Is the Biden/Harris “regime” about to get blasted to smithereens?

I am amazed and pleased to report that the woman across the street from me has finally taken down the Biden sign that has graced/spoiled her front lawn for over a year. But, the question, is, did she take it down because she is finally red-pilled enough to realize that Buy-den is not only an utter embarrassment, but indeed, a total disaster, even for the Democratic party?

Or does she now think that she doesn’t need to leave it up because to her it’s now obvious that he’s in office for the long run?”Those nasty Republicans are not going to be able to take him down.”

Hmmm . . . I’d ask her, but . . . she has been a lifelong Democratic supporter, just like most folks in this academic town. So if it’s the latter, then I’d say she’s not watching all the indications that this regime is just about finished. What will replace it? Who knows. We are in uncharted territory, since we’re told there are no constitutional protocols to deal with such a flagrantly stolen election.

If it’s the former, I’d like to say welcome! But then, I have a sense that her wounded ego would forbid her joining with me, at least for now.

I told this story of my watching, over the past few months, to see when she would take down the sign, to a new friend, whom I contacted via fb after I discovered, from the local newspaper, that she was the one who stood up to the school board here re: masks, refusing to wear a mask herself at the meeting —and then was ushered out . . . And, she lives in Green Acres! My neighborhood! only a few blocks away! She finally found the time to call me two nights ago, and we talked for an hour before I remembered I had to hang up, due to my sleep needs. But, wow, red-pilled allies are starting to pop up, even here!

So, to Biden, or is it Buy-den, or, how about BAD-en? Here are two Fox news clips yesterday,  a network which I used to abhor and am now amazed to find myself watching once in a while — these two people, anyhow, first Jeannine, and then Tucker’s response.

I have to ask: how do they get away with what they say? Are they “controlled opposition”? If so, what layers do they represent? It’s all so very confusing! AS DESIGNED. Yep, we’re supposed to get so whacked out by all the weirdness, all the contradictions, that we just throw up our hands and give up. “Yes, come, take me. I’ll be your willing slave,” might beg the ones called “serfs” in Clif High’s new video giving the linguistic history of “auslanders,” i.e., “outlanders,” “barbarians,” in short, “the others” — or, in current lingo, the unvaxxed.

(I sure wish I could speak to my deceased doctor Dad, who was of course, a major Republican, and increasingly hard of hearing, with Fox news blaring constantly during his final years. Did this fact drive Mom, who was apolitical, into dementia, as an escape? And I wonder, would he now, side with us auslanders? I have a distinct feeling he would, given that, way back in I think it was 1970, he was so incensed that the Sun Valley Clinic, where he was on staff, had decided to perform abortions, that, late in his career, (he must have been near 60) he quit and started a brand new clinic down the road. My dear old Dad: a man who followed his principles, no matter what. Rare, with doctors, these days.)


Interesting that whereas Jeanne thinks “Obama” pulls Biden’s strings, Tucker generalizes to “oligarchs.” I’d bet on the latter. If Obama, then he’s just a bit higher on the puppet ladder.


For anyone who pays attention to the ongoing farce, this is a more and more common question.

Actor caught wearing a mask:

Two obvious markers:

Ears, detached or not?
Eyes, blue or brown?

But there are many others, including the fact that some of the Biden actors? doubles? clones?— all instructed to show “dementia,” which may or may not be real — clearly have even less authentic energy than others.

For example, who’s this recent energized —double? clone? — trying to kid?

Comments to the above are fun, too. For “fewer democracies” substitute “fuhrer” . . .

Anybody want to take a bet that Biden (and Harris?) are about to be relieved from their roles — along with Congress and the Supreme Court? How about the heads of the alphabet agencies, and indeed the entire federal bureaucracy? I know, I know: sheer hopium — in this final act of humanity’s first ever global movie, Part I,  now that Mercury and Jupiter have just turned to go direct? Wanna take a bet that some kind of overwhelmingly horrific disclosure will enter the public sphere that will not only remove remaining Biden lawn signs, but indeed simply rock this fake administration, and perhaps the entire fake federal government, off its rickety stage?

And if we don’t stand together? Did Ayn Rand speak truth?

Here’s another “double,” this time the voice. And a purr-fect ending to this post.


Reminder: Both Mercury and Jupiter turn to go forward Monday, October 18, two days prior to Aries Full Moon

You might want to review the sections on Mercury and Jupiter from this post:

OCTOBER ASTROLOGY: Four Rx Planets Turn to go Direct . . . Ready, Set, GO!

One of the things I mention in there, is that with Mercury turning to go direct, we might see some airlines switching course. And that’s already happening:

Looking more closely at Mercury’s turning, remember that Mercury won’t be out of its retrograde shadow until it reaches the same degree it occupied when it turned to go retrograde at 25°28 Libra on September 27th, where it was only one degree from exactly squaring Pluto at 24° Capricorn, and remained in tight proximity to this square as it turned the corner into red October.  When Mercury turns to go direct tomorrow, it will have backed up to 10°09 Libra, and will then retrace its steps until November 2-3, when it will finally reach that original turning point. Meaning: though Mercury is now starting to break open whatever has been worked through turning the Rx period, the results will gradually reveal themselves over the next two weeks.

Laura Bruno has just posted on the coming Full Moon, at 27°26 Aries, its arrival on Wednesday, October 20. That’s only two days after the direct turnings of Mercury and Jupiter. Sun/Moon at 27° Libra/Aries not only square Pluto (24° Cap), but Pluto’s square with Mars at 21° Libra in a forming conjunction with the Sun and opposes the Moon, with Mars proceeding one degree every two days to exact conjunction with Sun and exact square with Pluto over this coming week. So, in sum: a powerful T-cross approaching tomorrow and lasting through the entire week, pitting various powers (Pluto) against (Mars) one another (Libra), which will likely include infighting, and all fueling the ongoing furious (Mars, Moon in Aries) Plutonian turbulence felt by just about everybody on the planet, making all of us want to do something about whatever we feel is wrong about what’s going on.

And following the Mercury/Jupiter turning to go direct, I sense we’re about to hear from many new whistleblowers (Mercury) in all sorts of areas, opening vast perspectives (Jupiter) that blow our minds wide open.

Pay particular attention to Laura’s elucidation of the more personal meaning of the Mars/Pluto combo coupled with the Full Moon. Also, note the Sabian symbols she points to, as they resonate uncannily with some of the Q material.

Full Moon in Aries — October 20, 2021

NEXT STEP: We RECOGNIZE That We Are Building A Parallel Economy and Culture

Five Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside the System

Reminder oh you other outsiders, LAF meditation tomorrow morning 8 am, your time — wherever you may be, there we are.  


Yesterday, a young male stranger from Louisville called me. He had seen Green Acres Permaculture Village listed on the (Intentional Communities) website. We got to talking; I invited him to join our LAF meditations. He launched into a very strong statement:  “I TREASURE FEAR. BECAUSE FEAR SHOWS THAT AT LEAST THE PERSON FEELS SOMETHING. AND, ” HE ADDED, “IT’S A VERY SHORT STEP FROM FEAR TO LOVE.”

YES. Magnificent. Thank you Evan! Get Ready. Get Set. Let’s GO. Tomorrow morning, Sunday, 8 A.M.




SPEAK TRUTH NOW: for example, this Letter to the Archbishop of Seattle

My brother-in-law John Cowan (husband for 40 years of my now deceased sister Mary) and I have both spent hundreds of hours researching multiple aspects of the Covid Con. A few days ago, we decided to write a letter to my vaccinated siblings, and beg them NOT to take the booster, which will have from 3 to 8x more mRNA than the original shot(s).

During that same phone call (he lives near Seattle, I’m in Indiana), we both vowed: I am not willing to go to my grave without speaking up to close family members about what I now understand about this pandemic and so-called “vaccines.”

John composed the letter, with my assistance. He then sent it out yesterday. Meanwhile, he had also been composing another letter, this one to the Archdiocese of Seattle. It is an unusually powerful document: precise, well-researched, documented, and burning with outrage — he has given me permission to post it here. At my request, he agreed to introduce his letter, in order to let the reader know just why he decided to write it.

John Cowan

For some time, I have been bothered by the Catholic church’s response to this pandemic but was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt; that is, until these so-called vaccines were released.  I watched as the church made decisions about schools and church services that in my opinion were not based on biological science but rather on political science.  The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the decision by the Archbishop of Seattle to do the following: a) require all staff and volunteers that have any contact with children to be vaccinated or terminated, b) to explicitly disallow religious exemptions, c) to not raise any questions regarding the illegality of the governor’s or the president’s efforts to force vaccination on people across this country (especially when the evidence was mounting that this vaccine was causing more harm than it was creating benefit); lastly d) to parrot the Pope’s description of the vaccine as an “act of love,” which was something I found repulsive and seemed to be pulled from the church”s pedophilia vocabulary. 

For me these four points were the last straw; so I went about putting together a letter to the Archbishop and his staff across Western Washington to call on them to explain their violation of Christian ethics, the Constitution of the United States, Health and Human Services regulations (45 CFR 46), and the Nuremburg Code (1947) which governs medical experimentation. 

Given that it was my outrage that had finally prompted me to write the letter, the hardest thing for me was to come from a loving place. I hope I have succeeded.

Letter to Archbishop of Seattle

Does the End of October Mark the Beginning of the End of our Collective Nightmare?

According to Juan O Savin, Trump will return at the end of this month, Red October, first, as Commander-In-Chief. He claims that the U.S. population is now approaching the 80%-plus figure needed for the military to be activated without danger of civil war.

Juan has made promises before. I remember especially his April Fool’s Day prediction, which he then seemed to weasel out of when nothing obvious took place. Back during those first five months or so after Biden was installed on January 20 after an obviously fraudulent election, I was not alone in desperately wondering when our “savior” Trump would ride to the rescue. Then, as the months wore on, and the global situation, especially in the United States, kept deteriorating, given that untold thousands upon thousands of refugees, unvetted, were pouring in over our southern border, including, according to Trump, even occupants of prisons emptied by other countries! —,and including, according to many sources, traffickers of drugs and children — a sense of hopelessness and despair began to settle in. Inflation didn’t help. Nor did the debacle in Afghanistan.

And yet, underneath the despair I could feel a mysterious rising energy in myself, continuous with that same rising energy in the collective; by now this rising energy is so palpable that I imagine all but the most rabid Marxist democrats must admit it into awareness.  At first America’s energetic rebirth funneled through deeply concerned parents, who spoke directly and with great emphasis to their local school boards, about both CRT and masks — so powerfully that Biden’s Attorney General Merrrick Garland labeled them “domestic terrorists.” Of course, digital soldiers then got to work, and discovered that his daughter is married to a man who owns a book company that publishes CRT materials to kids!  And then, when Biden declared the vaccine “mandate” — not really, or at least, not yet — the collective uproar increased a thousand-fold, as more and more employees chose to quit (or be fired from) their jobs rather than take the vax.

Each example spawns others. We grow braver with each brave act by either individual or a group. Furthermore, I can sense a growing unification of effort, as those who wish they had not gotten the vax join with those who did not get it.

It’s Red October, and we still have two weeks to go. Who knows what new revelations will burst forth during the remainder of this month? Durham? McAfee? Ghislaine? Black Swan events? War with China? China war with Taiwan? Total supply chain breakdown? Stock market crash? Total economic crash?

Remember, we are now deep inside the first ever Pluto Return for this young nation. The long cycle of death/rebirth Pluto (248 years) guarantees that whatever ways we misused Plutonian power during its first entire cycle, will come crashing down, resulting in either rebirth to a wiser use of Plutonian power, or a complete letting go of the first national experiment that holds God-given individual liberty to be the foundation stone of a nation state.

In any case, whether or not Juan O Savin is correct, it sure does seem that we are at, as we say now, an “inflection point;” that from now on nothing will ever be the same again.

I listened to a very interesting Michael Jaco interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup during my 2 AM insomniac hours last night. However, her remark that one/third of the people in Maine work in some way with the health care system, stunned me. HUH? Why? And then, I ask, is this vast preponderance true for the entire United States?


Health Care Still the Largest United States Employer

And, health care is projected to grow 14% in the coming years, as the population continues to age. Hmm . . . wonder what the vax will do to fertility rates?

Okay, remember that the profit-oriented medical system — which does not seek healing, just drugs to keep symptoms at bay — is coming down, just are all our corrupted institutions — academia, banking, politics, entertainment, etc. Hopefully, in health care, we will reincorporate an understanding and reversal of the Rockefeller inspired Flexner Report, when it banished all alternative healers and turned them into “quacks,” in favor of so-called science-based allopathic medicine. Christian Northrup’s interview goes into detail about that.

BTW: I checked the astrology for the end of October, and what struck me was that these days coincide exactly with the Saturn square to Uranus in the helio realm, that is, from the Sun’s point of view, which includes the entire earth, not just the U.S.

Unpredictable Uranus will rupture traditional Saturnine forms. 

What’s next?

In large part, what’s next will depend on how many of us join together to vision, and intend, a transformed world in which ensouled humans reconnect with both each other and the soul of the living earth to encourage and share in her generous abundance.

BLS Report: 4.3 million quit their jobs in August . . .??!!??

BLS Report – 4.3 Million US Workers Voluntarily Quit Their Jobs in August



And were some of those who “quit” actually fired? Remember: companies don’t have to pay unemployment if the worker quit. To count a fired worker as “quit” makes monetary sense in this ethically degraded environment.

I also ask WHY? since Biden’s free money to the unemployed expired on Labor Day, September 1. Why would somebody quit a job when, once the free money stopped, they knew others would seek their job? Well, it turns out that the helped wanted signs not only continued, but increased, many times with hourly wages, unheard of until now, attached: at least $15, and often higher. So their jobs weren’t in jeopardy after all? Huh? Weird.

It’s as if, all of a sudden, a large portion of our population suddenly disappeared from sight.

I decided I would spent a good amount of time reading through all the comments to the above piece, and they are instructive, offering many possible reasons why there are still so many open positions, in fact, possibly more.

Among them: 1) especially former service workers have switched to working for themselves, especially in tech industry, designing websites, etc. and 2) the long covid con caused many people to reorder their priorities, with many  deciding to downsize, get to the point where they lead a much simpler life, with less need for money.

Here’s another assessment, which also refers to the Southwest Airlines situation as a possible inflection point.

Hmmm . . . it appears that American Airlines workers are now following the lead of Southwest. YES!

And a judge has just temporarily blocked the United Airlines mandate.

Notice, BTW: Boeing has announced that it is requiring its 125,000 U.S. workers to get the vax by December 8.

But, one does wonder. Is AOC getting her way with the Green New Deal, to stop all reliance on fossil fuels, including commercial air traffic?

Meanwhile, back to the original question. Why did so many quit in August? And why are there so many help wanted signs?

I’m not alone in wondering if many more people are dying (of the vax) than we are informed, which might account in part for the help wanted signs.

Then, there’s the connection to inflation.

In the end, we may want to point to the turmoil in the job market as one powerful indication that the predatory capitalist wage-slave economic model is dead or dying. Along with other indicators, it’s high time we the people begin to build our own parallel economy.

Furthermore, we might as well!

Oh, and some, on islands near Seattle, are trapped even further!




Sydney Powell: “We are not being boiled. We are boiling over.” EVIDENCE.

We are not being boiled. We are boiling over!

Sydney offers in the above post some of the same that I’ve collected, showing the swelling tide of resistance rising to tsunami force, where it will, we know it now in our gut, crash over the Biden beach and wipe out the Globalist/NWO/CCP/Deep State agenda to dismantle the United States and leave it open to takeover.

NO. Not on our watch. We are aware now. And alert. And active.

Here are a few indications from my collection:

First, there’s Southwest Airlines Pilots, who some feel, created THE most important inflection point in the resurgence of energy within this nation.

Remember: the situation of the pilots is critical. One vaxxed pilot has already died while in flight.

Or: was the inflection point the work of Grace Smith a 16-year old girl, in a Laramie, Wyoming high school, who refused to wear a mask, and was suspended. Then, when she tried to get back in her school unmasked, was arrested for trespassing. As many commentators noted: she has more guts than most adults. (BTW: Laramie, being a university town, is likely leftist in orientation.)

Or: might the inflection point be traced soon to the startling breaking news by Jeffrey Prather, of an extremely thorough, and seemingly unassailable legal challenge to the jab by company heads of both trains and trucks that take the goods that come in from all those stalled, on both coasts, container ships, and move them around the country.

And remember: had Donald Trump not been fraudently blocked by the Deep State from continuing his Make America Great Again policy to bring back off-shored manufacturing, the current and growing supply chain blockage would not exist.

Here’s one large corporation that’s refusing to take the fake Biden vax “mandate” (which is not, or not yet, real) seriously:

Then there’s Northrop Grumman, a military/industrial GIANT with near 100,000 employees, some of whom are leading a charge to protest the vax.

Remember, Congress is not required to take the vax! Furthermore, plenty of them take Ivermectin, despite it being officially “banned” in the U.S.

Plus, check out their attitude towards Pfizer.

Meanwhile, in Australia, this rousing call to action during an unprecedented time, ending in “Be Calm. Be United. Be Brave. And Be Good.”

Yes, be calm. Despite recognizing that the energy within ourselves is rising enormously. Stay calm. Center ourselves. Prepare for action, non-violent action, each in our own way, in response to local conditions.

And remember, if we turn violent, “they” will win. So don’t.

Even so, the mood, during the accelerating roar of “Fuck Joe Biden” chants, disguised, ironically and often, as “Let’s go, Brandon”:

Sydney is correct. We, the awakening people of this planet, are, indeed, beginning to BOIL OVER.


Philippe Argillier: Who Controls the Whole World? 38 people.

Whenever I read about people in high places who claim to have access to, and seem to definitively analyze, and come to conclusions about, what appear from the outside to be hidden webby entanglements of data points and networks of various kinds, I start to think of mycellium, that vast hidden webby underground network that nourishes and connects plants to one another from below, showing itself only in its “fruits” — mushrooms.

There is no single point from which mycellium grows. No “final cause,” one might say. Nature apparently doesn’t work that way. Nature doesn’t make pyramidal structures in which “power” flows top to bottom the same way humans do, with the “top dog” at the tippy top point who controls all the rest.

Have you noticed? Always, we contemporary humans tend to ask: “Who is ultimately responsible for . . .” whatever we think is happening! If we could only find that one person or group (or that single, or group of, ET species?), we could then just lop off that identified head of this monstrous mechanism and be done with it. Unless of course, it’s “hydra-headed,” which is becoming more and more the way some of us think about who controls what. And to call something hydra-headed, to see the monster as an octopus, a part of nature! I.e., we begin to smear our usual way of thinking.

In the western world, we have been indoctrinated to believe in “logic,” with assumptions at the top, sense data at the bottom, and rules for the flow from one to the other, bottom to top (evidence that “proves” assumptions) and top to bottom (the usually unnoticed framework, or window, or lens, through which we interpret what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste).  And, we are indoctrinated to believe in “linear chains,” lines that flow “logically” from top to bottom, bottom to top. And always, we seek to know “what” (or “who”) is at the top? Who is ultimately responsible for whatever we think is going on? Who to blame?

But what if nature works more according to the Buddhist way of seeing/being, what is called “co-dependent arising.” Everything is working together, moving together; there’s no sure way of either separating anything out from anything else, or of saying “this causes that.” All that we call “reality” moves and breathes together.

To my mind, the Buddhist approach to reality is much more natural, akin to the phenomenon of mycellium webs threaded throughout nature from below, nourishing all unreservedly.

Or, in the case of trying to figure out who’s responsible for the plandemic, poisoning all unreservedly!

The above is my intuitive hunch, which I attempt to describe in this somewhat off-the-cuff conjecture about the relative value of this and other videos by “experts” who investigate what appear to be the hidden networks behind surface reality. This case, our expert calls it the Shadow Government, a relatively old term, and I wonder if he would equate it to what, in the past few years, we have been identifying as the Deep State?

When I think of either term, I think especially of immense heaving bloated unelected bureaucratic structural edifices that seek to protect and expand whatever are already included in their domains. In other words, it seems obvious to me that this is the inescapable nature of human-made bureaucracies, that, unless curbed, they do tend to entrench and expand. Think of it. You’re someone somewhere in the middle of a bureaucracy, say the head of some department or other. In order to advance in rank, move up in the bureaucratic pyramid, you seek to expand the programs under your control, hire new workers to staff them, etc. The more you control and enlarge, the more likely you will climb up the proverbial ladder of “success,” — and, the larger, more extensive the bureaucracy of which you are a part.

But here’s a man who’s more like Dr. David Martin, in that he also is looking at making sense of the extraordinary complexity of whatever is going on behind the appearances, and he also sees his version of the malevolent, machiavellian structure behind it, discerned, in this case, by long contemplation of what he calls four “data bases” that he now owns, which link people, functions, programs, and organizations together, and all subsumed to, what he thinks are the top dogs, those 38 people who control the whole world.

What I do very much appreciate about this Frenchman, Philippe Argillier, is his statement that he is motivated by his consciousness (by which I assume he means “conscience”). Whether or not his analysis of the networks that invisibly circle the whole world really do have an actual tippy top, where those 38 reside, I have of course no idea. But I do think it may behoove us to think more in terms of mycellium, because when we do, we realize that what’s really going on, is some people are NOT motivated, as he is by conscience. That in fact they have no conscience. That they are psychopaths, with no remorse, who will do anything to get where they want to go. And that these soulless people, when they get together, tend to create poisonous mycellium networks with poisoned fruit: the corrupted institutions that govern our world: banking, government, medicine, media, academia, entertainment, and so on.  And that, finally, it may be the case that the question: who controls the whole thing? is itself not even real. Any webby mycellium “structure” can be analyzed in myriads of ways, but you’re never going to be able to say “here is where it starts,” this is the first cause and that the final cause. Because the linear thinking of our left brains is, simply, way too simplistic to actually be able to fully describe the mysterious underworld, whether it be that created by humans and now called the Shadow Government, or that called mycellium, found in the soil of the natural world.

So, for me, the point of all this is, have a conscience. Be an ethical person. Do not let yourself get roped into any of these poisonous webs that have permeated our planet.

And to do that, to have a conscience, means to attune to one’s own divine, immortal, sovereign soul.


OCTOBER ASTROLOGY: Four Rx Planets Turn to go Direct . . . Ready, Set, GO!

As of August 30, when volatile Uranus turned to go backwards, there were five planets retrograde, i.e., going over old ground, processing what’s already happened; these included Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Then, beginning September 27, when Mercury turned to go backwards for one of its thrice yearly three-week long retrograde periods, the total increased to SIX planets, all moving backwards, going back over old stuff, in order to prepare for beginning again.

Juan O Savin has called this month Red October, as have a number of other “influencers,” noting that big changes are expected — and hoped for, or dreaded, depending on which “side” you are on.


The turnaround began the very first week, when Pluto turned to go direct on Wednesday, October 6, at 24°18 Capricorn. Remember, during the entire time Pluto is in Capricorn (2008 through 2025), our civilization has been experiencing the slow, inexorable detonation of all the structures, visible and invisible, which have held it together for hundreds of years.

Everybody knows that the key nation to watch is the United States. That as the U.S. goes, so goes the world. And there’s astrological backing for that knowledge: Pluto, now at 24° Capricorn, is to reach 27° Capricorn during these years, which is the degree Pluto occupied when this nation was born on July 4, 1776. Between then and now, we have endured/enjoyed a single gigantic cycle of this planet, this planet of power, either experienced as power over or power from within. Our nation’s first cycle of Pluto, the empire-hungry “power over” era, fueled by the bankster/military/industrial complex, seems to be over, as is appropriate, made obvious especially now, given the debacle in Afghanistan during this nightmarish mirage we call the demented Biden presidency. It’s as if, at the end of this nation’s first Pluto cycle, we are experiencing one long sustained JOKE, as either a clone, or one of the doubles, is trotted out for public appearances and then, usually, withdrawn prior to media questions.

It appears that the chant, “Fuck Joe Biden,” has now gone viral, in every maskless crowd that gathers, defying his “mandate,” though the vaxxed MK Ultra hypnotized folks who still think the Covid Con was real, and now, apparently don’t want to know just how real the vax is, continue to “follow” the rules, like good girls and boys.

What happened during that first week of October leading up to and including the Pluto turning moment? Well, for one thing, one Australian premier went down, thanks to being exposed for having taken Pfizer bribes.  Oh yeah, then there’s the fear-mongering La Palma volcanic eruption, ongoing, and some claim, threatening to take out the entire east coast of the U.S. with a tsunami. Geez!

Me? I find it hard not to just stay present, and just show up for what’s going on NOW. And as the saying goes, at this point in this astonishing climax to likely thousands of years of enslaved human history, “Yesterday’s conspiracy is today’s headline.” Yes. It really is impossible to “keep up” with the news, since, thanks to the internet, rather than being fed a single narrative by lockstep MSM, we are “treated” to millions upon millions of continuously fractionating views of mysterious, mutating “reality,” each view either cooperating or competing with all the rest,  a “dot” to be connected, somehow, somewhere, to other dots, but the right dots! — in order to “make sense,” good clear sense? No. But at least some kinda sense, we think, we hope, as we endeavor to catch our breath, find our feet in the onrushing onslaught.

Meanwhile, I continue to notice on my daily walks, that, strangely enough, during this dramatic climactic era in human his-story, I find it easy, natural, and pleasurable to connect with “strangers,” either in their cars, or also walking, all of us with a smile, a wave hello, and even a “Good morning!” Many of these moments last an eternity, opening into the fluidic ocean of oneness in which we are all immersed, and which becomes more and more— not exactly visible, but felt, as transit Neptune seems at this late date in its flow through its home sign of Pisces (2012-2025) to be coaxing us all into a single unified current of awareness, an inner knowing that all the deception and lies (also Neptunian, unevolved Neptune) cannot hold a candle to the truth. And, as Trump said, and was endlessly quoted, during his latest rally, in Iowa, “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE.”

Whistleblowers used to be few and far between. Now they flood in and out from everywhere, a few of them fakes (like the fb whistleblower to CNN), each one with information in their own fields of expertise inside their own little corner of the monstrous, crumbling technocratic oligarchic edifice that, a few years ago, would have blown our socks off. But now, we see and hear them and we think, yes, of course, I already knew that. Or, yes, of course, that makes sense of all the rest I’m hearing.

What used to shock us, what we refused to believe, it is so awful, so evil, so monstrous (like the blackmail and bribery involved in the most lucrative currency in the world, global child trafficking, adrenachrome, SRA) we now take for granted. We hardly blink an eye. That’s how far we’ve come in our Great Awakening!


Okay, so today October 11, 2021, we have a new astrological turning point: strict, stern, disciplined, karmic, organized, structural Saturn turns to go direct at 6°52 Aquarius. And it’s becoming obvious, we actually have been using this Saturn retrograde period (since May 23, 2021), to begin to plan and organize together, cooperate with each other in the Aquarian manner as equals, to experiment with building parallel structures that can replace what is being detonated. Examples: Teachers quitting to home school groups of kids. Medical personnel quitting gigantic corporate, corrupt hospital systems and their murderous protocols to build their own cooperative healing practices. Many thousands of internet “truthers” replacing the obviously dying MSM, despite increasing Big Tech censorship.

And, just this morning:

Podmate Gabby just reminded me that today is the day when the Ghislaine Maxwell is to drop her “little black book” of names. Oh boy! I say, rubbing my hands together in long-awaited anticipation . . .

Okay, what next? What else will thunder forth today as yet another crashing cymbal alerting us to the ongoing purgation/transformation of our entire so-called “civilized” world? Not even Covid can stop it. Indeed, Covid has been one of the biggest spurs to awakening. The more they try to crush us, the more powerful we become, uncovering the Plutonian life force inside our divine depths and roaring into aliveness. No more! No more! Millions upon millions in all the cities of the world rising up as one to protest and say NO! No to the so-called Great Reset. YES to our Great Awakening.

Okay, heads up. Next week we have two more planets turning to go direct, and they will do so on the very same day: 


Monday, October 18: Mercury turns after three weeks retrograde, and Jupiter turns after its retrograde period which began on June 20th. Mercury: the mind, communication, transportation. Perhaps the log jam of container ships will begin to clear? Perhaps airlines will come to their senses, given the increasingly massive unification of their employees against the jab? Perhaps those who have been obfuscating will begin to tell the truth? Perhaps even part of the fake news MSM will get the picture, and, um, turn — to report what’s really happening?

And Jupiter! Ah Jupiter, that great generous, expansive being signifying visions and values that stem from one’s philosophical/theological point of view. Who has a conscience? Who has a soul? Is it hard to tell these days? I think not, given the increasingly pathetic psychopathic behavior of those still greedy for money, power and control over others.  After Monday October 18, I have a sense those without contact with their own souls will begin to be exposed like never before. And that divine justice will at last begin to prevail.

I cannot even begin to imagine the kinds and amounts of stunning, astonishing, breathtaking info to be revealed beginning on Monday, October 18th. As Juan O Savin said, we need 80% of the populace to be unified before we can really do anything about the stolen election. Otherwise, it’s civil war. And it may still become civil war — unless we realize that this is what “they” want, for us to get violent, go to out-of-control, so that they can then “justify” crushing us with their superior weapons. So don’t!

Remember, Gandhi, one of our non-violent exemplars, who warned: “AN EYE FOR AN EYE JUST MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND.”

Yes, instead, keep on resisting tyranny, speaking out, organizing with others cooperatively to formalize parallel structures, all the while laughing, smiling, joyfully creating we, the people’s brand new world that, yes, will take many years to become even somewhat steady and serene. Meanwhile, we’re in for the tumultuous ride of our lives as the corrupt economy collapses, the corrupt religious system collapses, the corrupt political, big tech and media systems collapse, the corrupt educational and medical systems collapse . . .

In the end, as in the beginning, each of us is a sovereign soul, at one with all. It’s time we sense that, know that, stand up for that, center deeply inside that, LOVE that. Love, each of us, our own infinitely precious, beautiful, unique embodied being.

Yes! And then, says Jupiter . . .

Go forth and multiply!

P.S. Two more outer planets, currently retrograde, turn to go direct in coming months: Neptune in December, Uranus in January. Not much breathing room. Learn to surf!





Dr. Peter Breggin, “the conscience of psychiatry,” weighs in on globalist plans for Covid

His conclusion? WE ARE THE PREY, subtitle of his new book, Covid-19 and the Global Predators. 

This 85-year old psychiatrist has been long recognized as “the conscience of psychiatry for his damning critique of lobotomy and electroshock in the 1970s. This critique ignited reform in the psychiatric profession. His work has also provided the foundation for critiques of both psychiatric diagnosis and Big Pharma medications. Breggin speaks up now about the Covid Con, as perhaps the penultimate step towards the enactment of global tyranny. UNLESS: we wake up. NOW. And begin to fight back. We need to stop thinking this rampant global psy-op will just blow over if we keep our heads down. No. We need to break our silence with the weirdly compliant ones around us who got the jab and let them know just how we think and feel, and why; plus: what they can do to mitigate the effects of the poisonous injections.

World Renowned Psychiatrist: ‘Globalist Predators’ Fauci, Gates and Schwab behind the COVID ‘Reign of Terror’


“This is terrifying folks, but it shouldn’t make you anxious, afraid, guilty, ashamed, helpless,” he said. “It should arouse you to look with reason to what in the world is happening in the world.”

Breggin said his book explains in detail how this evil was allowed to take hold.

“It has an ancient history,” he noted, citing Caesar, Genghis Khan, certain African tribes, and the Inca empire.

“There’s always been this tendency to keep people in thrall, he explained.  “What’s happening to us now is not new. It’s not unexpected or unheard of. It’s how humanity has always lived.”

Decades in the making, the globalist plot to create a new world order gained traction during the Obama years.

“In 2010, Bill Gates pronounced ‘the decade of the vaccine,’ and who do you think was right with him as a partner in the declaration? Anthony Fauci.”

. . .

He said Gates at that time was already working with the drug companies to develop what would become to be known as “Operation Warp Speed.”

“Poor, deluded Trump—I love Donald Trump—in a way, deeply for what he has done for America First, and liberty, but he was duped. He couldn’t believe he was duped by everybody.

Breggin said Trump thought he had come up with Operation Warp Speed, but he was only implementing what Gates had come up with in 2017.

. . .

Stop lamenting, stop complaining. Be joyful, and I mean joyful. We won’t always be joyous – be joyful that you are in a moment of time when you can help turn the tide again the way our founders did. We really have an opportunity to get together, create our own institutions, fight back, take big risks. Do you know the founders of our country, each and every one who signed the Declaration of Independence, consciously knew that they had created King George’s hit list. Every single one of them knew that if the war was lost, they’d be sought out and hanged. King George promised it when he saw the list.

My emphasis about, it’s going to get worse. My emphasis is, that’s the plan. The plan always starts with one piece of oppression, two pieces. They work you up, like the proverbial frog in the hot
water, which is probably not a true story, but that’s the metaphor, until you’re cooked, boiled, so it’s inevitable, folks. Don’t wait for it to end. Whoever’s behind Joe, whether it’s his wife, or
Barack Obama. I don’t know why we don’t know. I don’t know who’s not looking hard in that area. I’m sure there’d be a way to find out who’s behind Joe, because it’s not Joe. There’s nothing
inside of Joe much now, but this is the plan. It’s not going to just get better by itself, absolutely will not.

. . .

Breggin predicted that America will see its own French Revolution-style “Reign of Terror.”

“It inevitably goes that way until there’s either a fight back or people become so docile that they only need occasional examples of terrorization,” he said. “We have to fight back. I’ve never put it so clearly in my life, folks, but there’s no doubt about it. This is the situation. I’m not talking about violence. I think we first have to work ourselves up to see if we can do this with just plain dissent. Be like Gandhi, be like Martin Luther King, and take brave risks. I think that’s where we have to go.”


My former brother-in-law and I are busy crafting a letter to send to my sibs (all of whom are vaxed) and include this Breggin post. We will also beg them NOT to get booster shots, since they are many times more poisonous than the first two shots. It’s time to speak up, even if it may cause a rift in the family. Hopefully, that rift will be short-lived. But if not, I will go to my grave knowing I didn’t just slink away, hoping it would all blow over, but STOOD UP,  to take “brave risks.”

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