Just 5% of all COVID “lots” responsible for high death rates? Plus, COVID migration in play.

This first story caught my eye the other day, mainly because it made me wonder if it helps to explain why there seem to be more reports of COVID deaths and injuries in some areas rather than others. I used to assume the differences were in large part due to variations in press censorship.  But now I wonder . . .

100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths caused by just 5% of batches produced according to official Government data

Update, same day: Here’s what may be the original story on this finding:

Mike Yeadon: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse

Mike Adams of Natural News pursued this further, in yesterday’s podcast, starting at about minute 35 and going for at least 12 minutes.

He says that an investigator (who?) read this (the first story above) thought it must be fake news. But then he looked into the same data on VAERS, and came to the same conclusion. That only 5% were kill shot lots.

Mike Adams surmises that this means 95% of the lots were just saline solution or saline plus bad stuff that wasn’t actually deadly. He also surmises that this may be the way the globalists are introducing depopulation, a little bit at a time, so that it won’t be too obvious, and people will still consent to the boosters. Plus those who get the saline shot with no or minor ill effects just think those who talk about deaths are wrong or crazy, or: it couldn’t have been the vaccine.

He also talks about immediate (within 30 days) death, medium range (up to six months or a year?) and long range (ten years).

Says the original story was wrong; the investigator who checked again discovered that the poison lots weren’t just scattershot to all sorts of places, but that they seem or did seem to be focused somehow. How? —Mike wonders — on certain classes? voters? races? states? cities? — and that if you go down the list you see that usually any poisoned lot is adjacent to a few others, also poisoned. So that it’s as if, when the vials were on the production line, someone was there to say, “start the death jabs now!” and then, after a certain number, “okay, stop the death jabs now!” Weird. Much more research needed.

Also, he conjectures that this might explain how they were able to ramp up the fear so quickly. Remember? Northern Italy was the first place where the death rate was very high, followed by NY, where the death rate also very high (thanks also to Cuomo placing sick patients into nursing homes). Both stories were heavily publicized by the MSM, and so it might be that northern Italy was the first place to which the kill shot lots were delivered.

BTW: only two days ago, there was news that the death rate in northern Italy was not nearly as high as originally promoted.

Italy has revised its estimated number of deaths from COVID-19 from over 390,000 to less than 4,000 — overnight.



But no matter. The deed was done. The fear porn got ignited, swelled, and poisoned the entire global atmosphere.

From my email list, I see today that exopolitics researcher Michael Salla has just uprooted from his beloved Hawaii for Tennessee. Why? Because Hawaii has bought the fear porn. Tennessee has not.

Lots of folks have already left California for either Texas or Florida. I personally know of a couple who are relocating from draconian Washington to freedom-ringing Montana. It would be interesting if someone would track the movement of people inside the U.S. now, to identify the flows of those who are fleeing states where draconian COVID policies prevail. Here in Indiana, I happen to live in Bloomington, a typical academic town, in that draconian COVID policies do prevail. Bloomington is an island of blue in a sea of rural red. It’s hard to believe that COVID policies happen to track with the Democrat/Republican urban/rural political divide, but they indeed do.

So glad to see pushback beginning with the elections yesterday in Virginia.



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