How to comprehend the HYPNOTIC SPELL that has been cast over much of the human population?

I feature here two attempts to explain the origin and significance of the spell, both well worth listening to. The first reminds me of a short-lived abusive relationship that I was once in. I should have known, because the very first morning after he moved to town to move in with me, we were out walking when I inadvertently speeded up a step ahead of him. Instantly, he forcefully pulled me back; told me under no circumstances was I to do that . . .

That I continued for over a year to suffer his mental and emotional abuse and gaslighting shows how naive I was to think that either I could change him, or, he’s right, I must be wrong, bad, stupid, in desperate need of his help/advice, and so on.

This psychologist, Meredith Miller, speaks of the interpersonal dynamics of psychological abuse, writ large, where the Government and its minions become the abuser of We the People.

Reiner Fuellmich Speaks to Psychologist on the Mechanics of Why People Follow the Covidvaxx Narratives

Here’s another clinical psychologist, Mattias Desmet, this one a statistician as well, who describes the phenomenon of “mass formation,” and how it had developed within a population that, even before the Covid Con, was experiencing (conscious or unconscious) PTSD — including social isolation, meaninglessness, free floating anxiety, and lack of purpose in life.

“Free floating anxiety is the most painful feeling a human being can experience. It constantly threatens to turn into a panic attack.” Thus, the need to find an object upon which to pin the anxiety. Moreover, once this object— in this case, “the virus” — has been seized upon by the PTSDed population, then the other three criteria — social isolation, meaningless, and lack of purpose all disappear: Those inside the mass formation are then socially “connected” to others via the “meaning” and “purpose” attached to the virus.

I find this explanation for the ever more obvious cultural trance unusually compelling, especially in that Desmet also points to the deeper cause of all of it, a dying industrial culture steeped in a much too limited materialistic ideology in which the religion of scientism sees the body as merely a machine. I would go even deeper, and point to the mind/body split, ignited back in the 17th century by the Cartesian maxim: “I think, therefore I am,” as even more fundamental. We are indoctrinated into a world-view that values the mind alone, views the mind as separate from the body (and from nature in general), and sees the need for (similarly indoctrinated) experts to both interpret what is happening within the body, and how to “fix” it.

This is perhaps the most valuable video I have ever come across in understanding just how so many have fallen so far down a black hole in which I, and others who think for themselves, have chosen to step around.

If you don’t have time to watch this entire video, here’s a website that sums it up. 


After watching this video, I’m more and more convinced that, whoever is “responsible” for either causing or, more likely, taking advantage of, the PTSD that has gradually captured our end-stage materialist society that split us from both each other and the land, they are witting or unwitting puppets in a larger “agenda” that features the universe itself utilizing “the virus” to usher us into the next stage of human evolution. Destined to reconnect with each other as sovereign embodied souls, in communion with one another as mirrors, we will then recognize our own need for and capacity for healing, and thus deepen our comprehension of our own unique natures. The resultant radical infusion of aliveness will, in turn, lead us to discover and fearlessly follow our own individual passions, result in overflowing abundance in every direction, and shower us with the meaning and purpose that has been missing from the lives of so many for so long.



6 thoughts on “How to comprehend the HYPNOTIC SPELL that has been cast over much of the human population?

  1. Thank you Ann for sharing the video with Meredith Miller and Reiner This is so important to understand how cognitive dissonance has been created by using trauma mind control and systematic abuse on the population. It has bothered me that so many say that those who can’t see the truth are stupid. Not so, as Meriden beautifully explains. Instead they need our compassion and to realize what has really happened to them. This is a brilliant discussion! May it be seen by all those who can see the truth.

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