U.K. FUNERAL DIRECTOR: “We’ve got to band together. Because if we don’t, the end is coming.”

Max Igan: “I know.”

This may be the most utterly riveting video I’ve ever come across. It may even be THE Truth-Telling half-hour that tips the swelling emotional tide in the other direction. This courageous whistleblower funeral director in Britain declares that he is consciously willing to sacrifice his own life, if telling the truth about what he knows (and corroborates, hearing from at least 45 other funeral directors) will help save even one person’s life. Yes. He is aware that he himself will be disappeared, given what, as a funeral director, he knows and is telling the rest of us.

This awake, aware, and authentically human funeral director is not asking for anonymity and/or “witness protection.” For he is not willing to compromise his greatest values: Truth and Love.

I repeat: this good man is willing to sacrifice himself for us. Are we for him? Am I, for you? Not by donning a mask, not by distancing myself, not by quarantining myself,  and HELL NO! not by sticking something way up my nasal cavity or rolling up my sleeve over and over and over again — but by banding together NOW to say NO. NO MORE. No more “euthanasia,” “culling,” (his words) of the old and other deplorables (that’s the rest of us).

WARNING: Unless we DO band together, and stop the genocide, this whistleblower and prophet says . . . yes, here’s what he accurately predicted to his fellow funeral directors in December 2019: the introduction of the vaccine would be timed with sudden mass death. They scoffed. So now they listen to him. The next step, he tells them, is this: “they will say there’s a new variant, that it targets children. There will be some children’s bodies. They will coerce you to get the vax to save the children.”

Me: In other words, the funeral director predicts that there will be more psychopathic, parasitic sucking on our divinely given capacity for empathy.

And the final step? Internment camps. Being built now. With ovens. And crematories. Get the picture?

Every awake person needs to see/hear this sovereign soul’s impassioned, heartfelt plea to every single human being on this planet who has not yet been killed off, and who has yet to wake up to and from the spell in which he or she has been encased like a funeral shroud. Individual spells fuse and diffuse into a thick, contractive, webby collective spell, the collective miasmic funereal shroud of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that infects the planetary and solar system biome, and feeds the selfish greed and will to power of the soul-less ones.

Note: I know this sounds paranoid.

But just as we can re-imagine the nuclear bomb blast as a vast explosion of human creativity, let us now, reimagine the individual and collective funeral shroud spell as a cocoon, about to burst open the butterfly.


Listen to this whistle-blower.  You owe it to all of us.

As I owe it to him to tell all of us to listen to him.

Our empathy IS our supreme value.

Let us not allow that God-given LOVE to be twisted to serve the evil of the FEAR agenda of the soul-less ones who see themselves as our Overlords.



7 thoughts on “U.K. FUNERAL DIRECTOR: “We’ve got to band together. Because if we don’t, the end is coming.”

  1. We must stop what the goverment are doing,we need more people to come out and tell the truth,I would like to thank this man for speaking out.

  2. Ann, could you please share the link to the funeral director’s video? I can’t find the entire video anywhere else. Thank you!

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