RE-MEMBER: “Pluto Returns,” in the U.S. Chart, for the First Time Ever, NOW!

I ask the reader to keep in mind that everything happening now is occurring inside the backdrop of the FIRST EVER PLUTO RETURN to the original U.S. chart, formed on July 4, 1776. Here’s an exopermaculture post from five months ago that you might want to revisit. For it’s true: THIS PROLONGED PAIN IS NECESSARY! As in any birthing process, if we are to succeed, then we will rebirth our divinely inspired Constitutional Republic — stripped of the bureaucratic bloat and corruption that inevitably builds up over time. The birthing process is constant: first comes labor, and then pushing. Labor can be short or long, depending on mysterious factors nature herself determines. All we can do is “go with the flow, — or fearfully stiffen against it, which increases the pain. As with natural childbirth, which I practiced for both of my sons’ births 55 and 57 years ago, what helps the process is fearlessness, knowing that the miracle of birth is both inevitable and regenerative, and even enjoyable, when attended by deep breathing, attuned to the profound wisdom of bodily rhythms. 

Let us center ourselves within our own bodily integrity, itself an outgrowth of and attuned to the living body of Mother Earth, and let us breathe, slowly and deeply, as together we undergo this prolonged, seemingly miraculous process that promises to rebirth both America and the entire human species into a transformed world that joyously celebrates sovereign souls, at one with all.

PATRIOTS! Remember, Re-member: “Pluto Returns,” i.e.,THIS PROLONGED PAIN IS NECESSARY

PATRIOTS! Remember, Re-member: “Pluto Returns,” i.e.,THIS PROLONGED PAIN IS NECESSARY

The planet Pluto. Notice the heart?

We are undergoing the very first Pluto Return to  its natal placement in U.S. history. Now. During these years.

Pluto = Death and Rebirth.

So, will the baby be (re)born alive?

Or will the baby be stillborn.

The choice is ours.

On this day, June 6, 2021, Pluto sits at 26°27 Capricorn, slightly more than one degree from its position at 27°32 Capricorn in the U.S. natal chart. For several years already, and ongoing through the next several years, Pluto is transiting back and forth over its original position, symbolizing the process of dying and rebirth, for the very first time in this nation’s history.

As far back as 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn and the banks failed, we have been undergoing a seemingly inexorable destructive journey, punctuated by the fact that as Pluto undergoes its excruciatingly slow movement through Capricorn, it focused first on opposing the home-and-family loving Cancerian placements of Venus and Jupiter at 3° and 5°, the Sun at 13°, and now Mercury.

(More on Mercury later.)

In seeming contradiction to the restless, innovative, freedom-loving American spirit (Sagittarius Ascendant, opposing Gemini Mars/Uranus midpointing the Descendant) Americans love and protect their homes, their families, their communities. At least they used to. But beginning after World War II, when returning soldiers wrenched their young families from the secure arms of their extended families in order to gain the rewards of the G.I. bill; and then, even stronger, ever since the late 1960s, so much atomizing indoctrination has taken place, that already this short-lived unit of stability, the nuclear family, has been itself blasted apart, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, leaving utter desolation in its wake. Alcohol, plus pharmaceutical and other drugs, often pursued originally to mask the horrific pain of isolation and separation, destroy to the point where, increasingly, those without even physical homes “litter” the streets.

And lately . . . well, everything has gotten way worse! We all know this. We want to blame the plandemic, or the politicians, or whatever! Some single point source, some “cause,” — but the trouble started way before that, or maybe we can even say the trouble was built into the American DNA, a contradiction between Sagittarian “freedom” and Cancerian “security.” Too much freedom, and lawlessness, chaos reigns. Too much security, and we become stagnant, insular. This contradiction, this paradox, this extraordinarily powerful evolutionary dynamic that feeds the soul of the American spirit, needs to be both embraced and integrated, consciously, within the soul of each individual, each family, and each community, who lives here, if this nation is to survive into the future.

Yes. It is well for us to remember, to-remember, during this strange, chaotic, seemingly climactic twilight zone period in U.S. and world history, that the planet Pluto, is now returning to the degree it occupied in the U.S. Declaration of Independence chart for the very first time since this nation was born, after 248 years.


Axiomatic for me: THE MEANING OF A PLANET IS ITS CYCLE. Corollary: the longer the cycle, the larger the meaning. Dwell on that. Imagine cycles in your own life, especially 30-year cycles of any kind, either archetypal Saturn returns (at 30 years, at 60 years), or cycles where we began to imagine a possibility, and then, only 30 years later realized it, made our dream come true. Such is happening now, for example, with my son Colin, inventor of the Garden Tower Project, who is using his very fertile mind and learned expertise to solve design and construction problems as he spends this year “tricking out” a bus to become a tiny home on wheels. This project is something he has dreamed of for 30 years. Colin is 55, so he’s had this dream since he was 25 years old.

Any space/time cycle in our lives is fascinating, precisely for what it teaches us about ourselves. And the longer the cycle, the more fascinating the discovery process. When we experience one whole cycle of any length consciously, spending time to rethink, recapitulate that cycle as a whole, to see what we have learned as we begin again with a new cycle of the same energy, we can then utilize the first cycle as foundation, thus shifting our life into an evolutionary thrust, spiraling through time and space. Life opens. Forever.

Likewise, with the evolutionary history of a nation-state. The longest planetary cycle that astrologers track, the cycle that we as individuals cannot live through completely unless we live to be 248 years old —; now, in the history of our nation the cycle of Pluto is up, front and center, for not just we who live in this country, but for our ancestors and our descendants, and indeed, for humanity at large, since America has been the leader (the loss leader?) for so long. Over these next few years, as Pluto continues to decimate old hierarchical Capricornian structures we took for granted, we are coming to a shuddering realization: as this country goes, so goes the world.

Pluto, planet of primal power, the hidden underworld wealth — not just gold, silver, diamonds, other precious metals, oil, gas, and other “plutocratic” riches; not just underground tunnels containing ETs, entire cities, plus thousands upon thousands of dead and alive pedophile and satanic victims and their adrenalized blood — for this is the currency that runs the Deep State;  but even deeper, Pluto symbolizes that which we can otherwise refer to as “aliveness” — that which brings material and energetic forms into and out of manifestation.

I’ll say it again: Pluto, symbolizing the power of conception, gestation, birth, growth, maturation, decay, dying and death, leading to rebirth, is, during these upside-down years, returning to the exact degree it occupied when this nation was born.

A first Plutonian cycle is completing.

Will there be another?

If so, what will it look like?

Will this nation have learned from its first cycle? Will the imperial, imperious, my-way or-the-highway,  hyperpower nation that dominated the entire world with intellectual/industrial innovation and resource grabs from elsewhere, recognize that another way must be found, and that actually indeed, Donald J. Trump is right, we must let go of endless bankster wars and put America first, without dominating others; instead, we must encourage and inspire other nations to put their own countries first, in a multi-polar world that will also destroy the last vestiges of  planetary-domination desired by another power-over Plutonian power, the Deep State One World Order?

Pluto sits in the second house of the U.S. chart. The second house refers to the way an entity grounds itself into its own value. Pluto sits in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn refers to the laws, rules, roles, regulation, framework, and goals of any organized entity.

At present, the entire framework, both conscious and unconscious, that undergirds this nation, that has given it its value (including fiat money), is coming apart at the seams. The Justice Department, the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the present Administration, all are proving themselves to be corrupt beyond measure, subject to brainwashing, blackmail, and bribery. Likewise the corrupt ways our elections have been framed for only god knows how long.

Whatever we once took for granted is not just called into question, but disintegrates, when looked at from either close to or far away.

Pluto at 27° Capricorn, opposes Mercury at 24° Cancer. We are in a world wide war, an information (Mercury) propaganda indoctrination mind-controlling world wide war, utilizing corrupt mainstream corporate media to instigate fearful emotional (Cancerian) reactions to perceived threats — witness the ongoing CV 19 plandemic, witness the UFO “threat” disclosure coming this month — because fearful, socially-distanced people are easily divided (negative Mercury communication, transportation) from one another (notice how even individuals in our own personal families are at each other’s throats re: “the jab”), controlled (negative Pluto), subjugated (negative Pluto), overpowered (negative Pluto). Fearful people are paralyzed, contracted; they do not operate from what we’ve learned to call “power from within,” which renders us fearless. Instead, they cower, hide, scurry wherever they are forcibly led, by negative Plutonian forces, whether overt or covert, to the chopping block, the trains to Auschwitz, the vaccine.

Fearful people CAN wake up. If and when they do, they can take hold of themselves, their own interior, their own hearts, where the power of love resides and asks to be called upon. This power of Love, much greater than that of Fear, is the promised land, a land beyond the overt and covert destruction of the ways of life we have always known, what we used to call “normal.”

What will the new cycle of Pluto look like? Will this originally inspired American Republic still exist? Will the once fabled “united states,” now so disunited, reunite, as soon as each state, each locality, each neighborhood, each home, each person, finds within the self the power of Love and expresses it fully and fearlessly into the world?

Nobody really knows. Meanwhile, we are still in the process of undergoing the dying of the old cycle to make way for the new cycle to be born. Pluto’s power is disgorging all the horrific hidden gunk to the surface, where it must be faced, embraced, and finally, erased. This takes courage. The Mercury mind that works with Pluto, when conscious, rather than being subject to indoctrination, opens to revelation, continuously expanding perspective.

Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930, and has been long associated with the splitting of the atom, which occurred for the first time in 1932; note that the first fission experiment occurred in early December 1942 (only days prior to my own birth), and the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

The power of aliveness, buried inside the atom, is ours to explore consciously, if we are willing to let go of Fear, open our hearts, and allow the universal, magical, mysterious power of Love that fills and fuels the universe to course through.

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