(My) Second Sunday Meditation — Love Alchemizes Fear: PLUS WARNING!

I expected the two women who were with me the first time to come, but they did not. However, both puppy Shadow and kitty Tiger showed up.

After cleansing with sage and lighting a candle, I went immediately into meditation, holding Earth as a ball with anti-parasitic Ivermectin syringe in my hands, at 8:00 AM, and stayed there, rooted in place, for, it turned out, exactly 30 minutes. Twice as long as the first time. This time I was not, with each breath, to descend deep, deep, deeper into the core of the Earth to begin to vibrate and eventually clear out the stuck parasitic gunk down there. No. This time I was to remain here, on the surface, grounded and centered within my heart while sitting on the screened in porch at home as wave upon wave upon wave of F.E.A.R. cascaded towards me, from all directions, apparently magnetized by my open heart, which then easily alchemized the sucky F.E.A.R.  (False Evidence Appearing Real) into expansive Love.

Near the end, I found myself in left brain doing the numerology for “LAF” (Love Alchemizes Fear) and discovered it’s an 8, which, turned on its side, is the infinity symbol. Perfect. Because it feels like there is no end to the F.E.A.R., that it goes on and out and in and down and up forever, as does our capacity to transform, transmute, alchemize it.

Then, in my right brain, there appeared the image of an eight-armed  figure, or flower — like the Flower of Life — which you see here composed of multiple six-sided figures (three figure-eights), but instead with eight arms (four figure-eights), not six, the other two crossing through the center at the horizontal.

This to me, apparently, illustrated what I was doing today. Working on the horizontal level, where we all, mostly, live!

Okay, I asked myself, what IS this figure? What’s it called? If the six-sided one is the Flower of Life, what’s the name of this eight-sided one? Well, it turns out that the eight-sided figure has multiple meanings.

Not only did I discover a website with a huge amount of information re: this particular symbol, and all very succinctly put, but: Whaddyaknow! This is the symbol I use to note something I’m writing down as important! This eight-pointed star! Don’t we all?

Symbol Series: 8-pointed star


BTW: after I was done meditating, as we did to introduce the first ceremony last Sunday, this time I ended my meditation by chanting the same sacred phrase: OM MANI PADME HUM. ( Yep! Another synchronicity.)

From Part 2:

In other words, this eight-pointed star symbol is unusually multivalent, with “planetary, directional, and calendrical meanings.”

Remember: all this came about because I was noticing, in my meditation, that from my position while seated centered on the porch, I seemed to be receiving and alchemizing currents of F.E.A.R. energy from eight different directions coursing through my opened heart.

If you recall, during the first meditation, deliberately introduced at the karmic 29° Leo Full Moon conjunct Regulus last Sunday at 8:02 AM EDT, we asked to alchemize the parasites infecting Air, Water, and Earth through the Fiery Leonine courage of our opened hearts. In other words, we ask to consciously work with the four elements that make up this 3D realm: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Well, I received an interesting warning after this meditation was over. As my (tremulous) hand reached to blow out the candle, I picked it up, and hot wax spilled all over my shaky fingers and onto the table. Ouch! Pay attention, Ann! Especially when you, a fiery double Sagittarian, nearly 79 years old and with nervous system damage, are consciously invoking FIRE!







4 thoughts on “(My) Second Sunday Meditation — Love Alchemizes Fear: PLUS WARNING!

  1. Dear Ann, Your ladies showed up, just not the ones you were expecting! Got to love those time zones… 8:00 a.m. my time. Open heart, minus the candles… sufficient! Love, B.

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