; now, in the history of our nation the cycle of Pluto is up, front and center, for not just we who live in this country, but for our ancestors and our descendants, and indeed, for humanity at large, since America has been the leader (the loss leader?) for so long. Over these next few years, as Pluto continues to decimate old hierarchical Capricornian structures we took for granted, we are coming to a shuddering realization: as this country goes, so goes the world.

Pluto, planet of primal power, the hidden underworld wealth — not just gold, silver, diamonds, other precious metals, oil, gas, and other “plutocratic” riches; not just underground tunnels containing ETs, entire cities, plus thousands upon thousands of dead and alive pedophile and satanic victims and their adrenalized blood — for this is the currency that runs the Deep State;  but even deeper, Pluto symbolizes that which we can otherwise refer to as “aliveness” — that which brings material and energetic forms into and out of manifestation.

I’ll say it again: Pluto, symbolizing the power of conception, gestation, birth, growth, maturation, decay, dying and death, leading to rebirth, is, during these upside-down years, returning to the exact degree it occupied when this nation was born.

A first Plutonian cycle is completing.

Will there be another?

If so, what will it look like?

Will this nation have learned from its first cycle? Will the imperial, imperious, my-way or-the-highway,  hyperpower nation that dominated the entire world with intellectual/industrial innovation and resource grabs from elsewhere, recognize that another way must be found, and that actually indeed, Donald J. Trump is right, we must let go of endless bankster wars and put America first, without dominating others; instead, we must encourage and inspire other nations to put their own countries first, in a multi-polar world that will also destroy the last vestiges of  planetary-domination desired by another power-over Plutonian power, the Deep State One World Order?

Pluto sits in the second house of the U.S. chart. The second house refers to the way an entity grounds itself into its own value. Pluto sits in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn refers to the laws, rules, roles, regulation, framework, and goals of any organized entity.

At present, the entire framework, both conscious and unconscious, that undergirds this nation, that has given it its value (including fiat money), is coming apart at the seams. The Justice Department, the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the present Administration, all are proving themselves to be corrupt beyond measure, subject to brainwashing, blackmail, and bribery. Likewise the corrupt ways our elections have been framed for only god knows how long.

Whatever we once took for granted is not just called into question, but disintegrates, when looked at from either close to or far away.

Pluto at 27° Capricorn, opposes Mercury at 24° Cancer. We are in a world wide war, an information (Mercury) propaganda indoctrination mind-controlling world wide war, utilizing corrupt mainstream corporate media to instigate fearful emotional (Cancerian) reactions to perceived threats — witness the ongoing CV 19 plandemic, witness the UFO “threat” disclosure coming this month — because fearful, socially-distanced people are easily divided (negative Mercury communication, transportation) from one another (notice how even individuals in our own personal families are at each other’s throats re: “the jab”), controlled (negative Pluto), subjugated (negative Pluto), overpowered (negative Pluto). Fearful people are paralyzed, contracted; they do not operate from what we’ve learned to call “power from within,” which renders us fearless. Instead, they cower, hide, scurry wherever they are forcibly led, by negative Plutonian forces, whether overt or covert, to the chopping block, the trains to Auschwitz, the vaccine.

Fearful people CAN wake up. If and when they do, they can take hold of themselves, their own interior, their own hearts, where the power of love resides and asks to be called upon. This power of Love, much greater than that of Fear, is the promised land, a land beyond the overt and covert destruction of the ways of life we have always known, what we used to call “normal.”

What will the new cycle of Pluto look like? Will this originally inspired American Republic still exist? Will the once fabled “united states,” now so disunited, reunite, as soon as each state, each locality, each neighborhood, each home, each person, finds within the self the power of Love and expresses it fully and fearlessly into the world?

Nobody really knows. Meanwhile, we are still in the process of undergoing the dying of the old cycle to make way for the new cycle to be born. Pluto’s power is disgorging all the horrific hidden gunk to the surface, where it must be faced, embraced, and finally, erased. This takes courage. The Mercury mind that works with Pluto, when conscious, rather than being subject to indoctrination, opens to revelation, continuously expanding perspective.

Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930, and has been long associated with the splitting of the atom, which occurred for the first time in 1932; note that the first fission experiment occurred in early December 1942 (only days prior to my own birth), and the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

The power of aliveness, buried inside the atom, is ours to explore consciously, if we are willing to let go of Fear, open our hearts, and allow the universal, magical, mysterious power of Love that fills and fuels the universe to course through.

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