Third Sunday Meditation, LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR: with son Colin!

I must say, I am so glad Colin suggested we do our regular meditation every Sunday morning, at 8 AM. SO much better than doing it at the exact moment of each quarter Moon. For three reasons: 1) we echo and honor that exact Full Moon at 29° Leo conjunct Regulus on Sunday, August 22 at 8:02 AM, when a few of us, scattered across the world, began to meditate, alone and together, like Lions, courageously opening our Loving hearts with compassion for those Sheeple whose Fear still cripples them; 2) it’s so much easier than figuring out when the quarter Moons are every 7.5 days or so, and furthermore — as Gurdjieff once said, “humans are food for the Moon” — that’s enough! It’s time we let go of tidal swings of emotion, and see through to the infinite cosmic presence in which our Earth/Moon duet is held; and 3) it’s wonderful for me to once again devote a small part of each Sunday morning to some kind of spiritual observance — especially with my own son!

Keep in mind that I was raised Catholic, and that my boys were not. In my early 20s, I began to gradually exit from that extremely strong childhood indoctrination — and I wonder if Colin even knows that it was when I accidentally got pregnant again with him, despite birth control, that I decided to leave the church. Finally, I realized that I needed to be sovereign over my own body, no matter “the Church”‘s demand that I NOT practice anything but the notoriously inexact “rhythm” method of birth control.

In any case, both boys were raised without religious observance of any kind. And certainly neither of them was ever up for some kind of Sunday Meditation! So color me delighted when Colin arrived at about 7:30 AM this morning, ready to do the third Sunday Meditation together with me.

He wanted to do a meditation where we would energetically use our Love to carve out a tunnel to the core of the earth and then shoot back up again, vertically through our bodies and up into the sky, raining down Love everywhere to alchemize Fear before descending once again, to the core. Both descent and ascent done with the breath, while holding our anti-parasitic Ivermectin syringes in our cupped hands. Okay.

I set up a tiny table in front of us, covered with a good cloth, under which the cat Tiger immediately crawled. Placed upon it a candle shaped like a rose, and sage in a sea shell for burning, to clear both of us before we began to meditate.

I followed along with his instructions during the meditation, but found myself visualizing a mushroom cloud . . . now I knew that this visualization probably was due to the fact that I had listened to the latest Clif High audio in the middle of the night, where he talked about five remote viewers having all independently seen a mushroom cloud for September. Clif, notably, did NOT see this happening. Then, after our meditation, I noticed that Tarot by Janine also addressed the issue of the remotely viewed mushroom cloud, and her cards also told her no, that this would not happen, even though, her cards claimed, like so much else, it certainly had been a plan by the bad guys.

In any case, back to the meditation: I kept seeing a mushroom cloud, and yet, because I have worked for years to shift the significance of that cloud, it did not yank me into F.E.A.R. Instead, I energetically did what I always do, alchemize the mushroom cloud as symbolic of a nuclear explosion of human creativity.

And that, as you can imagine, felt very good.

Our intense session was suddenly complete, after only 15 minutes, though we did take a few minutes to tell each other of our experience.



Laura Bruno: New Moon in Virgo, September 6, TRINES URANUS (exact)

I find Laura Bruno’s articulate and multi-leveled perspective on the flavor and import of Monday’s New Moon — this Labor Day New Beginning — spot on. Thank you! Plus, I’ll add, the fact that it’s a New Moon in mental Virgo points to detailed, task-oriented, analysis, sorting through and figuring out, critiquing and discerning just what’s what, in all the electrifying (Uranus), earthshaking (Uranus in Taurus) fake and real, layered and chimerical NEWS blasting into the mind, unrelenting, 24/7.

Please pay especially close attention to Laura’s way of addressing the Black Moon Lilith connection.


New Moon in Virgo — September 6, 2021

September 6 New Moon in Virgo at 8:52 p.m. Eastern, trine Uranus. A harmonious trine of Sun/Moon and Uranus within 0°01′ from exact, marks this grounded New Moon with an extra dose of innovation and liberation. Pay special attention to intuition. Uranian insights arrive like a bolt of lightning. Surprising events could shake up the status quo. Recommended mantra: “If not this, then something better.”

The exact trine with Uranus makes it the dominant energy of this New Moon; however, Black Moon Lilith is also trine within two degrees. This gives us a clue as to what type of emotional and conscious liberation and revolution we — as individuals and as a collective — might experience.

I think of Black Moon Lilith as a female version of Pluto, combined with Uranian energy. The Dark Feminine, narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, and autoimmune reactions all fall under Lilith’s purview. Both Lilith and Uranus reject tyranny. They get volatile when they feel oppressed. Topics that could arise for healing include human trafficking and personal sovereignty. Lilith triggers energies around abortion, refugees, personal and national boundaries, literal and metaphorical rape, Satanic Ritual Abuse, sex trafficking, as well as threats of mandatory vaccination. Uranus conjunct Lilith, trining the New Moon, supports innovative solutions to complex problems.

At its lowest vibration, this New Moon could bring Shadow reactions, anarchy and hysteria. At its highest vibration, this New Moon offers healing and a chance to move beyond the reach of tyranny. This shift would occur through liberation and authenticity rather than increased trauma. This time favors a rejection and release of the entire victim-abuser paradigm. Reclaim your sovereignty — whatever that means to you.

The Dehumanization of the (Covid) OTHER


BTW: My way of working with others, my familiars — family, podmates and friends of Green Acres Permaculture Village, other friends and associates — with many of whom I would otherwise argue over ideology: “Let’s just focus on what we have in common.” It works. Beautifully. We are all relieved not to have to “go there.” Instead, we stay present, grounded, centered in the beauty, majesty, dramas, joys and sorrows of the little here and now urban garden paradise we are busy co-creating.

Example: at our Thursday Community Dinner, two evenings ago, one of the participants (a relatively famous, retired academic) said something that indicated he wanted to argue with me (he’s told others that he thinks my views “crazy”); in response, I just warned, grinning, “Bob, let’s not go there. Let’s just not go there, okay?” He laughed. We both laughed, relieved and enlivened by our friendship which runs on beneath any left-brain indoctrination.

The dehumanisation of the Other

Sunday Meditation tomorrow: IVERMECTIN is TABOO; therefore, IVERMECTIN is KEY

Nearly two weeks ago, when we were making plans to begin a regular Sunday Meditation at 8:02 AM August 22,  the time of the exact Full Moon at 29° in Lion-Hearted Leo, conjunct Regulus, King of the Heavens, we were talking about “holding Ivermectin or some other powerful anti-parasitic in one’s cupped hands which are also energetically holding Earth as a ball, when one of us suddenly blurted — “Ivermectin! We’d better not mention Ivermectin, it will ‘trigger’ some people.”

Yes. Exactly. That’s why we DO mention it.

I’ve been attracted to taboo for decades. Why? Because whatever is taboo carries an enormous charge. A charge that, when touched, “triggered,” ignites energetically, clears the atmosphere, and opens space for creation.

For example, back in 1989, when a numinous dream of Raven cawing, “WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!” segued, within a few days, to Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, a prize-winning print magazine that I published for 12 years, I deliberately used that taboo word “crone” on the cover. “Crone” carried a charge, signifying that the process of growing older, in this culture, especially for women, is to be pitied, shamed, ignored, disguised, etc. I could have used a “nicer” term, but that would have defeated the purpose, which was to energize the collective with an archetypal energy that had been buried for thousands of years.

So too, here. I use the term Ivermectin deliberately. This “horse de-wormer” has been around for decades, and used correctly, is very effective, as Joe Rogan (who “got covid”) has just discovered, and, of course, used his astonishingly gigantic platform to red-pill who knows how many more people.

I haven’t watched this next show, because it’s over 3 hours long. And I do wonder how long youtube will leave it up.

Meanwhile, I’ve been paying attention to the weekly news letter I receive from which has had a plethora of hard-hitting articles lately on the Covid Con and its evil genocidal intent.

For example, Paul Craig Roberts:

The Triumph of Evil: The Suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ in Support of the Covid Vaccination Catastrophe

A few more from the same source:

Let’s face it: in order for us to understand the deliberately EVIL intent of this MK Ultra psy-op to place the entire global civilization in the compliant, cowardly spell of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), we need only pay close attention to two facts that, at this point, no one can deny: 1. the up to 90% fake “false positives” when the fake PCR “test” is set to cycle too high (and it always is); and 2) Big Pharma/MSM/Medical Mafia/Fed Gov/ extremely lucrative suppression of cheap proven remedies that work in favor of “vaccines” and expensive hospital protocols (like Remdesivir and respirators) that maim, sicken, and/or kill. Add in the fake variants and fake stats, all spurred on by fake “politically correct” attitudes including vilification of “anti-vaxxers” — and we have a recipe for genocide that surpasses even world war in its capacity to kill off the all but the 500 million slaves needed to carry out the New World Order service of their global (and off-world) masters.

Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Wrong. I am a conspiracy analyst, noting, and drilling down into the massive long-running, deeply layered conspiracy that links corporate, governmental, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Med, Big Banks — plus Hollywood, Entertainment, Academia, Organized Religion, Politics, etc. etc. etc.

BTW: here’s the Zelenko Protocol, similar to what Joe Rogan followed.


Here’s a reminder, Sunday Meditators: we meet again at 8:00 AM your time, across the world, tomorrow, with Ivermectin and our beloved Earth as a ball in our hands, to energetically utilize the courageous open-hearted LOVE that fills and fuels the universe to alchemize the thick, stuck, gunky, cowardly, parasitic F.E.A.R. that has infected this entire planetary sphere, making it ripe for takeover.

Nope. Not on our watch.

Alt-Epistemology: Who or What to Believe about RDS “Death” — AND MORE!

I put the word “alt-epistemology” in the above title, because some time ago I decided that the only way to work with trying to “figure out” what’s “goin’ down” in the outside world would be to take everything I hear or see from some one else “provisionally,” i.e., I really don’t know. I really have no idea. Unless I have direct personal experience with a phenomenon, I must either trust my source (provisionally), or not . . . with exceptions. See the “AND MORE” part of this post, below.

But I do appreciate this particular source, namely Juan O Savin. Thus, yesterday’s post.

Wondering what really went on with RDS, I listened to Juan O Savin’s view of what happened, finding especially interesting his perception of RDS’s supposed recent change of heart, or “come to Jesus” moment, or some such.

And now, today, I tune into a Tarot by Janine show that completely contradicts JOS, and furthermore, makes the claim that others, for example Gene Decode, said he did not die. That, in other words, much like claims about Epstein and McAfee, the “death” of RDS was a convenient story/distraction/lie to cover something else entirely. And as Janine would say, “there are lots of layers.” I would certainly agree with that!

I did not mention the CIA background of RDS (and as they say, “once a spook always a spook”). Nor did I mention the supposed Covid connection, given that the entire Covid Con, the longer it goes on, the more surprised I am that so many are still not waking up to how they’ve been psy-oped into “be-LIE-ving” whatever the deep state and its media propaganda machine tells them.

But if you do consider the CIA background, then Gene Decode and others may be correct, he might still have all sorts of information that he could be used to give up to the “white hats.”  And/or, he might still have karmic debts to pay for whatever he did in the CIA that he now regrets. Or does he?

In that context, it might be that JOS view, of his spiritual transformation prior to his “death,” may be coded truth.

In any case, please take my post from yesterday with a large grain of salt. Here’s the Janine video, with Juan Claude of Beyond Mystic, and the relevant question is asked nearly a third of the way in. By minute 21, however, it’s over, and they’re on to other questions.

Now, speaking of “truth,” and alt-epistemology, and “direct personal experience,” how’s this for a humdinger?

See this car? It very much resembles one that I and three other Green Acres Village folks not only saw, but investigated, two evenings ago.

The above version is a bit fancier, but otherwise, they look very similar. The one we came across had a slight bit of rust, but not much, and sported very outdated Indiana plates.

We were out walking our dogs, and one of our favorite places is a large green lawn for them to roam off-leash on the grounds of a near-by church. The large parking lot to this church had only a single car parked, this one, this four-door “Hudson” parked in the middle of the lot — with the windows open! That’s the first thing that caught our attention. Why would someone leave such an obviously valuable classic, even antique, vehicle, out in the open with the windows open. Why would it be parked, all by itself, in the middle of a church parking lot?

Coming closer, we peered in, and discovered in the back seat magazines, a number of them in a pile, from the same ’50s era. And next to them, an old, even antique camera, inside an open case. Weird! Podmate Annie dared to try to open the trunk. It worked! Unlocked! And what was in there? More magazines from that same era, other stuff that I can’t recall. why can’t I? It was as if simply couldn’t process what I was seeing. By this time we were all completely dumbfounded. Even freaked! What is going on? The car felt like a stage set. Was someone watching us from the wings? Wondering if we would steal something? I don’t remember if any of us noticed if the keys were still in it. I do remember that Marita said what we were all beginning to think, even though none of us wanted to: “Maybe we entered a time portal? Or the car came in from a time portal? Or something like that?”

If it had just been me, I might have dismissed the memory of seeing the car, and probably wouldn’t have gotten so close to it. But there were four of us, all equally puzzled, and definitely having a “real” personal and interpersonal experience.

I kick myself for not going back home to get my phone to photograph this amazing car. Did go back yesterday afternoon, but of course it was gone. Poof! Just like that!

So what’s real? Indeed, what does “real” even mean? Which brings me back to RDS and JOS, and Gene Decode, and Janine, and whoever else is or is not occupying this same 3D? time and space that does seem to be morphing, minute by minute, into what Clif High calls “The Woo.”



Juan O Savin: On the Death of Robert David Steele

Robert David Steele, with a sensitive, nurturing Cancer Sun hiding behind a steely (Mars in Scorpio, no birth time so don’t know Ascendant) and emotionally volatile personality (Sun near unpredictable Uranus in Cancer), was born on July 16, 1952, and died at the age of 69, during an extended period when transit Uranus had been crossing back and forth over his natal Jupiter/Moon in Taurus, which in turn, squares his exact natal Mercury/Pluto conjunction in Leo. This stubborn (Moon/Jupiter in Taurus) man was recognized for his depth charges into the collective unconscious (Mercury/Pluto Leo square Moon/Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio), to expose the horrifying gunk that surreptitiously undergirds and energizes human civilization. I can imagine that during recent years transit Uranus over his sturdy Moon/Taurus body had been pushing it to the max for perhaps way too long.

RDS is especially known for his early recognition, announcement and detailing of extremely lucrative forms of “currency” in global trafficking, as I discuss in this exopermaculture post from 2017:


I found myself very moved by both Juan O Savin’s larger spiritual perspective on the death of Robert David Steele, as well as his (second hand, he freely admits) detailing of the circumstances of the manner of his dying.

The death of Robert David Steele was announced on social media August 29.

New Juan O Savin and Sean Stone: The Death of Robert David Steele

According to JOS, within the final months of his life, and while on his grueling two month (?) long bus tour of small towns of America, RDS converted to Christianity — or found God, or however one wants to speak of the divine Love within which all our lives are embraced and which fills and fuels the universe. JOS was grateful that his friend, with whom he had had a number of deep talks recently, had fulfilled the spiritual promise of his life before dying.

What JOS heard from close friends who were present about the manner of his dying however, leaves JOS troubled. Apparently, RDS, who had been suffering for some time from what seemed to be chronic bronchitis, decided he needed oxygen, because the oxygen level of his blood was dangerously low. He felt the best way to get this was in a hospital. However, he signed a DNI (Do Not Intubate) form, to let them know he did not want to be intubated, because he was aware, according to JOS, that up to 80% of people with respiratory problems who are intubated, die. That intubation is basically a death sentence.

Meanwhile, he brought with him the substances that he had been taking, among them Ivermectin, HCL, Zinc, Vitamins C and D, and so on, thinking to continue them in the hospital.

However, according to JOS, at some point hospital personnel wanted to intubate him, and he was “combative” with them. So they administered a sedative, “probably intervenously,” after which they intubated him, and he subsequently died.

It’s not clear from JOS telling, just who was with him, as patient advocate. Or did he have one? The first story I saw about his death said it was his about-to-be ex-wife who wanted him intubated. True? If so, the story of the death of this well-known warrior for truth, already tragic, deepens.

If what JOS says about the circumstances surrounding the manner of the death of RDS are true, his death exposes how hospital protocols, no matter how well-meaning, can and do sometimes conflict with patients’ wishes, and that the results of this conflict can be fatal. For another story of someone who fought, and won the right to do exactly what she had requested for her hospitalized husband, see this:


Or, if you must go in, make sure you have a fearless warrior advocate by your side.

Will Music Again Catalyze Cultural Transformation?

‘This has gotta stop’: Eric Clapton Releases Apparent Anti-Vax Anthem

Amazing that this is on youtube. Wonder when they’ll remove it. Equally amazing, that it was officially noticed (in the column “Celebrities”), by the huffington post. Geez!

Last year, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison composed their first anti-covid song, Stand And Deliver. 

As an old ’60s hippie myself, I well remember that it was our music that got our revolution going. Our thudding, driving harmonics, by turns beautiful and battering, blasted each of us as individuals, and all of us as one, out of “nice” ’50s conformity and numbness into wild, uninhibited, electrifying transformation. From stuck on idle, we ramped up to warp speed within a few sort years. And the fallout from this generational breakthrough, arising during the exceedingly rare Uranus/Pluto conjunction (1962-69) — the last one occurred during the Civil War) — was over-the-top, both dazzling and horrific, back to back, in short order.

As we move deeper into what Clif High has aptly termed The Woo, it’s important to realize that the “powers that be” always aim to steal our idealistic energy and twist it to their own nefarious ends. Remember: Woodstock was followed, only four months later, by Altamont.

Breathe. Center yourself. Whatever is going on, it’s just begun. We need to stand, each of us stalwart and strong, in this accelerating maelstrom for the long haul.

And we elders who are still alive, conscious, and able-bodied, need to be fully present for younger generations, offering our hard-earned wisdom and equanimity, thanks to storied memories of yesteryear.


Truckers Strike Against Covid Con?

Remember the run on toilet paper as the scamdemic began to roll out in March 2020? Well, two days ago I hauled home 30 rolls from Aldi. Not because of the damn MSM, which is broadcasting F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) once again like there’s no tomorrow, but because of possible good news: a (worldwide?) TRUCKER STRIKE.

Over the past several weeks I kept seeing rumors of coming trucker strikes, in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. These strikes were to start yesterday, August 31.

On August 30, Gateway Pundit lent credence to the rumors:

U.S. Truckers Plan Nationwide Protest against Mandatory Vaccines

Then this, which included a map:

The Australian Truck Blockade is ON!!


Searching via google, duck duck go, and via twitter, gab, and even telegram, I could find little to help me understand what is or is not going on re: the trucker strike. Especially in the U.S.

If there’s one business that should be labeled essential, it’s cross-country trucking, given the just-in-time ordering of supplies from locations across the globe. Until we truly do de-centralize (another word for the now trending word “devolution”?), we are at the mercy of long-haul transportation systems, and it’s good to know the truckers themselves realize the leverage they wield in this otherwise top-down oligarchy we the people labor under.

However, for what it’s worth, I copy the following email from one of our new Sunday Meditators who has joined my new account. Her name is also Ann, and she lives in New Zealand. I received this email late last night, which means today, September 1, for her.

Only because I was given an update on the truckers here and in Aust. first thing this morning, I am writing this paragraph.  Further to my note around truckers yesterday, it transpires relative to the truckers’ action here and in Australia, propaganda and distortion are occurring.   It would seem in Australia, those truckers who responded to Pauline Hansen’s request to turn around were not aligned with truckers who are still endeavouring to shut down supply lines there.   Can I prove this?  No.   It is word of mouth over phone.      And relative to NZ truckers …  the only available info. I read was from the Truckers’ Union which suggested any action would be a fizzler ….   now I am verbally told NZ truckers have moreover gone to ground strategically.    Unless and until something more happens and / or the media can no longer keep the pretence up, the public at large are being kept firmly in the dark, a place most Kiwis like.
Apparently, there were a lot more people and protests than advised by the media occurring yesterday in NZ  …. the woman who organised the protest to get rid of the PM and MP’s by inviting the Gov. General to use her Reserve Powers and who had dug up dirt on pedophiles in power was seen on camera being asked by the Police repeatedly if she was OK (mentally) …  a predictable segue-way into having her sectioned under a new Mental Health Law passed recently around dissenters.    
The consensus is we need to hold the line, gather with all the other groups, get strategic …   daily we are assaulted with yet more stories of jab deaths and these of course are not deaths reported by media …   affecting community members and friends of friends … yesterday’s horror story was of a 12 y/o girl who has had a heart attack and of a good mate’s family member, that story is of a jabbed Mother with a newborn whose baby died the night before last after she slept with the baby overnight.    …  made all the worse as the family are indigenous and need the body for their funeral ceremonies … authorities are denying access.        My friend who is fighting to get the baby’s body (at the family’s behest) begged her family to not get the jab and was labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist”. 
The Delta Variant (spike protein affecting the jabbed) is not going away and is the reason cited for what we are told is going to be our longest ever LockUp.   Daily dunces queue to be PCR tested to give more fuel to this fire keeping us all imprisoned.   
I will let you know when I re-join Telegram [I had asked her if she wants me to invite her to join our new, private Telegram group LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR (LAF)] and please do not think I am going to be one of those serial email  “ranters” …. not happening.    From now I am going to make like a spider caught in a web and focus on internal quiet …. easy really it is first day of Spring, a gardener’s delight.   
Kindest regards
Today I discovered in our local paper that a popular, historic downtown venue for plays, movies, talks, and concerts, the Buskirk Chumley, closed for the plandemic until now, is going to require either “proof” of vaccine or “negative PCR test” in order to enter the theater.
WOW, just saw this!
Looking into it further, I discover that the so-called reason Australia ended it is because of “the more infectious delta variant.” Makes me want to ask, What “delta variant”? Do they know how to test for the “delta variant,” when they’ve never even isolated the original so-called covid-19 virus? Of course not. This astonishing, ongoing drama is an MK Ultra mind-controlled collective psy-op designed to capture the entire global population and freeze it into F.E.A.R.
Please join our new Sunday Meditation at 8 AM (your time zone), LOVE ALCHEMIZES FEAR. Or: LAF! — at the ongoing absurdity.

Photo, in Pfizer “vaccine,” this PARASITE — and more

This parasite, toxic to humans, found in Pfizer “vaccine.”

We’ve been assuming that the “vaccines” and “covid” not only sport “viruses,” and nano AI, but contain, and/or act like parasites. Else, why would the anti-parasitic Ivermectin be effective? The photo shows a parasite in the Pfizer vaccine. How about the other vaccines?

If Dr. Robert Young is correct, his microscopic studies reveal that all four “vaccines” also contain nano AI, graphene oxide, and — a mixture of metals!

Here’s Stew Peters, one of the relatively new — and very sharp, passionate, and articulate — journalists who’s helping us figure out what in hell is going on.


DIVOC (Covid backwards), from the Hebrew: “possession by an evil spirit.”

This article is well worth pondering. Especially relevant: how the collective unconscious mind can be/has been programmed into F.E.A.R.

On The Occult Meaning Of The Term COVID


See also:

Let’s Flip the Script to 91-DIVOC!

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