Juan O Savin: On the Death of Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele, with a sensitive, nurturing Cancer Sun hiding behind a steely (Mars in Scorpio, no birth time so don’t know Ascendant) and emotionally volatile personality (Sun near unpredictable Uranus in Cancer), was born on July 16, 1952, and died at the age of 69, during an extended period when transit Uranus had been crossing back and forth over his natal Jupiter/Moon in Taurus, which in turn, squares his exact natal Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Leo. This stubborn (Moon/Jupiter in Taurus) man was recognized for his depth charges into the collective unconscious (Mercury/Pluto Leo square Moon/Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio), to expose the horrifying gunk that surreptitiously undergirds and energizes human civilization. I can imagine that during recent years transit Uranus over his sturdy Moon/Taurus body had been pushing it to the max for perhaps way too long.

RDS is especially known for his early recognition, announcement and detailing of extremely lucrative forms of “currency” in global trafficking, as I discuss in this exopermaculture post from 2017:


I found myself very moved by both Juan O Savin’s larger spiritual perspective on the death of Robert David Steele, as well as his (second hand, he freely admits) detailing of the circumstances of the manner of his dying.

The death of Robert David Steele was announced on social media August 29.

New Juan O Savin and Sean Stone: The Death of Robert David Steele

According to JOS, within the final months of his life, and while on his grueling two month (?) long bus tour of small towns of America, RDS converted to Christianity — or found God, or however one wants to speak of the divine Love within which all our lives are embraced and which fills and fuels the universe. JOS was grateful that his friend, with whom he had had a number of deep talks recently, had fulfilled the spiritual promise of his life before dying.

What JOS heard from close friends who were present about the manner of his dying however, leaves JOS troubled. Apparently, RDS, who had been suffering for some time from what seemed to be chronic bronchitis, decided he needed oxygen, because the oxygen level of his blood was dangerously low. He felt the best way to get this was in a hospital. However, he signed a DNI (Do Not Intubate) form, to let them know he did not want to be intubated, because he was aware, according to JOS, that up to 80% of people with respiratory problems who are intubated, die. That intubation is basically a death sentence.

Meanwhile, he brought with him the substances that he had been taking, among them Ivermectin, HCL, Zinc, Vitamins C and D, and so on, thinking to continue them in the hospital.

However, according to JOS, at some point hospital personnel wanted to intubate him, and he was “combative” with them. So they administered a sedative, “probably intervenously,” after which they intubated him, and he subsequently died.

It’s not clear from JOS telling, just who was with him, as patient advocate. Or did he have one? The first story I saw about his death said it was his about-to-be ex-wife who wanted him intubated. True? If so, the story of the death of this well-known warrior for truth, already tragic, deepens.

If what JOS says about the circumstances surrounding the manner of the death of RDS are true, his death exposes how hospital protocols, no matter how well-meaning, can and do sometimes conflict with patients’ wishes, and that the results of this conflict can be fatal. For another story of someone who fought, and won the right to do exactly what she had requested for her hospitalized husband, see this:



Or, if you must go in, make sure you have a fearless warrior advocate by your side.

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