Day after Thanksgiving, 2021: LOVE is alchemizing F.E.A.R.

Reader Rose sent this to me overnight as we head into so-called “Black Friday” . . .

And BTW: if you are shopping today, then PLEASE make your purchases at local stores. Though they can be more “expensive,” in money-terms, your local merchants will receive your LOVE and the exchange will lift your heart.

Spread love wherever you go.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation 2021

Hmm . . . what will be off-limits? Covid, for sure, unless everyone present is either vaxed or unvaxed.

If there’s a mixture of vaxxed and unvaxxed, then it’s because the vaxxed are either unusually welcoming — and so not so fearful,  perhaps even about to open to new perspectives! — and/or everybody’s agreed (either openly or surreptitiously) that they will stick to topics that everybody can agree on. Like here in Green Acres Village, where we live together peacefully, both vaxxed and unvaxxed, and do so by simply sticking to what we all have in common — permaculture, social events, community dinners, etc.

If everyone present is unvaxxed, then the conversation will likely be lively, wild and free, with those present automatically seeking each other’s views on the latest info and data gathered from myriads of alternative sources, whether that data be medical, statistical, political, cultural, psychological, etc. There’s simply no end to how this Covid Con has decimated any semblance of normality and simultaneously opened up endless areas for exploration. For that, I’d say, we can be grateful. It’s one of the strange silver linings. Another is the fact that we are all constantly searching now, doing our homework, digging down and rising up — and in the process learning just how multifaceted the corruption is, how deeply it’s embedded, and how far back.

On the other hand, if everybody’s vaxxed, then don’t worry, everybody’s on the same page, and can bask in a shared camaraderie. Though more polite and reserved, even role-bound, usually, than the unvaxxed, and likely their conversations aren’t nearly as interesting, given that they all get their info from the same main stream media outlets, and so spout the same shibboleths. And yet, I wonder . . . I wonder how many of the single- or double-jabbed have decided to skip the booster, and just not tell anyone, lest they risk their marriages, friendships, jobs, pensions, etc. And regarding those who are actually involved — or I should say, implicated — in some way, in some authoritative position, whether it be as school administrator, teacher, nurse, doctor, media, etc., and pretend to themselves that they’re just going along with the program because they don’t want to cause any trouble, well, remember the Nuremberg trials. “Just obeying orders” is not a valid excuse. Dr. Vernon Coleman spells it out clearly:

“We finally have medical evidence that administering a Covid vaccine is murder.” 

But would such an article as the above even be read by the vaxxed? Especially, by the vaxxed who would or should personally squirm if they read it? Probably not. It’s just too hard to think, really think. There’s too much at stake — jobs, values, family, wealth, life itself . . .

That’s right! The unvaxxed will counter. We’re talking about life and death here. To put it in stark terms . . .

Yes, the vaxxed all tend to occupy the same quotidian mainstream media-dominated world, with their minds cemented into too small fixed ideological helmets. The unvaxxed, on the other hand, tend to be flexible and open-minded. They are the ones who dare to think “out of the box,” who dare to draw provisional conclusions, who are willing to change their minds when necessary, and especially: to not let ego get in the way. Remember, these contrarians are decidedly unvaxxed, and tend to use their brains to critically think about what they are being fed by any and all “authorities.” They have used their intuition and learned from personal experience to develop a nose for lies, and they know how to zoom in and out, going back and forth between data and interpretation, searching for patterns. Thus, they are vilified as “conspiracy theorists.” Yep.

Mike Adams refers to us as “pure bloods,” which makes a point, but to me feels uncomfortably close to Nazi propaganda against the Jews. On the other hand, I like it, because it reverses the stigma that the globalists have been trying to attach to the unvaxxed!

In any case,  anybody want an earful? I dare you. Follow along with me, down any number of rabbit holes.

HELP! I am falling down the rabbit hole: KENOSHA WAUKESHA WOO

Note: The word “woo” has been popularized by Clif High to signify the vast unknown that lies within or behind what we think we know. To include woo in one’s assessment of “what is going on,” is to automatically slip into what I call alt-epistemology. 

And the deeper I plunge down this particular rabbit hole, the stranger it gets . . . For example:


EXCLUSIVE: Darrell Brooks Belongs to Black Supremacist Sect of Islam Called ‘The Five Percent Nation’, He Committed Vehicular Jihad

I also saw on Gateway Pundit that the most recent crime of which Darrell Brooks was accused (and let out on $1000 bail) was running over a woman with that same red SUV — a woman who just happened to be the mother of his child.


So, given the extreme leftist bias against the utterly critical (if we want to NOT turn into Australia) second amendment’s right to bear arms, is the extremist left going to try to ban vehicles now, given that they can be used as weapons? 


I watched a bit of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Kyle Rittenhouse last night, and the way the words rolled off Kyle’s tongue, frankly, it felt rehearsed, especially the phrase “prosecutorial misconduct.” How many people of any age can naturally mouth those words without tripping on them?

He supports the BLM movement? Does he not understand that it is not only not a movement that supports black people, but that it began as a funding arm for the Democratic party, and indeed goes way beyond “peaceful protest” in its alignment with violent antifa and, in fact, riots alongside them? These folks are the ground troops of the New World Order. I guess Kyle hasn’t done his homework. But then,  again, how to explain his sophisticated and indeed astute remark about “prosecutorial misconduct”?

Moreover, another clip from that same interview has Kyle accusing his former attorney Lin Wood:

Question: is Tucker going to call in Lin Wood for his response to Kyle’s accusation? I certainly hope so.

Here’s Lin Wood’s response, up on Telegram. Sorry, you’ll have to get on Telegram to watch it. Well worth listening to the very end; Lin surmises that both Kyle and his mother are being manipulated by others to say things that aren’t true.

Which brings me to something I haven’t brought up before: Kyle Rittenhouse was born the very same day and year as Greta Thunberg.

So, my question: like Greta, is Kyle also some kind of puppet, with a handler — for the opposite point of view? We don’t know either of their birthtimes, but without birthtimes, using 0° Aries on Ascendant, their charts are, of course, identical.

“These guys are pretty radical in what they do.” That’s a mild understatement! Mars/Venus in Scorpio square Uranus in Aquarius — and also square Jupiter in Leo! Yes, both are drawn towards (Venus) and tend to act within (Mars) situations that involve sudden, extreme shifts in the Scorpionic underworld of the collective unconscious that seizes the contagion that can ensnare (Aquarian) groups inside of which they can arise as (Leo) heroes. On a soul level both Kyle and Greta have chosen to serve — whether or not they know it, and they probably don’t, are being coached, for the most part — as iconic scapegoats/heroes for opposing forces that are way beyond their comprehension.

Again, re: Kyle Rittenhouse. I’ve seen some scuttlebutt that he is actually a crisis actor, and was present at Sandy Hook as “little Noah.”

True? Linda Parrish on McAllister TV thinks so, and also claims that he is actually a she . . .  And who knows? In this politically correct woke culture, blending gender is an inherent aspect of the confusion engendered to foment chaos to the point where the globalists can just march in, take over, and we, the people, will bow down in servile gratitude for being saved . . .


Meanwhile, seguing back from Kenosha to Waukesha — and I do still think the two distractions are connected, and not just because the second was revenge for the first. Brian Cates comes closer.

But yet, this Brooks character is so horrific, he reminds me of the three thugs with criminal records who violently attacked Kyle Rittenhouse.

Question: are any of these four thugs really human, with either empathy or an intact conscience?

How about the flash mob robber gangs currently loosed into the Bay Area? Three different incidents in one week.

Gang of Thieves Target Bay Area Mall; Sam’s Jewelers and Lululemon Store Robbed (VIDEO)

Is what we are witnessing now in America a repeat of the riot-filled summer of 2020, only with a new twist? Is this extreme acting out of underlying social unrest been designed, encouraged, fostered by those who would destroy this nation?

Separate question — or is it? Has the violent, dog eat dog video game mentality infected some of the youth of this culture to the point where demonic energy has been loosed and our entire society is doomed to unravel and be swallowed into the one world totalitarian state?

I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. Listen to Archbishop’s latest speech, calling for unification and forward motion.

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to Free Humanity from the Totalitarian Regime (VIDEO)




On this 58th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, Karmic Saturn sets the Stage FOR REVELATION

John F. Kennedy Sr. was assassinated on November 22, 1963, 58 years ago today. As an astrologer, this particular anniversary caught my eye. The cycle of Saturn is 29-30 years long. Which means that the second Saturn Return of the Kennedy assassination is either here, or lies just ahead.

From the ephemeris:

November 22, 1963: Saturn at 17°16 Aquarius.

November 22, 2021: Saturn at 8°21 Aquarius.

Saturn Returns to 17°16 Aquarius for the second time since the assassination, mid-February 2022. What will this time period signify?

Next question: what happened at the first Saturn Return, during part of 1992 through early 1993?

Answer: Bill Clinton was inaugurated on January 20, 1993.

Given rumors in the wind now, circulating inside this deeply Saturnine context, what are the odds that, somehow, whether it be via the slowly unveiling Durham investigation or the upcoming, long awaited Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the Clintons, with their deeply corrupt Clinton Foundation, pedophile Hillary’s utterly corrupt term as Secretary of State, and the ever-lengthening list of conveniently-timed dead bodies in their wake, finally have their come to Jesus moment?

(BTW: I learned from the X-22 Report that federal trials do not allow press into the courtroom. However, there will be phone lines, where the press can listen in. So we will be able to follow the Ghislaine trial too, blow by blow. It is expected to last at least six weeks. In which case, I’d say yes, the entire world is about to be red-pilled and unified.)

Remember: the meaning of a planet IS its cycle. We learn what each planet signifies, by living through one entire cycle. Each cycle becomes the foundation for the one to come, or it can, if we process it consciously.  Given the fractal nature of the 3D world, and recognizing that the simple circular form of a cycle of any length is identical, then this Saturnine meaning applies, not just to persons, but to society in general.

Remember: this set of Saturn cycles was ignited when Kennedy was assassinated, and the cabal took over the U.S. government.

As we near the second return of Saturn in this cabal-ruled era, this ghastly “swamp” that President Trump is still determined to drain . . .

. . . appears that the cabal has just used one of its limited playbook “false flag” events, the one under the category of “random vehicle suddenly plows into unsuspecting crowd.” This particular event was exquisitely timed, to “rain on a parade,” to mass murder innocent people marching in a Sunday Christmas parade.

It looks to me like the increasingly frustrated and desperate cabal, furious at the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, pointedly staged its next distraction event (from what, the Ghislaine trial?) within 48 hours, and staged it only one hour north of Kenosha. Looks to me like another MK Ultra mind-controlled manchurian candidate — this one “black”? — if so, how divisively convenient — was triggered/sacrificed to do the ploughing, and thus the usual terrorizing.

On the other hand, it may be that this man, Darrell Brooks, was fleeing the scene from some other crime when he ploughed into the crowd. If so, not MK Ultra? In any case, I now read that he is a black man with a long criminal record who was let out of jail under a cash bond only a few days ago, by one of the many Soros-inserted DAs who do his bidding to destroy the U.S.

(In which case, I want to ask, just who is mind-controlled?).

More on the Saturn connection:

Expansive, generous, lucky Jupiter has been dancing with contractive, stingy, karmic Saturn since December 21, 2020, when the two strode holding hands, into 0° Aquarius on the holiest day of the year, Winter Solstice. Divine timing?

Jupiter, with a 12 year cycle, stays only one year per sign, and will leave Aquarius for Pisces at the end of next month, December 28, 2021.

Today, on the 58th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, Jupiter sits at 24°21 Aquarius. Today’s midpoint between Jupiter and Saturn (at 8°21 Aquarius, remember) is therefore 16°21 Aquarius, exactly conjunct (less than 60 minutes of one degree) the upcoming mid-February 2022 Saturn Return point at 17°16!

Sabian symbol for 17° Aquarius: A MAN UNMASKED.

Are we about to suffer the apocalypse on this 58th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, as Saturn begins to lean into its Return for the second time since that horrifying day when the cabal took over and threw the entire world into PTSD?

The meaning of the word “apocalypse”: REVELATION.

YES. Just who is behind the mask?

Which reminds me, take the masks off, folks. Breathe free. Give clear voice to your full expression. Gather together. Join the millions upon millions who have had enough with the boring cabals’s diabolical plan for The Great Reset which has finally, in 2021, boomeranged into OUR GREAT AWAKENING.

Vienna, over the weekend.








From Kyle’s trial to Ghislaine’s . . . Is the whole world about to be red-pilled?

“Scary,” yes, and sacred: all of the “seemingly disconnected issues” are being sucked into the cauldron of the collective unconscious of humanity, with the soul purpose of alchemizing F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) into LOVE.

During this Sunday morning’s 8 AM LAF meditation, Janet in South America and I in North America both found ourselves sensing the increasing divide that splits human beings into two camps, one dark, one light. The big difference between our meditations was our experience this week leading up to them. She had been in a rural area this week, without internet, and I had followed the Rittenhouse trial to its glorious outcome. So it might come as no surprise, that whereas she felt not just humanity, but earth herself splitting into two, with ascension for one earth and descent for the other, I was still so full of gratitude for the jury’s bravery Friday at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, that I found myself surrendered to gratitude during my meditation. Like Janet, I noticed two very strong currents within the psychic oceanic field in which this planet is immersed. And, yet, I recognized intuitively, with the outcome of the trial, that the LOVE current is now much the stronger, thanks to the American and world’s public witnessing young, brave, innocent, attempting-to-be- stoic Kyle breaking down in wonderment and tears as one by one, he was acquitted of all five charges against him.

BACKSTORY: Remember how the news media hammered FEAR with its depiction of Kennedy’s head being blown off in 1963, and two planes supposedly ramming into Twin Towers in 2001? Over and over again, these horrendous scenes were deliberately nailed into our shocked psyches, resulting in cultural PTSD.

Notice, the same thing happened here, but with opposite effect for a certain large percentage of viewers. Even the mainstream news media — which had vilified Kyle from day one — was forced to play the video of Kyle breaking down as he listens to his acquittal, over and over again, for all to witness. And you know damn well, that at least 50%, and probably much higher, of the people who watched this video, were like me, teary-eyed and utterly overwhelmed with surprise and gratitude. Truly, it felt like a miracle, especially since the jury had taken over three days to arrive at its verdict.

Question: Will the Ghislaine trial, which begins with opening statements on November 29, also be open to the press?

If not, we will know that, despite the judge’s astute recognition of the prosecutor’s misleading language and withholding of evidence in the Rittenhouse trial, and especially, despite the jury’s heroism under pressure, the viability of the American justice system itself remains very much on trial.

On the other hand . . .

If so, then here’s another chance for the disgraced MSM to turn and face the light, as the deep darkness — of the massive, interwoven global network that utilizes child trafficking, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, murder, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, and cannibalism as extremely lucrative currency to both bribe and blackmail politicians, entertainers, religious, business and professional people — both celebrities and at every level of society — is exposed for all to see.

Unlike the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, endlessly promoted to further divide we the people, into those for and against the second amendment (diluted by made up racist, white supremacist, terrorist, vigilante, etc. adjectives used to describe this young man), it appears that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, since it concerns the children, all of our children, and how such a large percentage of them have been disappearing into an enormous, sucking black hole of rape, slavery, brutality and death, has the capacity to unify our great nation, and thus the entire world. Finally.

Which is, of course, why it is extremely unlikely that whoever are the powers that be will agree to televise this trial.

Meanwhile, Kyle will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson tomorrow evening, 8 p.m., November 22, on the 58th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.


Rittenhouse Aquittal: Perspectives and Implications

It turns out that yes, the jury itself turned into a heroic group on the very day of this eclipsed Full Moon that called for heroes to rise up.  Thank you, thank you.

If you recall, there’s a question whether the entire Kyle Rittenhouse drama was a set-up by the black hats.

Thanks to the heroic jury, the set-up obviously not only failed, but seduced the MSM into demonstrating its extreme bias to the max. Drew Holder, on twitter, took the trouble of listing the sheer magnitude of MSM sources who continuously blared out divisive leftist propaganda, calling Kyle a murderer, racist, vigilante, and so on.

It starts:

Are we surprised that piles of bricks suddenly appeared on city streets, in expectation of riots? The deep state has only one playbook, which keeps repeating, over and over again. Divide and attempt to Conquer.


Portland, predictably, not just protested, but it officially turned into a riot. Egged on by the barely veiled language in the Statement by President Biden below? Notice, other protests elsewhere.

I wonder, how many of the cities where protests took place had bricks waiting. And/or, in how many of these cities might have bricks been put there and then removed before they could be thrown, as advised by Clif High?

Meanwhile, let the memes begin!

Yes, agreed. “Turn the circus off, or at least know you’re watching one.”

Following yesterday’s powerful Full Moon Eclipse that lasted for three hours, the longest in six centuries, UNITED America wins! Apparently, the boy on the right, below, was found not guilty at almost the exact moment as was Kyle Rittenhouse. Divine timing? Hmmm . . . why so much press for the one and none for the other? Weren’t they both charged with the same divisive potential? If not, why not. (I think we know.)

And for those still mesmerized by MSM propaganda, pay attention to the summary below. Some of these facts I did not know either.

Oops, it may be too late for shared custody, thanks to the MSM falling into the Kyle Rittenhouse trap. In which case, Sandman can certainly advise Rittenhouse on how to go about filing, and winning, gigantic libel suits against the MSM.

Finally,  for one much enlarged perspective, see this.

An Ode to Trees!

Remember this?

One day, back in the early ’70s, Mom asked me why I no longer go to church. “Nature is my church,” I responded, instantly. “Oh, I’ve heard that one before,” she wisecracked.

My family was Catholic. Nature was not part of our culture, beyond the rare family picnic in a park.

This morning on our walk, puppy Shadow and I were astounded to be greeted with the hushed presence of the two large, mature gingko trees on the Indiana University campus raining down golden leaves. The lawn was already a carpet of gold, and the trees kept raining more down. I felt both stunned and honored to be present at such a great ceremony, one which, obviously, from what was happening, occurs only once a year, and all at once.

I was so wishing I had brought my phone with me to at least take a photo!

The gingko is native to China; here’s one, raining . . .


This 1400 Year Old Ginko Tree Rains Down an Ocean of Yellow Leaves in Autumn

Digging further, I was stunned to discover that gingko is the world’s oldest tree, dating back 200 million years, to the Age of the Dinosaurs. Furthermore, it is a single species, with no living relatives.

Peter Crane: History of Gingko, Earth’s Oldest Tree

I was unusually grateful to have been serendipitously present for this beautiful natural ceremony, and noted that it occurred just after I had decided to actually venture out of here, tomorrow night, for really, the first time since the plandemic, to sit in the IU Fine Arts Theater for the movie, The Hidden Life of Trees.

And, to add to that synchronicity, here’s another one: for the last few weeks, on my daily walks, I have found myself singing “The falling leaves, drift past the window . . .”  the lyrics of which, I had actually remembered, in their entirety.

Like anyone who spends time alone in forests, I have long felt the intensely serene atmosphere generated by trees. And like many people, there are times when I reverently hug a tree, or stand with my spine against it, or sit at its feet, to help ground and calm myself when in need. And always, always, I’m so very grateful to trees for their powerful, steady persistence, simultaneously rooting into the ground and reaching for the sun, day by day, year by year, decade by decade, and for some, like the ancient gingko, century after century and even way beyond — vibrating their strong, subtle harmonic into the air which we humans then breathe in, and, if we are very very fortunate, then make our own, if but for a single moment!

In my daily practices — yoga, chikung, taichi — I aim to internalize the tree’s extraordinary capacity to link Above to Below, via their strong, straight trunks. Like a vertical tree, I draw energy up from the sacred earth and down from the holy heavens, circulating this strong intense loving energy through my all-too-human heart to radiate out, in all directions horizontally, a blessing.

It’s my way of giving back.

So you can just imagine how deeply grateful I felt to be admitted into their more shining world during our communion this morning under the ceremony of the golden rain.

I’ll end with this photo, taken a few days ago unbeknownst to me by a friend, of Shadow and me walking through a wonderful treed arch towards the light.


Has the Covid Incantation Invaded both Permaculture and Transition Town movements?

It’s weird. I’ve long noticed that I simply can’t predict who is going to fall for the massive, malevolent, brilliantly produced and directed Covid Con. Spellbound people “show their true colors” — or rather, reveal the mental mask that has been surreptitiously placed on them — just about anywhere. You can imagine my shock when my original herbalist teacher told me that she got vaxxed . . .

Whether or not someone’s going to fall for the con seems random. But is it? I’ve noticed that, with exceptions (like myself),  the higher the level of education, the more likely will the person fall for the con. For example, Bloomington Indiana, where I live, is a highly vaxxed and masked town set within a rural environs where hardly anyone wears a mask much less gets vaxxed.

BTW: the higher one’s level of education, the more thoroughly the mind has split from the body, and the less grounded, safe, secure, one feels upon this good earth. This is relevant, because:

It may be that one way to recognize those likely susceptible to Covid indoctrination is to somehow assess their level of underlying free-floating anxiety. At least that’s what Mattias Desmet thinks; and after nearly two years of putting up with this massive, multi-layered, Big Media Big Med Big Tech Big Gov driven absurdity, I’m ready to agree with him. The drat Covid Spell can show up where I least expect it. Not just in many of my friends and relatives, but for example, in both the Permaculture and Transition Town movements!

I remember, about six months ago, receiving an email from one of the foremost permaculture teachers in the U.S., in which he began, seemingly breezily, by saying that now that both he and his partner are vaxxed — geez! Was he saying that with the usual excited undertone of “finally we were able to protect ourselves,” or in the more practical tone of “good; we got that out of the way, now we can go on”?

Whatever the tone implied by the words, immediately, upon reading this remark I was internally shaking my head in utter disbelief.

WHAT? YOU ARE? AND YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA? I wanted to either cry or scream. But . . . But . . . But . . . That’s like spraying Monsanto on plants, to kill bugs. Don’t you realize that? Don’t you see your own body/mind/spirit as  its own brilliant, integrated permaculture biome? HUH? I just don’t get it.

I don’t get it, when the two of you are the ones who originally taught me that in order to keep plants healthy, rather than kill the offending intruder, simply nourish the plant with more of what it needs. That bad bugs prey on weak plants.

I want to shake my permaculture mentors out of of the thick cement helmets they have apparently rammed onto their overstuffed heads —  with only one (mainstream media) channel in, resulting in not just fear of a so-called bad bug, but likely worse, if Desmet is correct, and their underlying anxiety has resulted from an apparently scared world-view of impoverished scarcity. Come on, man! What happened to permaculture’s sacred world-view of unceasing abundance? Huh? Huh?

I thought you were the ones who would show us the way out of the wreckage our decaying our military/industrial culture has insidiously wreaked upon both humans and the earth beneath our feet. You showed me the way, with permaculture! I remember, the first words out of your mouths, in that Permaculture Design Course I took, back in 2005. I was hooked! This is the way! We can transform the whole world! Yes! We can do this!

Likewise the equally righteous and visionary Transition Town Movement, which one can also view as yet another permaculture dimension — of social and urban design. Here’s a post about what’s happened to Totnes, which, if I recall correctly, is the original Transition Town, model for all the others across this globe.

Project Fear and the invasion of Narnia

Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (near total) Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night (11/19/21) 3:58 AM EST

And guess what? The eclipse itself is to be the longest in six centuries, lasting 189 minutes, slightly over three hours. Plenty of time to rouse oneself from slumber, meditate on illuminating what’s STUCK and needs release: within the body (muscular knots, solar plexus, sexual, and gut issues, emotional habits, attitudes), stuckness within relationships (toxic patterns of all kinds: control trips, distrust (whether justified or not), bitterness, passive/aggression, and so on), stuck stuff in your material domain (objects, money, property that needs to move on) — stuckness at whatever level both illumined, and hopefully, primed for dramatic release. In short, whatever or whoever you have been both totally attached to and yet desirous, at some level, for drastic change — this is the perfect moment to finally let go.

That’s for individuals. Same goes for groups, systems, businesses, governments, politics, and so on. What’s still stuck? What’s really, horribly stuck? LET. IT. GO.

That this is the longest lunar eclipse in six centuries intensifies the capacity to release all that has been lurking beneath the surface, especially given that it occurs in Taurus/Scorpio, one of the two most powerful full moons of each year (the other is the Scorpio/Taurus full moon in May). Precisely because both are fixed signs, and because Scorpio is the most intense water sign, they signifying the emotionality (the “lunacy”) of any full moon ramped to extremes, pumping into full aliveness the rot that has been congealed, (for six centuries?) in the Taurus body — of self, of society, of earth herself.

Note that the Full Moon at 27°14 Taurus/Scorpio is only three degrees from squaring expansive Jupiter at 24°00 Aquarius, thus intensifying the capacity for sudden change, especially in that Mars, at 13°23 Scorpio, is just past exact square to Uranus at 12°11, the planet which governs experimental Aquarius!

That Mars/Uranus opposition in Scorpio/Taurus is also only 5° from being squared by Saturn, also in Aquarius.

So two T-crosses, with a total of six planets, linking Taurus/Scorpio to Aquarius. Huge energy, bottled up, to be released. Where? Into Leo, the sign opposing Aquarius. Think of the T-Cross as an archer’s bow, with arrows aimed from both Saturn and Jupiter in group-oriented Aquarius into the opposite sign, Leo. King of the Heavens. Might it be that individual heroes will be illuminated during and following this unusually powerful and decisive full Moon? I think here of Kyle Rittenhouse, and James O’Keefe especially. Ron de Santis. Donald Trump? We’ll see.

BTW: a friend sent me a link to a very interesting interpretation of the Kenosha event that is now testing, to the max, the second amendment to the Constitution of the U.S.  Did the deep state try — and fail— to take out Kyle Rittenhouse?

Was Kenosha A Failed Hit?

If the jury does render a verdict in Kyle’s favor, then they too, can be seen as Leonine heroes, given that they have already been threatened by the crazy forces marshalling division and chaos wherever possible.

Laura Bruno offers her perspective on this important Full Moon which includes a review of the Sabian symbols. Plus, she points out that this full moon/eclipse, which trines Pluto (so acts to channel the energies of transformation, death/rebirth, in a constructive manner), also exactly trines the coming exact return point of Pluto to it’s original natal position in the U.S. chart.

Meanwhile, as set for Washington, D.C. (see chart above), notice that Pluto is only 3° from exactly conjunct the IC, the root point of this chart. Thus, when set for the power center of the enormous ongoing tug-of-war in the geopolitical realm, THE VERY ROOT OF THIS FULL MOON IS PLUTONIAN TRANSFORMATION.

And notice: the Sabian symbol for this root point, 25° Capricorn: An Oriental Rug Dealer. A rug is something which one stands upon, reverberating with the theme of the Leonine hero who, standing as a singular individual, dares to release his arrow, aiming the tumultuous, transformational power of the six-planet-T-crosses bow of Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius for its Leo target.

Here’s one interpretation of that point.






One Antidote to the Covid Con: STACK FUNCTIONS!

I saw this headline a few days ago:

Indiana Will Be Home to Largest Solar Farm in the U.S. Covering 13000 Acres

And it made me wonder, why not stack functions, grow food under the solar panels? It’s happening elsewhere, and even has a name: AGRIVOLTAICS.

“Stack functions” is a permaculture principle referred to in my exopermaculture posts.

What is permaculture? PERMACULTURE IS RELATIONSHIPS. To one who practices permaculture, everything is related, above to below, inside to outside. This truth is in stark contrast to the disease of isolation/separation that, thanks to the scientistic “method” of analysis without synthesis, has thoroughly infiltrated our culture to the point where, as Mattias Desmet says, a hypnotic Covid spell has been successfully cast over billions of lonely, chronically anxious, disconnected souls by drumming out an endless blaring barage of fear, fear, F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) porn.

Permaculture. Permanent culture. Not the fake, incessant “progress” we were indoctrinated to aspire to, by lording over both nature and other human beings.

Permaculture. Permanent. Regenerative. The way nature herself works,  where “all waste is food.” Trees take in CO2 and breathe out O2. Animals (including humans) breathe in O2 and breathe out CO2. We need each other. Not just within species, but across species.

The patterns of lung and tree are essentially identical, and mirror, for example, the branching of a river. Nature’s designs are “fractal.” Nature knows what she’s doing.

In nature’s world, we need each other. We are inextricably connected to all embodied beings, on all levels.

Which is what Masanobu Fukuoko (born 1914) in Japan discovered, when he was 25, and decided to leave his career as a research scientist, return to his family farm, and learn from nature. The results are documented philosophically in his 1978 book “One Straw Revolution.”

A few quotes:

Permaculture takes advantage of nature’s ways to “stack functions” deliberately as in, for example, this Fruit Tree Guild.

Another example of stacking, this simple structure:


Last night, we at Green Acres Permaculture Village gathered for a short meeting, wherein I mentioned that we’re going to receive six visitors on Thursday, coming in sets of two, at different hours, from near and far away. They all want to know how we are doing it. How to live a connected life, not just with each other, but with the earth under our feet. Our tiny, suburban, retrofit, intergenerational template for a new, interconnected culture — “growing community from the ground up” — has been an object of contemplation by others all along — as a sort of curiosity. But:

Ever since the Covid Con cast its poisoned spell over the world, our way of living and thinking and learning has become more and more compelling to more and more people. At this point, I’d say we average at least three “tours” each month, as people, near and far, begin to realize that the only way we are going to “defeat” the “virus” is to re-member our everlasting interrelationship with both each other and the whole of embodied life.

Joseph, one of our young podmates, mentioned that he would like to see a Green Acres podcast. I suggested that he spearhead it. “Gladly” he replied. Another young podmate, Aya, loved the idea, and added that all her friends want to live like we do, that the millennial generation know that this is what is needed. GOOD!

P.S. Both of these young ones are new arrivals, within the past three months. May they, may we all, both near and far, live long and prosper!

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